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West Essex Zapatista response to Larc InvisibleTheatre "Show Trial"

26-02-2005 20:50

Ten Key Values of
Proletarian Post-Modernism

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Fascism: Alive and Well in US

26-02-2005 19:13

The following articles are the attempt to speak of events and attitudes in the US, which also have global consequence due to the "spread of democracy" currently falsly under way by the Neo-Con cultists in the US....

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"Non-Humanitarian Catastrophes"

26-02-2005 18:49

The problem is that money is spent wrongly, not that money is spent. I wish a peace research group would offer newspapers a daily column titled `What We Can Afford Today'. Two and a half civilian jobs could be financed for every employee in the armament industry.

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M&S Protestors Heard Above Zionist Threats and Sirens

26-02-2005 18:04

Thirty protesters from across Britain converged at Marks and Spencers in Manchester to promote the boycott of one of the UK's biggest corporate backers of Israel and in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinians for their freedom and independence.

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LDN-28 FEB:Russian Babyseal cull demo.

26-02-2005 16:14

European Animal Welfare demo London 2pm 28 Feb 2005

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Making Poverty History?

26-02-2005 15:49

Hi! Don’t you agree that just forgiving third world debt is not the solution to tackling the poverty suffered by the poor in the third world, which the rich and famous like Dawn French and Bono would have us believe?

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Bush and EU (Update)

26-02-2005 14:28

For pure entertainment value, the gloved Punch & Judy or Balinese shadow puppets are preferable to Bush and the EU leaders. The images the media presents of these flesh and blood puppets, all ‘stringed’ by their respective Transnational Corporations, are amusing if not entertaining.

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saisnbury bristol done again!

26-02-2005 14:03

19 campaigners visit sainsbury bristol this morning (26/2/05)

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bristol sainsbury's blockaded (again)

26-02-2005 13:36

If at first you don't suceed, try try again...Bristol Activists prove persistance and rigorous security pay-off, by succesfully blocking Sainsbury's distribution depot in response to Sainsbury's continued refusal to honour their promise to stop sourcing dairy products from gm-fed cows.

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'Chasing the Dogs from the Tenth of Ramadan'

26-02-2005 13:31

Update on asbestos workers occupying the Spanish/Egyptian Asbestos factory outside the Tenth of Ramadan, an industrial settlement close to Cairo

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Sweated Labour: Women Workers in the Garment Trade (exhibition)

26-02-2005 12:34

This is the first event in Oxford Women's International Festival 2005, running from Tuesday 1st to Sunday 20 March in the Museum of Oxford. The Festival is in its sixteenth year, and the programme is, if anything, even richer and more varied than before. Most events are free, and many are in or near the city centre. For more details see

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Engagement photo

26-02-2005 11:29

This is the photo they should use for the collectors plates.

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Critical Mass 2

26-02-2005 11:09

Critical Mass 2

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Critical Mass

26-02-2005 11:01

Critical Mass

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Who creates money? The case for monetary reform. Public meeting

26-02-2005 07:45

Nearly all money is created by private banks as interest-bearing loans. The result: banks make a profit instead of the public services benefitting and an unsustainable spiral of economic growth is required to keep the system solvent. The solution: governments create money for the public good.

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SOA protesters headed for prison

26-02-2005 06:45

Sister, students among 14 charged with trespass at Army school

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Anarchists and socialists unite against the repression & injustice in Manchester

26-02-2005 02:53

At least 25 Anarchists and Socialists travelled up today from London, Brighton and Birmingham to unite against police repression and loss of civil liberty's in Manchester.

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Good spiritual perspective on the G8

26-02-2005 00:18

The process of globalisation formally began in 1975
The process of globalisation formally began in 1975 when, from 15th to 17th November, the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America met in the first annual economic summit of the world's greatest nations.

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'Oil & Activism' meeting at the LSE - a report

26-02-2005 00:05

The LSE 'Oil and Activism' meeting on Monday night was packed. I was warned that I would be kicked out if I carried on handing out 'What's Right with BP?' leaflets before the start. (Let us know if you'd like a copy sent electronically - very handy for giving to BP-sponsored cabbies and shops with BP-sponsored National Portrait Gallery posters!)

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George Bush: Not "Wired" to Karl Rove: It's Worse, Much Worse

25-02-2005 22:38

LifeVest Defibrillator/Mr. Kerry/Mr. Bush
George Bush photos enhanced by NASA official show a foreign object on Mr. Bush's back. It's real despite Karl Rove's joking about it. He is getting a little help from his "friends" on the left: they are pushing the disinfo that it was a "wire" connected to Mr. Rove. Truth is, the president and the world are in real trouble.