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Another young, black man dies a police cell.

12-06-2009 08:06

An investigation has been launched after a talented young footballer was found dead in a police custody cell.

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The BNP's success reflects the new racism of our political culture

12-06-2009 07:54

The election of two British National Party MEPs owes as much to new forms of racism in mainstream politics as to alienation from the Labour Party.

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Anti-Shell fisherman speaks of attack & sinking of boat

11-06-2009 23:19

Attacks by both Shell security and mystery masked men on opponents of the oil company's damaging gas pipeline project have increased in recent weeks. Early Thursday morning, pipeline critic Pat O'Donnell's fishing boat was boarded by four armed masked men, who held the crew captive while sinking the vessel. This follows in the wake of outspoken farmer Willie Corduff being beaten up at night and protestors being thrown off ships by Shell security.

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Three Activists Charged With £32,000 Criminal Damage to Raytheon Rooftop!

11-06-2009 22:53

campin in the cold mid december 08 till mid january 09
Three people have been charged with £32,000 worth of criminal damage to the Raytheon Rooftop between december 2008 and january this year, around the time Israel bombarded Gaza with weapons made by Raytheon . One of the charged Elijah Smith was heard saying "I am the accuser not the accused".

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Owning a bank is a bigger crime than robbing one

11-06-2009 22:13

Can an anarchist rob a bank? Yes, robbing banks has a lot to do with anarchy. Robbing banks can help the revolution and save revolutionaries from wage slavery.

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Creative activists Mischief Makers launch new website

11-06-2009 21:43

The Nottingham based art-activist collective the Mischief Makers have launched a new website to showcase their creative activism work from 2005 to 2008. The group is mostly known for its activities in Sneinton, opposing the incinerator expansion, their recycled art workshops and for the creative element they have added to many actions with their colour-full street appearances. Check it out:

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Lydd airport- Roimney Marsh- decision July 9

11-06-2009 16:39

The long awaited planning debate and decision on Lydd airport's expansion plans by Tory led Shepway District Council, Folkestone, Kent is to take place on Thursday July 9th -7pm at the Council offcies.

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Spotlight Demo at Menwiith Hill, July 4th, 5-10pm

11-06-2009 16:26

Spotlight Demo, Menwith Hill, 4th July, 5pm.
While most Americans celebrate Independence Day, for us, Saturday 4th July is Independence Day FROM America Day. There will be a demo from 5pm at the main gate to Menwith Hill, nr, Harrogate, HG3 2RF.

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Rossport Solidarity Night at Belgrade Road Social Centre

11-06-2009 14:41

A benefit night with music, films, talks, discussions, and food&drink

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Palestine Today 061109

11-06-2009 13:56


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday June 11th, 2009.

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Earth First Summer Gathering 18th - 24th Aug, Cumbria

11-06-2009 13:45

Earth First! Summer Gathering
Ecological Direct Action without Compromise
18th - 24th August 09, Beautiful Cumbria

5 days of workshops, skill sharing and planning action, plus low-
impact living without leaders.

Meet people, learn skills, take action.,

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Delegation to Downing Street and Launch Meeting on Western Sahara

11-06-2009 12:29

On Friday 12th June you are invited to attend the launch of a new awareness raising campaign that will attempt to build a global network of activitsts increase pressure on Morocco to end its illegal 33 year Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. The meeting will be preceeded by a high level delegation to 10 Downing Street. Please come and join us at Downing Street at 11am

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Italy arrests G8 attack suspects

11-06-2009 12:28

Italian police have arrested at least four people on suspicion of planning an attack on the G8 summit of rich countries next month.

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Rossport fishermen's boat sunk at sea by masked shell security

11-06-2009 11:17

At 2am on Thursday morning, Pat O'Donnell's boat the 'Iona Isle' was boarded by four masked men and sunk out at sea, near where Mr. O'Donnell lays his fishing pots off Erris, North Mayo. Mr. O'Donnell and crewman Martin McDonnell were attacked and held down by some of the men, while others went below deck, where they proceeded to sink the boat. Both local men have been taken to Castlebar General Hospital, where they are recovering.

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Liberal values and the promotion of British Islamic rule

11-06-2009 11:06

An Islamic group, Islam4UK, is presently engaged in a UK Roadshow, entitled "Live Under Shariah". On Saturday 6th June, they came to New Street in Birmingham. As a local, a democrat, and on the left politically, I was intrigued to find out more. I spoke to one of their representatives to determine what was wrong with the UK, and why he thought Islamic rule was the correct prescription. A report for UK Indymedia.

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Speak out Against Racism and Deportations - Saturday 13 June

11-06-2009 10:56

Outside Angel tube, Islington, London N1 12-3pm

Open-air rally with speeches from anti-racist groups across London, uniting to take a common stand in defence of migrant workers and asylum seekers. MC Low-Key and others will perform.

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Rob Williams Reinstated as Union Convenor at Swansea Linamar

11-06-2009 10:16

After more than two months campaigning the sacked union convenor has been reinstated.

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Work camp in Ein el-Hilweh, Lebanon - August 19th - September 3rd 2009

11-06-2009 09:53

Building to be restored as cultural centre
Sumud association was born in order to offer our cooperation to those who endure oppression and refuse to resign themselves, without paternalism and with the awareness that what those people most need is not charity but help in their fight for justice.

The concrete and ambitious project we are proposing to everyone who shares our spirit is to take part in a work brigade in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh in the south of Lebanon. Ein el-Hilweh is a real ghetto where the almost 100.000 Palestinians have been living for generations in a terrible situation.

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Dissident Island Radio - latest show ready for download!

11-06-2009 09:30

Check out the latest show from June 5th...

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Benefit gig for Iraqi LGBT UK.

11-06-2009 07:30

Next Wednesday June the 17ththere will be a benefit gig at the Grosvenor in Stockwell. It is for the Iraqi LGBT UK group who are raising much needed cash to help shelter Iraqi LGBT activists from all kinds of bigoted repression including beating, torture and murder.

8pm till close. £4.00/£5.00 Wednesday June 17th
The Grosvenor
Sidney Road, Stockwell, London, SW9 OTP