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Student Occupation at University of Westminster

01-03-2010 19:43

Students at the University of Westminster today took action to oppose the proposed cuts to 10% of jobs at the university by storming the board meeting and then occupying the Vice Chancellor's office.

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North West Development Agency celebrates 10 years

01-03-2010 17:33

You might have noticed the name North West Development Agency appearing all over MULE recently – it’s under pretty much every public-private stone you overturn. It puts a lot of money into regeneration, and is part of the New East Manchester Ltd partnership. It’s been funding the National Football Museum, it’s given money to United Utilities, and it’s supporting development of the region’s nuclear sector.

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USA: The Plot to Kill Social Security

01-03-2010 14:48

In Washington each new day brings a fresh call to "reform entitlement programs" — Social Security, Medicare, etc., (in Congress, the word "reform" now means to eliminate, or drastically reduce). Tackling Social Security has been on the to-do list of the corporate elite for years, and they're not waiting any longer.

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Photographs of Livesey Open Day

01-03-2010 13:41

Pictures from family fun day held at the occupied Livesey Museum on the Old Kent Road

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Livesey Occupiers Re-Open Community Museum

01-03-2010 13:09

Families flock to the Livesey Museum for the re-opening of the former children's museum to mark two years since Southwark Council shut the building down

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Support the women in struggle at Yarl's Wood

01-03-2010 11:24

The struggle against the UK's immigration detention system is gathering pace. Inside Yarl's Wood, the women's fight continues with some inmates still refusing food. The UK Border Agency is now under pressure. You can help.

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Fossil Fools Day Is Back!

01-03-2010 10:43

FFD 2010
Climate change is no laughing matter – but that doesn’t mean we can’t confront the Fossil Fuel Empire with subversive humour.

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Defend the Yarl's Wood Five - Release them from Prison Today!

01-03-2010 07:30

None of the women have been charged with any offences or were in any way involved in any actions at Yarl's Wood that were other than peaceful. UK citizens cannot be remanded to prison, except they have been brought before a judge and the judge orders it so. Denise, Aminata, Sheree, Shellyann, and Gladys, have not and will not be brought before a judge, they have been remanded to prison on the whim of Phil Woolas MP, Minister of State for Borders and Immigration.

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The Indigenous Decolonial Concept of "Buen Vivir" in Latin America

28-02-2010 22:55

The original article "Sumac Kawsay" was published on the Web site of Foro Social Mundial on 6 February 2009. The Spanish translation by Blanca Diego, "Buen Vivir," was published on the same site on the same day. English translation by Christopher Reid. The French translation by Angélica Montes, "'Bien Vivre', un concept de la pensée décoloniale indigène en Amérique latine," is available at the Web site of le Mouvement des indigènes de la république (MIR).

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For Communism… Badiou and the re-emergence of the Communist Hypothesis

28-02-2010 22:10

Badiou makes a forceful argument for the reclamation of the Communist Idea. Whilst this can only be applauded, Badious methodology contains several flaws which must be addressed.

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open letter to the uaf

28-02-2010 22:04

Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance response.

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Brutal repression of protest march in Athens

28-02-2010 21:05

A protest march against the police killing of the 25 year old plumber Nikolas Toddi a few weeks ago in Byronas, Athens, was subject of brutal police repression with 11 people arrested and many badly wounded, with one of the arrested hospitalised.

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South Atlantic: Britain May Provoke New Conflict With Argentina

28-02-2010 20:05

The Sun, 18 February 2010
On February 18,the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated "We have made all the preparations that are necessary to make sure that the Falkland Islanders are properly protected," [15] although Argentine officials have repeatedly denied the possibility of a military response to British encroachments and provocations in the South Atlantic Ocean.

4 days later, the British Desire Petroleum company began exploring for oil and gas off the Falklands/Las Malvinas, seized from Argentina by Britain in 1833 and fought over by the nations in a 74-day war in 1982.

London's energy grab in the South Atlantic did not go unnoticed in Mexico, where the leaders of 26 South and Central American countries attended the Unity Summit.

Britain is playing with fire and if it ignites a new conflict it could rapidly spread far beyond the waters off the southern tip of South America.

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Climate Camp Invades Lewes Tesco

28-02-2010 18:26

Lewes Tesco Action
Climate change activists teamed up with local residents to invade the Tesco superstore in Lewes, East Sussex on Saturday in protest at plans to increase the size of the supermarket by 50%. More than 80 protesters took part, entering the store and embarking on a game of Tesco Whirl. The idea is to grab a trolley keep it empty and form up with others to create a giant conga chain.

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Gr. Updates: 25, 26., 27. Feb 2010

28-02-2010 17:20

Continues updates from Greece since december 2009

pl copy paste round the world

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2009 Toll of Nato Air Strikes: 131 Dead Children

28-02-2010 17:04

Nato Air Strikes, 131 Dead Children
After an air strike that killed many kids in the beginning of 2010, shouts of ‘Death to America’ and to ‘the Afghan government’ could be heard throughout Afghan villages and perhaps in other Muslim communities around the world. Those local, regional and global anti-American, anti-NATO, and anti-Afghan government sentiments will only be more widespread and vicious now that a UN report found that some 346 children were killed in Afghanistan in 2009. 131 of those kids were killed in NATO air strikes. 22 more were killed in nighttime raids. And in the last few weeks alone, up to 50 civilians have been murdered. In essence, there have been more and more civilian casualties as the US/NATO forces attempt to ‘liberate’ the Afghan people. More are likely to come as well.

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Grenoble (France): Intersquat festival, march 20th-28th, 2010

28-02-2010 15:09

Frontal attack / Head-lamp attack
March 20th-28th in Grenoble

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Solidarity with Yarl's Wood protesters- Tues2 March - Communications House

28-02-2010 14:29

Solidarity with the Yarl’s Wood protesters!
Support all asylum seekers in struggle against Britain’s racist immigration laws!
Close Communications House!

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Cancellation of Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein’s speaking arrangement to Germany

28-02-2010 11:56

Statement of the Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East – EJJP Germany

Dr. Norman Finkelstein has cancelled his planned flight to Germany.
He wanted to speak in Munich, Milbertshofen and Berlin on February 24, 25 and 26.