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Fascism: Alive and Well in US

Ravenaeus | 26.02.2005 19:13 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | London | World

The following articles are the attempt to speak of events and attitudes in the US, which also have global consequence due to the "spread of democracy" currently falsly under way by the Neo-Con cultists in the US....

Liars, Liable, "Little Eichmanns" and the Hunt for Dissenters in the United States

Just when you think that the Neo-Cons are taking a break, you get liable, defamation, slander, and inflammatory rhetoric, out-and-out lies, that incites ignorant and uninformed to issue death threats toward academics and reporters alike.... Ravenaeus Saturday, Feb. 26, 2005

I wrote "Bush Plans of 2005" and "Here Comes the Pain," and many other articles, stating very plainly that the next step would be the attacks on dissenters and legitimate news agencies and hold-out reporters that actually value the truth. I wrote several articles telling about the plans to eliminate the dissenting voices of our nation by any means. I gave the list of owners and corporate associations of the US media conglomerates and I stated simple facts about the organization and international activities conducted by Bush 1st and the membership of BushCo....

I also receive threats, some extreme and some laughable, based on my telling of the facts and comparisons of actual statements made by Messiah Dubya of OZ and his 13 rotating apostles of his cabinet round table and the actual actions they have taken. For example, their statements on their "care for the servicemen" of the US and how they actually cut everything that is needed for military families and wounded. However, I am still fortunate enough to not have the scrutiny that those of dissenting voice in the national spotlight have come under. These individuals are being fired from their jobs, receive death threats on a regular basis, and truly have reason to fear (as do the rest of us) the ignorant and blind following of BushCo and the Neo-Con Fascists.

Why the word, Fascist? "fas-cism n. 1. a totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator and emphasizing and aggressive nationalism, militarism, and often racism" That is the definition of fascism according to the Webster's American Dictionary, College Edition, and that is exactly what is happening in the US as I write, except we have a "Fascist Party" instead of a dictator.

Ward Churchill is just the most noted example of the "Hunt for Dissenters" that is going on across the country. People are loosing their jobs, being fired for protesting Bush, protesting the war, protesting the US actions in foreign nations, or protesting IMF/WTO activities. This is not just academics that are being persecuted for knowing the truth, the reality of US policies and global activities. There are instances of high school and college students being "raised" because of their beliefs and views based on real information and news gathered outside the US.

The phrase "Little Eichmanns" comes to mind because of the following, blind and blatant, that has refused and still refuses to believe 2 million pieces of information from foreign press in favor of lies, proven to be liable and slander, being told to them by the "Right Wing" media conglomerates in the US. That term refers to the fact that millions in Germany went about their daily lives and work that facilitated the actions of the Nazi organization in war and the genocide without question or dissent. Though not directly involved in the atrocities, no "hands-on", the simple fact that they "blindly" followed orders, carried on with their daily activities, or completed preliminary duties that led to the deaths of millions, the invasion of many nations, and the slaughter of civilians during an act of aggression made them guilty by "toleration" or by "lack of preventing or protestations".

The "Little Eichmanns" of the US, now follow the same path as those in the Germany of the 1930s. They listen to the "State-Run" media, blindly following and believing without question and questioning nothing that is done or said or proven to be lies of the most outrageous and heinous kinds. Slander, disinformation, and deception in the name of "Patriotism" is acceptable even if the lies lead to death threats or criminal acts or unlawful international actions or unconstitutional internal enactments by our government. The belief that they are not "responsible for the atrocities that have occurred around the world," allows them the piece of mind to sleep at night while the truth is that those inhumane actions carried out in their name are responsible for the livelihood, lifestyle, and employment of most of the US population.

"I didn't do it," or "I didn't know about it" is not an excuse, ask the real Eichmann. There is no excuse for blind following of a lie or unquestioning false "Patriotism" or being willfully ignorant in this time when news from around the world is available with a click of a mouse. I am truly sorry. However, when the news globally just does not add up to the same rhetoric and propaganda being passed off on American conglomerate news, it begs for serious and realistic questioning of the capabilities and culpability and criminal activities of the agencies that are spreading disinformation and propaganda and rhetoric using leased airwaves owned by the US public rather than "serving the public good" as is their responsibility.

And for you, "Little Eichmanns" that hate the truth so much...I like coffee (bourbon-less) with my death threats, thank you.....

BushCo: The Real 911 Criminals

I know. You have heard this stuff before, right? Wrong! I am going to tie a string of circumstantial evidence together that would hold up in a court of law to convict them, the whole administration of fraud, conspiracy, and international terrorism...followed closely by violation of the Geneva Convention, Article 51: UN Charter (which was used to convict Nazis), and numerous other international treaties and agreements.... Ravenaeus February 17, 2005

To understand my statement, you have to return to the good old days when Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were presidents of the US. Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and most of the current appointees, associates, and consultants of BushCo 2000-2004 were with the Reagan and Bush 1st terms of office in one position or another. Rummy the Dummy was seen shaking hands with our great Iraqi adversary at the behest of R. Reagan in 1983 (when we supplied him with the chemical weapons used on Iran and the Kurds).

The Neo-Cons had their ideas already on the table at that time, but were reprimanded and told to "tone it down". More plainly packaged after the fall of the Soviets, this re-emerged, pick a name... "Defense Planning Guide", "The Wolfowitz Doctrine", or the "American Defense Plan" all were working titles that outlined the way in which the US could become the "dominating power of the globe." In all three documents, it was clearly stated that the US could and should forego all previous agreements and treaties and partnerships, instead using its military strength to intimidate and dominate key regions of the world. The idea was that unilateral action, pre-emptive action, and ignoring treaties/conventions would intimidate other nations into falling in line with the US economic policies and that the true empirical designs would be ignored.

The last embodiment of these Neo-Cons, who are all part of BushCo, was the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Cheney the Chump, Rummy the Dummy, and War-mongering Wolfowitz were all part of this association along with many others now serving in key positions within the US government and coordinating NGOs. The PNAC, in 2000, deliberately described the actions or "events" that would be needed to mold the general opinion of the US citizenry to follow their desired goals. Their official statement called for "a major catastrophe, like a new Pearl order to bring changes in the views of the American people." The idea was to generate general fear of attack, create an enemy that was real or "imagined" and to mold the public opinion in order to finally obtain the goals they had set aside from 1980-1992.

There is clear evidence that as far back as the Reagan presidency, that the Neo-Cons, and specifically Paul Wolfowitz desired military control over many regions in the Arab states. By 1998, the desire to get into place the pipeline in Afghanistan was also in play. Specifically...Syria, Iraq, and Iran were mentioned as goals for coup, internal destabilization, and/or military intervention/take-over. It is also a fact, stated by Cheney the Chump in public, that "the oil in the Middle-East is a definite goal." There is also more than adequate evidence that the Bush family as well as many others within the congress, senate, and the BushCo administration had very close contact with the Bin Ladin family and many associations have been found between the CIA and those who "supposedly" took part in the 911 hijackings.

Which, by the way, there is also no coincidence that Bush 1st, ran the CIA at the time of the initial drug trade for arms or that all the individuals (including senators and many of the congressmen) connected are part of one or all of the following groups: PNAC, Center for International Development, or Haliburton. In 1996, "Shock and Awe" was written and released in a booklet, stating that inflicting massive damage, to terrorize into submission, to intimidate into compliance would be the future of the US foreign policy and key to accomplishing their goals. Also, that the need for associations, treaty organizations, the UN, and conventions would be superceded by the use of military dominance for desired effect. I would point out here that this was called, "Blitzkrieg" by the Nazis.

Here I would refer you to my articles from June of 2004 through today...there are too many to list really. I lay out the case, connections, and real information throughout. By reading all of the articles you also will see the connections plainly. ( view older entries)

Now, I will quote Rummy the Dummy and Dubya Bush of OZ. Rummy the Dummy, in Parade Magazine stated unequivocally that a missile hit the Pentagon. Dubya Bush of OZ first stated that he knew about the attacks that hadn't happened "before I went into the room" and then he stated that the "first thing I hear was when Card came into the room and told me." So which was it? Rummy the Dummy was heard saying that the Pentagon would be next after the WTC was hit. Was that "precognition" or "foreknowledge" on Rummy's part? Was is also coincidence that Bush 1st and many others of their PNAC were meeting with Bin Ladin's family at exactly the same time these events occurred? And, these "Saudis" were allowed to fly out of the US without any questioning while everyone else was "grounded" around the world.

I will point out also that Osama Bin Ladin is a dialyses patient and I wonder just how can he be hold up in a cave for months? I would also point out that the "official CIA video" of his confession has an individual who looks suspiciously very different than other pictures (his nose, beard, eyes). I would also call into question the fact that many of the hijackers are alive and well in Saudi Arabia not dead with their planes. I will also point out that all those involved were connected to the Bush family, Bin Ladin family, and/or CIA operations. Also, the Anthrax was an American strain, manufactured in a joint CIA-Army base in Maryland and was stated as such by English research company, so who had access to it? Sure stopped all the questions about the election frauds of 2000 and prevented anyone hearing the results of international and independent investigations that found criminal activities didn't it? I also want to know how these names/photos were available within hours of the initial events and why we have no footage of these individuals in the airports where they boarded these planes and how the "conglomerate media" knew this was conducted by "Bin Ladin" within an hour and a half?

Oh, and how did those on flight 93 use cell phones that don't work in flight? I still call into question the finding of a passport two blocks from WTC when only a partial landing gear survived the impact of WTC2. I also want to know where the plane, bodies, fuel, and debris went when the "plane" hit the Pentagon, and why the CIA were immediately available (within minutes) to confiscate all video taken by surrounding security cameras. I want to know why reliable witnesses that saw the rockets that hit the plane in Pennsylvania are no longer quoted. I also want to know where the "black boxes" that were found by the firemen (who were shown on TV stating this) went to. good site without "fake" or "retouched" videos and evidence that many of the "perpetrators" of 911 are alive and well..... for real videos taken from legit sources.

Recommended reading/research: Norman Mailer, Mark Crispin Miler, Benjamin Barber, Zia Mian, Jody Williams, Mark Darmer, Richard Clarke (former BushCo Adv.), Paul O'Niel, Robert Jensen, Noam Chomsky, Scott Ritter, William Hartung, Tariq Ali, Greg Palast, Max Wolff, Chalmers Johnson, Michael Klare,

Web sites: Veterans For Peace, Democracy Now, Global Exchange,, Guardian Unlimited online, Le Monde online....

During the trials in Nuremberg, a Nazi on trial stated, that when you convince the people they are being attacked, create fear, call those who call for peace or who are dissenters "traitors", and the whole nation will fall in line with the leaders, will go to war, and will be controllable. This works in any nation.

The results? One teen assaulted by off duty "homeland security officer" and another shot in the head, no charges, no investigation; creation of two unconstitutional laws, the Homeland Security and Patriot Acts; Defense Attorneys are charged, convicted, and threatened for defending their clients against unlawful detention; high school visited by Secret Service because band played song by Bob Dylan that supposedly "was threat to Pres. Bush,"; protestors/dissenters threatened, detained, interrogated unlawfully and without cause because of inaction of two unconstitutional laws. Intellectual dissenters are being purged from academic programs nationwide. We have four, large and very permanent, bases in Iraq and three built along the shiny, new pipeline in Afghanistan.

Oh, Alberto Gonzales, appointed AG of US, says "Geneva Conventions" are obsolete and quaint. This is the same thing that many were also charged with in the Hague. The fact that the three bases in Afghanistan are built on the pipeline and that four, huge and permanent bases are being built in Iraq should leave no doubts.

Can Anyone Save US?

Help...Help...Our collective Karma is Under Attack and we can't get them fancy electronic gizmo is going to do it, forget the "black boxes" at the polling stations.

I have been accused of having an "extremist" view when it comes to the insidious and continuous corporate rape of whole nations and the people of the world and I have been considered "less than friendly" to the Neo-con takeover of the United States that would not have been possible without the Fundamentalist Christian movement and I am self-described as a leading voice to have BushCo and the media (both reporters and owners) and the joint congress of the US brought up on treason charges and I openly admit that I am against all known organized religions/churches (not faith), but what about the facts?

SO, how can 50-70 million unstable and unrealistic and non-representative and non-majority lunatics that call themselves "Fundamentalist Christians" or "Born-again" get so much power in the US and other nations? The same agenda that is supported by the media moguls of today fits (though very loosely) with the racist and ethnicist attitudes of "fundamentalism" and organizations like FoxNews feed their hate and rhetoric and agenda with lies and manipulated information and deceptions in order to sway them into support of the Republi-Fascists that are now ruining...running our nation. These media groups know that educated and informed individuals will not listen or at least will not take their lies for fact, but with those of religion, their blind faith and blind following of their church leadership is used to present rhetoric and agenda as truth and fact and this is not questioned by those of the "fundamentalist movements." I have found that I can pull 10-30 articles that report the facts, and usually just happen to be the exact opposite of FoxNews/American Media and opposite the "accepted beliefs" of the "followers" of Messiah Bush and will be told that the 10-30 "are just liberals and lie all the time."

With this blind-faith and blind-following there is no way to penetrate their intelligence because they refuse to believe that boththe Re-pub and Re-ligious leadership would ever lie to them and because they don't seem to have decision skills or intelligence of their own outside of what their religion allows them. With lie upon lie upon lie exposed and proven with incontrovertible evidence, they will still claim that I am the deceiver "sent by the devil" or some such crap and will go right back to the rhetoric and lies spewed by both their leaderships and the media. This group, like any fundamentalists and other lunatic cults are so blindly following that they just ignore facts given and proven for the lies and manipulations they get from their leadership. What the hell can any person or group do, when they take lies over truth and rhetoric over facts and misrepresentation over incontrovertible proof?

The "Fundamentalist Christian" leadership, ALL of which have 50 million dollar a year personal spending budgets (more in most cases) that is supplied by their followers tax free, know that there is always going to be money coming in from those who are uninformed and unenlightened and uneducated and not of sound mind. The media know that these BLIND followers are easily manipulated and controlled. During war and death and tyranny and suffering, the number of people who attend church increases dramatically and so will the church incomes, and please do not forget that most of the last 1000 years the religions have been the cause the majority of the war and death and tyranny and suffering of everyone else in the world.

The marriage of Neo-con Republicans and "Fundamental Christians" began with their "moral and upright" candidate, Richard Nixon. His lies, conspiracies, and unlawful actions are the truest test of what the leadership, both Republican and Christian of the US and "Christian" around the world, is really about. The money, folks, it's the damn money. This marriage between those who benefit most from suffering, war, and death should have come as no surprise to anyone. The Republicans run the corporations that get oil and coal and other natural resources that are pillaged and they run the conglomerates that build the weapons and machinery needed to get the "war machine" working while the "Christian Religions" get the places to send their missionaries and increased attendance by the fearful and even more money for their coffers.

The use of their brainwashed following to further the wealth of the church leadership is not a new concept. Throughout history the laity, or followers, within the social church structures have been misled into the servitude and support of those who lead the church. This is the continuation of the "taxes" and "moneychangers" that were railed against by the individual they all (Christian) claim to be worshipping. In times of trouble and tribulation the churches make more money globally and the leadership is able to live more like kings and the laity with all their suffering, flock to church to "be saved from themselves" and to find refuge from the insanity they themselves have created.

Another similarity between the "Republi-Fascists" and "Neo-con Fundamental Christians" is the fact they they are both the worst children's rights and women's rights and human rights and civil rights and environmental rights violators of the world. The "Republi-Fascists" are the new "McCarthians" and their policy of "with or against" along with the firing and suspension and suppression of any who "oppose" their views is only what has been seen in public and we all know that there is more we are not seeing on their corporately owned media. The rounding up of dissenters and unlawful confiscation of computer equipment belonging to online organizations that oppose the BushCo policies is just one example not reported by the media. The Christians throughout history? The Crusades and the Inquisition are just the most known and most extreme examples of their tyranny and hypocrisy and bigotry and racism and ethnicism and hatred for other men of the world.

Throughout history both types, "Republi-Fascists" and "Fundamentalist Christians," have existed in one form or another. In Roman times, they were one and the same and remained the same "incorporated" body for many centuries. The fact that the original Pope was also the "ruling emperor" of the Roman Empire is all I should have to say. The Catholic Church with its manipulations of royalty throughout Europe was combined with the abhorrent greed of the monarchies and this is reflected directly by the newest marriage we have witnessed in the US. In this case we have the "Fundamentalists" gaining power and money and following while the Republi-Fascists gain money and power and empire...that was always the desire because one still had "reasonable" control over the other while controlling the population through manipulation and tyranny.

In the history of this unholy matrimony between church and "state" there were always balancing factors such as wars and open dissent and other nations that were more secular and we had the advantage of the independent greed that created "infighting" among the various churches and sovereigns and nations. Today, though, we see that especially in the US there is less infighting and a more synchronous union between those of greed and want for power that has affected a serious and abhorrent connection between the federal government and a radical religious sect that is not representative of the overall or majority of the population of the nation, not even minimally.

Their desire for global dominion (spiritual and financial) has lead to crimes without charges, unlawful and unconstitutional laws without chance of review, use of precedent over constitutional authority, unlimited military use without restrictions/controls, covert/overt actions that fly in the face of the "real majority" of the population, and gross manipulation of the media without any safeguards. Add to this the tolerance for "property theft" under eminent domain in order to further industrial expansions and the ignorance of those who are blindly following orders of the military and police nationwide and you now see the exact same situation as occurred in Germany in the 1930s. (which, by the way, the Catholic Church supported).

Most claim that my view is a form of extremism. Yet, I would challenge all who read my articles to find real and measurable differences between the events in the US of today and those in Germany pre-W.W.II. The only measurable difference has been the extended amount of time needed for the "Republi-Fascist--Fundamentalist" combination to take over the media, to find a "group" of humanity to focus their hatred on (Muslims), and to take over the government of the United States. In Germany, Adolf Hitler had much more intelligent individuals working with him and much greater suffering among the population while in the US there has been 40 years between the initial actions (Nixon) and those of BushCo.

The coup in the United States, manipulated and organized through criminal activities and racist policies, was successful in 2000 because of their ownership of the media (National Media is Republican owned folks). In the last 5 years there have been numerous openly illegal actions taken in order to redistrict many states, blatant in many cases. The use of "non-printing"--"no record" voting machines after the manufacturer stated his job was "to see that the electoral votes of Ohio go to Bush" is just the latest in a long string of illegal, immoral, and inciting things that have been perpetrated on the citizens of the US by the Repubs and Neo-con Christians alike. Today, the Neo-con conspirators are attacking free and open media and seizing individuals, as well as equipment. Those who are dissenters are being secreted away or added to "lists" or denied voices while the minority view is implied to be the "sanctimonious" voice of the majority of all people and religions that are living in our nation.

What happened to common sense and rule of law and constitutional authority and self-responsibility and tolerance and behaving in a humane way to all people that has now been replaced with blindly following orders and blind-faith and racism and ethnicism and hate-mongering and fear-mongering and police who have no idea what legal violations they are committing (or care?) and policies that have lead to the continuous violations of every decent principle that had found its way into our society for the last 100 years?

The real tough questions are simple... How long are the police and "agency" men going to follow orders blindly, violating the constitution that ALL of their oaths require them to uphold? How long are they going to beat and spray people who are peaceful and quiet and within the rights afforded to them before they get through their heads that they are the ones breaking the law and violating the constitution and disgracing our country? How long are those in the Pentagon going to put up with this lunacy and rhetoric and the lies before they do something in public to stop, to expose, to place the spotlight on those who wish to continue this nonsense?

And.... How long are the other nations of the world and the legitimate news agencies of the world going to keep their mouths shut while the empire expands and extends and violates international laws and treaties? Why are they not defending and informing their own people and nations against the insanity that has taken over the US? Other nations should be demanding that there is something done with the US government and the international criminals that are in charge before they really do start another crusade. Why are they cowering like BushCo can do something if they are stood up to and the truth is in print or on international TV or their lies are exposed on a daily basis for the sake of all the countries of the world?

And.... Worst of all, where are the Americans who really believe in freedom and the constitution and those who claim to be patriots while their leadership violates every individual claim that lead to the formation of the original Patriot Brigades? Why are they all in hiding and denial that our nation is now only small steps away from the same crimes that those of Germany were charged with after the second world war? Why are there so few of us posting and yelling and screaming for help from somewhere...from anywhere...of any kind? Why are there so few when even those who voted for BushCo claim patriotism and national loyalty while they destroy the whole of improvements in our society made in the last century?.....

Help...we've been taken over by ignorance and idiocy and blind-stupidity and blind-faith and we can't get out.....of our Nightmare.

Which is soon to be global.....

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