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trouble reposting re-edited too, report on gm crop trials (prelim)

09-09-2004 17:14

follows here is the brief report that i did... big love to all. stay conscious:)

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A new website against bilateral free trade and investment agreements

09-09-2004 17:11

We would like to invite you to participate in a new collaborative website to support the struggle against bilateral free trade and investment agreements:

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ESF: Reduced Tickets for Asylum Seekers

09-09-2004 13:19

There is a possibility for asylum seekers to get reduced or free tickets for the European Social Forum. Contact for details.

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Anti Prison Activists' Houses Searched in Dresden - Statement

09-09-2004 13:11

In early August the house of two anti prison activists in Germany was searched by police in connection with the arrests of four allegedly 'politically connected' bank robbers in Aachen. The following is a translation of a statement made by local supporters.

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state terrorism: over half of Chechnya ethnically cleansed - by Russian forces

09-09-2004 12:14

they [Putin, Bush, Blair] will like you to forget, "move on", "nothing to see here". but there *is* something to see. Blair was fond of saying "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime". however when it comes to terrorism "tough on terrorism, tough on er. . .no!!". the only way to defeat terrorism, is to defeat the causes of terrorism.

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gm debate

09-09-2004 10:52

here is the re-posting becAUSE of the data loss the other file seems to have experienced. on this day, maya red serpent 6

with respect

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Putin in denial over school siege

09-09-2004 10:37

Russian President Vladimir Putin blames what he calls the forces of international terrorism for the Beslan school carnage, but the real reason for the disaster may be much closer to home.

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Protest to Barclays UK

09-09-2004 09:59

Protest letter to Barclays UK about Dam in Central India

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Last Day in Ramallah

09-09-2004 09:24

Last day in Ramallah for Oxford visitors J & N - forging links between schools and colleges in Oxford and in Ramallah and Nablus - information on the hunger strike

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Report from Nablus - September 4th

09-09-2004 09:14

Report from Nablus by visitor from Oxford

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Letter from Ramallah

09-09-2004 09:07

Letter from hunger strike prisoners' relative to the Oxford activists

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Walls and Education - Palestine blog Sept 3rd

09-09-2004 09:00

Report from Oxford activists in Palestine - September 3rd

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IRAQ: Medical Facilities, Pigeons & Propaganda.

09-09-2004 07:37

Helen visits Al-Nahrwan, 30 km from Baghdad. Here she visits a rudimentary clinic. Operations are as little as $3. There is, however, no safety net if things go wrong. There is no anaesthetic, just Diazapam. The procedures were carried out professionally, with what little facilities were available. However it simply isn't acceptable that Iraqis should have this as a medical service.

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Why do the Neo-Cons hate America Mummy?

08-09-2004 21:36

A bedtime story about the bogeymen at the Project for a New American Century. Leave a light on!

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Prisoners' Advice Service seeks support

08-09-2004 19:14

As Blair n Blunkett's control freakery heads out of control; as prison numbers hit another record high; and as prison suicides increase (15 in August alone); a small charity that works to uphold prisoners rights on a daily basis seeks financial support. Please read on.

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ESF Autonomous Spaces + Initiatives Update

08-09-2004 16:34

Autonomous Spaces During the ESF in London, 13-17th October 2004.

We want to create open spaces for networking, exchanges, celebration, thinking, and action. We believe our ways of organising and acting should reflect our political visions, unlike the UK ESF organising process which has not reflected the values and charters to which it aspires.

Some of us believe that it is possible to rebuild the ESF to make it closer to the ideals it claims, others wish to go further and say that it only represents a space for the co-option of struggles, and as such, should be opposed. However we are all united in our diversity, and in our desire to act together in ways that respect these differences.

There are now several self organised and autonomous spaces - they range from legally hired venues to squatted social centres.We invite you to participate in the autonomous spaces, to help shape them, to organise workshops, discussions, creative interventions, and practical alternatives.


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Sept 11th Vigil for Peace and Global Justice

08-09-2004 16:19

Residents of the army garrison town of Colchester, Essex will be mounting a Vigil for Peace and Global Justice on Sat Sept 11th.

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The Truth behind the Vaccine Coverup

08-09-2004 16:12

This information should be shared with as many people as possible, if you take a few moments of your time to share this you may save a child a lifetime of suffering.

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True Olympics: Olympian Seeking to Renounce U.S. nationality!

08-09-2004 16:06

One Olympian's quest not over, former Olympic athlete, Nathaniel Lincoln Mills, has been seeking to denationalize, describes nation-state system an "uneccessary form of segregation, disrupting natural connections between members of our one human family." U.S. State Department wrestling with case, denying to honor U.S. & human right to renounce, fearing Mills would become "stateless". Mills now in London, after traveling from home in Washington, DC to Athens, Greece during Olympic Games to renounce.