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Armed With Visions

17-11-2003 00:53

Though they may not label themselves anarchists, many of those challenging capitalist globalization in the streets across our hemisphere do so in the anarchist traditions of cooperation, resistance, solidarity, creativity and mutual aid. It is this spirit that compels us to mobilize against the FTAA.

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Legal Action Against War (LAAW) PETITION SIGNING

16-11-2003 23:49

We can not stop the war in Iraq, but we can help the citizens claim for war damages, we can use the legal system to bring war mongers to trial no matter who they are!

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2 BP bosses in one day - report(s) from London Rising Tide actions

16-11-2003 23:05

LRT-ers protest outside RCS as BP chair is disrupted within
Thursday 13th November 2003 saw BP Chairman Peter Sutherland and BP CEO John Browne out and about on a full-on charm offensive. Could this have been to counteract the bad publicity the company had been getting over the approval of public funding for the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline? In response, London Rising Tide and its new alter ego the Foundation for the Advancement of Big Oil (or FABO) decided to hijack the slick BP green(wash) machine.

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ESF: Another Venue is Possible: Negri vs Callinicos

16-11-2003 22:57

It’s certainly possible to level a critique of the social forum process as elevating certain individuals to movement stars, something the radical edge of the movement has always rejected for a variety of reasons. The Negri/Calliniocs debate was billed as exactly that however, a battle between two movement stars perhaps broadly representing the two major ideological tendencies within the anti-capitalist movement currently in contestation. The title of the debate was “Multitude or Working Class”.

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Critical bush

16-11-2003 22:15


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British investigative magazine blows MI5 apart

16-11-2003 21:47

British investigative magazine Notes from the Borderland has for the first time exposed the career path of new MI5 head Eliza Manningham-Buller and shown both her Royal connections and links to recent Royal scandals

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Sheffield Anti bush demo & analysis

16-11-2003 21:17

The unity of Police and protesters symbolises a secret set of shared goals.
An analysis of yesterday's Sheffield demonstration against George Bush.

Demo apathy - what is it, what causes it.

Why we keep on repeating the same tactics that never achieve the results we want?

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Anti-war pupils to face crackdown

16-11-2003 21:13

Independent article: Schools are ready to crack down on pupils who miss classes next week to attend anti- war protests during President George Bush's three-day visit.

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Protest Blair at the CBI in Birmingham monday

16-11-2003 21:11





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Privacy dispute threatens Street Link -- Victoria, BC

16-11-2003 21:09

Government holds up funding after society refuses to name homeless clients

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European Social Forum - Greek Embassy Occupied

16-11-2003 19:46

Article includes report of fighting bewtween anarchists and trad. socialists., as well greek embasy occupation in solidarity with Salonika 7.

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The National Trust Votes Against GM

16-11-2003 19:37

At the National Trust AGM, members have voted to express their opposition to GM.

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Independent (os) reports MET Police to U-turn on Bush March Route

16-11-2003 19:17

Have to wait until tomorrow's MET/STWC meeting to see if this transpires...

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Saloniki 7 solidarity 'picket' - London, Sat 15 Nov

16-11-2003 17:12

London picket, Sat 15/11
Here there are 3 photos of yesterday (saturday 15 Nov) 'solidarity picket' that took place - or maybe better - was supposed to take place, outside the Greek Tourist Board in central London. This posting is intended to be less of a report and more of a way to confront this 'movement of movements' own failures.

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Free Trade Announcement in Birmingham this Tuesday

16-11-2003 17:00

Saw this in the Guardian.

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ESF - Open Source or ownership of information

16-11-2003 15:44

Stopping the ownership of ideas, Open Source, a new mode of production, not just for computer software? Under threat? Report from a session at the ESF.

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Public petition-alarm call releashed by the 5 hunger strikers' doctors

16-11-2003 15:31

Here is the public petition-alarm call written by the three doctors of the 5 hunger strikers of thessaloniki.....adressing as the only one responsible the greek goverment.
But also proving how the goverment is ussing these days the dying 5... as a bite, in order to agress and to force in extreme violence all the solidarity movement at the up-comming (annual) demos of the national feest of 17November....and eventually arrest even more comrades... so athens is gonna be secure for the summer ollympic games...and all americans as well

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Walking For A Better World - Melbourne Conference Speech

16-11-2003 14:59

MFSO representative Jeff McKenzie's speech at the International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future, Melbourne Conference on November 16th, 2003. Highlights include MFSO history, war in Iraq, protests in America, ending the nuclear cycle and the culture of war.