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Mother Palestine and Netanyacula (by Latuff)

18-09-2009 12:49

Right of Return
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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London's Non Commercial House CALL OUT to share the fun!!

18-09-2009 12:20

NCH main space
Non Commercial House is a squatted autonomous space on 165 Commercial Street, London, E1 (next to Bishopsgate, Liverpool st tube station)

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CALLOUT:Threat of eviction to 800 migrants in Pashtun Jungle, Calais,

18-09-2009 12:11

CALLOUT FOR ACTION: The biggest migrant camp is under another threat of very imminent eviction, action is needed urgently to resist eviction, observe, and aid migrants.

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At least four arrested at Reclaim the banks demo in Bristol

18-09-2009 11:51

An arrest is made in Bristol outside RBS
A demonstration to repossess the banks, as part of Bristol co-Mutiny has already seen several arrests.

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AHAVA Occupied for a Second Time in support of Palestine

18-09-2009 11:34

At 11am today two people entered the Ahava store in Monmoth Street, Covent Garden and closed the shop by locking themselves inside. Under the banner of 'Stolen Beauty from Stolen Land', they set out to highlight the sale of beauty products manufactured on illegal Israeli Settlements on Occupied Palestinian land.

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Help needed for anarchist Rafal Gorski!

18-09-2009 11:10

Rafal Gorski; writer, anarchist, member of Anarchist Federation, based
in Krakow, Poland has been fighting cancer for years.

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No Borders camp at Lesvos

18-09-2009 10:07

At the end of August a No Borders camp was held on the Greek island of Lesvos. Last Hours has published a personal account from the event offering an insight into the racist immigration policies that the camp was called against, and the failure of the camp to achieve any meaningful improvement for those migrants trapped on the island.

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Redditch Community Festival - Sun 27 Sept

18-09-2009 04:02

This is the first event of its kind in Redditch. A fantastic, fun, FREE, family festival organised by the community for the community in the heart of Redditch Town Centre. There will be stalls, displays, food, live bands on stage, dancing and so much more...!

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Camden Animal Lab Development Control Committee meeting to be held next year.

17-09-2009 23:12

It has been confirmed that Camden council will be holding a Development Control Committee meeting regarding the controversial Camden Animal Lab next year. [Date tbc].

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11 Action Against Agrofuels and Plane Stupid activists face court

17-09-2009 21:26

Eleven climate change activists will be appearing in Uxbridge Magistrates
Court at 10am on Friday 18th September 2009.

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Ratcliffe on Soar installing new fences

17-09-2009 19:03

Ratcliffe on Soar are currently installing new perimeter fences (12ft chain link).

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Situation in Calais escalating. Solidarity needed now!

17-09-2009 18:01

Call out to monitor and prevent mass eviction of Calais squats and jungles! Numbers on the ground are thin. Immigration Minister Besson has announced to Make this a migrant free zone by the end of next week.

Information here:
NEW INFO LINES If you are coming to Calais to show solidarity and want information call (from UK) 00 33 6 34 81 07 10 from France 06 34 81 07 10.

Bring bikes if you can. Also we need O2 sim cards (lots of them) and tents, because lots of people might be homeless by next week.

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Leopards Can’t Change Their Spots, Nor Can Capitalists

17-09-2009 17:16

Despite all the rhetoric, nothing much has changed and the fundamental contradictions of the system remain. The only solution is to rid ourselves of it.

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Raytheon Rooftop 3 Court Update

17-09-2009 16:35

the rooftop camp
Elijah Smith 9 months on remand without trial

Elijah Smith, Tom Woodhead and Robert Alford appeared in Yate Magistrates Court today 17th September 2009. Exactly 9 months since they were arrested following the decommissioning of EDO in Brighton. The CPS are now attempting to run both the Raytheon Rooftop case and the EDO decommissioning as one big conspiracy case, although the defence team are appossed to this.

Today's court case wasn't particularly interesting as the defence have called a 'read through commital'. In our terms that means the defence is asking for a judge to read through the papers before the full court case on the grounds there is insufficient grounds to take the 3 through court because of lack of evidence.

The 3 accused protesters are next in court on the 8th of October at 9:45am keep up to date @

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Protest Toronto Film Festival Collusion with Israeli Regime

17-09-2009 16:26

There has been huge reaction to a dissident group of filmmakers who have called attention to the Toronto International Film Festival's protest against TIFF's focus on Tel Aviv. Zionist Film Producer Robert Lantos was barking mad and foaming at the mouth..

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Palestine Today 091709

17-09-2009 15:37


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday September 17th, 2009.

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Climate activists pay Jeremy Clarkson a visit

17-09-2009 15:04

This morning seven activists from Climate Rush on the Run decided to pay Jeremy Clarkson a visit.

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Vestas crane Occupiers are released from custody

17-09-2009 14:46

Vestas supporters climbed cranes in southamptoin docks two daysw ago in order to put pressure on the company to reinstate sacked workers with full reduyndancy pay. They stopped work on the site for seven hours and were threatened with arrest under the terrorism act. Here is the press release sent out after their release from custody.

lots of photos available on request and on website: or from the ventnor blog

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here is your chance to vote

17-09-2009 14:16

vote there and your vote will be send to the Irish politicians so they know what you think.