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Peace Videos

22-10-2001 18:35


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Propaganda Site

22-10-2001 18:02

Collection of Propaganda pictures web-site

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Only class struggle can defeat imperialism and fundamentalism

22-10-2001 16:44

Under the slogan of Fanatic Terrorism And Imperialist Aggression CAN ONLY BE DECISIVELY DEFEATED THROUGH A CLASS WAR the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) have launched their own web site

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China & Pakistan round-up dissidents

22-10-2001 15:50

China & Pakistan rounding up dissidents (maybe it's part of 'structurald adjustment')

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Evening Standard castigates Israel

22-10-2001 15:42

Article by A N Wilson.

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Now THIS is what I call complaining (about corporate rip offs)

22-10-2001 15:28

Anyone who has been messed about by a corporate company
having paid in advanceand not got the service they had been promised.Then gone through hell and high water to try just to try and get a straight ansa about what the fuck was going down and been fobbed off by loads of poncy people who don't know their arse from their elbow, robot ansa phones that keep
you waiting on a no help line while the meter is clocking up the units .. Read this blokes ansa to being fucked over by these corporate gangsters.. won't solve the problem but it's a good read.

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Women oppose war because we pay the highest pri

22-10-2001 15:11

Women oppose war because we pay the highest pri
Letters published in The Independent and The Guardian

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Report and photo of Women's Weekly Anti-War picket

22-10-2001 15:05

Report and photo of Women's Weekly Anti-War picket
Stop the War! Invest in Caring, not Killing! Women’s weekly anti–war picket every Tuesday, 5–6 pm opposite Downing St, Whitehall SW1 – All welcome – Come and say why you oppose the war. Report of first women’s anti-war picket

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RAWA,anti-war statement and stuff in Afghanistan

22-10-2001 14:01

RAWA anti-war statement, links and a vision for Afghanistan

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announcing global-l

22-10-2001 13:07

***announcing global-l*** global-l is an international e-mail list about resistance to capitalist globalization and to global capitalism. To subscribe to global-l, send an e-mail message, with a blank subject line, to with the following text only: subscribe global-l

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Arrests at Faslane protest against Trident submarines

22-10-2001 12:58

From BBC online

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police state after 11th september

22-10-2001 12:53

german view

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Infographic: "America's Towers O' Terror"

22-10-2001 12:29

Infographic: "America's Towers O' Terror"
Editorial cartoon/infographic via "Mike Flugennock's Mikey'zine", Washington DC. Infographic via "Mikey'zine": Another first, an infographic with actual info, with actual real stats, drawn more or less to scale. Inspire your comrades, smack down your detractors.

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World Bank meeting in Ottawa Nov. 16-18

22-10-2001 11:48

The postponed meeting of the World Bank has now been rescheduled to take place in Ottawa, Canada from Nov. 16-18. What are we going to do about it?

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CIA gets £700m licence to kill (Filed: 22/10/2001)

22-10-2001 11:47

(as a reward for the incredible intelligence cock up ! ? )

PRESIDENT BUSH has stepped up the war on
terrorism by authorising the assassination of Osama
bin Laden and giving the CIA £700 million to destroy
his al-Qa'eda network.

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Over 100 March on Derry Arms Facility

22-10-2001 11:36

Over 100 activists from around Ireland today marched on the Raytheon facility in Derry at which the guidence software for the US Tomahawk Cruise missliles currently being used against Afganistan is developed.

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100+ Arrests at Scottish Nuclear Submarine Base.

22-10-2001 11:20

Over 100 peaceful protestors, including Irish Green MEP Patricia McKenna, have been arrested at the Trident Nuclear Submarine base in Faslane, Scotland. The protest was organised by Trident Ploughshares and Scottish CND and involved an estimated 2,000 people.

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We should indict BUSH and BLAIR for war crimes

22-10-2001 10:54

When power is against you, the media is against you, the military and police are against you, often it is good to test the value of your last line of defence, the law. In the absence of the ICC, we should indict Bush and Blair in a country like Belgium, which claims universal legal jurisdiction.

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D2 - walk for capitalism? what the f**k are we doing about it?

22-10-2001 07:16

On december the second, capitalists will be marching through the cities of London, Manchester, Southampton and Bath.