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Anarchists and socialists unite against the repression & injustice in Manchester

Come and join the picket. | 26.02.2005 02:53 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London

At least 25 Anarchists and Socialists travelled up today from London, Brighton and Birmingham to unite against police repression and loss of civil liberty's in Manchester.

People from the international solidarity movement, Israeli's and Palestinians.
People from the Palestine solidarity campaign, Anarchist networks and Socialists have travelled up today to speak out against injustice going on in Manchester, the right to protest and the National Boycott against the state of Israel and in particular Marks and Spencers and also the right wing wing Zionism which comes to the peaceful pickets outside Manchester Marks and spencers.

Facism comes in many forms and doesnt just take the form of Blackshirts or boots and skinheads, right wing Zionism is clearly another form of Facism.

We are sick of hearing the stories about this particular protest and in particular the police repression.

Why do supporters of Palestine in Manchester do you not come on the picket, cant you put aside your issues and help in the Boycott of Israel.
We have travelled the breadth of the country today to stand in solidarity with the picket, we have Israeli's and Palestinians and members from most of the leading groups which stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The picket starts at 12 at M&S on market street.

Come and join the picket.


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