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swiss consulate occupied in BCN update.

ipsiphi | 14.06.2003 13:44

As a direct result of the Martin Shaw incident and unwarrented brutality by both Swiss and French authorities in the recent Evian protests, several Diplomatic missions have been protested. The French Consulate, Bcn, the Swiss Embassies London and Berlin. and most recently (as of yesterday) the Swiss Consulate in Barcelona.

@ the link you will find updates on the current situation.
There are still protesters in the Swiss Consulate. There is also a concentration of protesters in front of the Council building at Place Jaume.
Today the newly elected administration shall hold their investiture at 5pm-. They shall be a "pact" of Labour equivalent "PSC" the greens "ICV" and the republicans "ERC".

Martin Shaw as most now know is an Englishman resident in BCN. he is a Barcelonan.

He has been informed that the Swiss authorities are impeding the process of investigation and justice we must remember that the action of the Swiss policeman who cut his rope, was an act of attempted murder. The Swiss state is choosing to protect thus the attempted murdered from Justice.

a short paraphrase of the documentation being distributed in BCN today:-

1 - What will the BCN council (as municipal government and "representative" of the citizens of BCN do for Martin Shaw?

hmmmm. good question.
what do we want?
1. a public declaration (clear and coherent) in which is put the position of the Council vis a vis Martin Shaw.
2. That they take on the demands made on the Swiss yesterday (at which time the consul was occupied).
3. That the BCN municipal authority act as interlocutor between the protesters and the Swiss authorities.

photographs videos and stuff are on the BCN IMC site as usual. Euro donations can be made through the BCN site.
Sterling can be made through UK IMC.

see link for complete text in Español.
translation to follow.

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