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swiss consulate occupied in BCN update.

14-06-2003 13:44

As a direct result of the Martin Shaw incident and unwarrented brutality by both Swiss and French authorities in the recent Evian protests, several Diplomatic missions have been protested. The French Consulate, Bcn, the Swiss Embassies London and Berlin. and most recently (as of yesterday) the Swiss Consulate in Barcelona.

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Press Conference: Free Speech in Parliament Square

14-06-2003 11:28

Press Conference Invitation
TUESDAY 17 JUNE, 11am, Room W1, House of Commons
Called by John McDonnell MP with the Parliament Square Peace Camp & Community Picket

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Pics from G8 Evian (Pinks gassed at Lausanne 1st June)

14-06-2003 10:39

Pics from G8 Evian (Pinks gassed at Lausanne 1st June)
Pics from the anti-G8 blockades in Lausanne switzerland - one of the transport hubs for G8 delegations with ferry port across the lake. (article 1)

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One death is a tragedy, but a million deaths are a statistic - J. Stalin

14-06-2003 06:56

The Holocaust is considered a 'tragedy', so would the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis be considered a tragedy or merely a statistic?

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Politics of Deception in Congo

14-06-2003 06:08

The people of the Democractic Republic of the Congo and critics in neighboring nations are not kindly disposed to what they see as inadequacy, ineffectiveness, and disinterest on the part of the U.N.

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Pepperface Multimedia Information Hub - Update For The Week Ending 06.15.03

14-06-2003 00:36

Pepperface Multimedia Information Hub - Update For The Week Ending 06.15.03
Pepperface was created to provide a multimedia source for real information regarding the US invasion of Iraq. We will continue to update this forum with information on the US continued occupation of Iraq, analysis of the media role in the Bush Regeime's occupation of America, and anything else which may be of interest.

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WEF comes to Dublin October 2003

14-06-2003 00:22

World Economic Forum is coming to Dublin this October

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Class War Escalates in France

13-06-2003 22:06

The social movement against the French government's planned pension reforms has been escalating since it began in May of 2003. Hundreds of thousands of workers took part in two general strikes and massive demonstrations throughout the month to oppose reforms that will force people to work longer to receive full pensions.

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13-06-2003 21:44


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Iranian students movement needs immediate solidarity

13-06-2003 21:26

Repression against student protests increases in Tehran.

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Robert Fisk Reports from Occupied Territory

13-06-2003 20:48

An interview with Fisk from Democracy Now US TV Radio the latest in the USUK attack disaster area..posted on Alternet.

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The Road Map to Empire

13-06-2003 18:15

The real objectives of US foreign policy are vastly different from the propaganda that is fed to the American people, and peace is not one of these objectives.

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Baghdad protest against US troops entering mosque

13-06-2003 17:38

AP report says there was a demonstration today in Baghdad to protest US troops entering a mosque in the city the previous day, "claiming the troops mistreated worshippers and took money".

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Full Feature: G8 Protests. Sunday, 1 June 2003

13-06-2003 17:26

This feature indludes all links from previous imc uk sunday june 1st versions, plus significant links from various collections. imc uk newswire posts from after June 4th are not likely to be included.

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Videos of Guy Smallman getting hurt

13-06-2003 17:01

Videos of Guy Smallman getting hurt
Links to all known online-Videos yet.

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13-06-2003 15:48

Appeal to the International Crimal Court to investigate, indict and prosecute for international crimes that may have been committed in the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

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pressrelease for the occupation of the swiss consulate in barcelona

13-06-2003 12:52


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Iraqi resistance is growing

13-06-2003 12:47

Guardian article notes that Iraqi resistance to occupation troops is growing and becoming more skilled, and the Americans in particular are becoming bogged down. British commanders are trying to avoid becoming more heavily involved in Iraq than they already are.

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TERRA AUDIO *Eviction Weekend Events*

13-06-2003 12:40

TERRA AUDIO Social Centre mash up

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13-06-2003 12:21

Mark Thomas will speak in Brighton this Monday at a public meeting on CAN WE STOP THE NEXT WAR? - RESISTING THE WARPLANS OF THE NEW AMERICAN EMPIRE.