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Nottingham stop the war

25-11-2001 21:03

Nottingham stop the war
Photo of the anti-war demonstration in nottingham 3/11/01

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German Greens vote YES for war

25-11-2001 19:18

sad to hear - the chickenshit fools!

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Mr. Cheneys over Story for sep11th (more lies and cover up for NWO)

25-11-2001 12:19

In Part 1, Section 1 we demonstrated that Andrews Air Force base, 10
miles from the Pentagon, had combat-ready fighter squadrons on
September 11th. Why didn't jets scramble from Andrews until after the
Pentagon was hit?

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25-11-2001 10:51

An audio interview clip by Dan Rather with FEMA spokerperson Tom Kennedy. Tom says FEMA had flown into New York on Monday, 9-10(!) to be ready for the disaster...

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London based Fascist nasty Robert Fiore in action in Messina

25-11-2001 09:26

A strong protest rally against the presence in town of
Roberto Fiore, the secretary of the fascist and racist
political group Forza Nuova, was held today by militants of
the Messina Social Forum, Rifondazione Comunista, Cobas,
Sinistra Giovanile, UDU, UDS and Attac Messina.

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News From Sweden and France

25-11-2001 05:01

Sweden has begun a criminal investigation of a factory that made filters suspected in the deaths of more than 50 dialysis patients in 7 countries. Baxter International has recalled the filters and stopped production. In Paris, the President of the French Communist Party and 11 other officials have been charged with bribery using city council

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Stop Stansted

25-11-2001 00:39

Europe's fastest growing airport is planning a massive 10 million passenger increase in its latest planning application. Local environmental activists are organising against BAA's plans.

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25-11-2001 00:35

PICTURE - 30-40 people protesting at the over consumption of the western economies had a “CONGA AGAINST CAPITALISM” down Graften St. Dublin’s famous shopping street, the protesters then Stormed in to St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre where they ran around the Three stories complex explaining the need for ETHICAL CONSUMPTION and got people to think about what they were buying. Security ejected all concerned. The posse regrouped

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Video REALPLAYER Dublin BND (buy nothing day)

25-11-2001 00:31

Dublin Ireland - Anti capatlist protests

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Video (windowsplayer)Buy Nothing Day DUBLIN

25-11-2001 00:25

VIDEO 1min 30 sec windows media player required
- Dublin Protests for International Buy Nothing Day 2001.

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Anti capitalist rampage! Buy Nothing Day DUBLIN

25-11-2001 00:20

Anti capitalist rampage! Buy Nothing Day DUBLIN
Picture - Dublin Protests for International Buy Nothing Day 2001.

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Talkin 'bout a Revolution

24-11-2001 23:21

Are most anarchists middle class students, who have always had the good-life on tap?
It seems so?

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Bradford rioter gets 5 years

24-11-2001 22:51

The Bradford riots were summoned into existence by an unholy alliance of police strategy at the highest levels, NF/Combat 18 and the Anti Nazi League (these last I would defend - with hindsight) The war against Islam continues on the local level. 100 more cases to go so far, and all to be treated equally ferociously. A warning to Asian youth and all of us in the end.

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Burnley by-election result

24-11-2001 21:58

Burnley by-election defeat for the BNP but no cause for complacency.

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Possible Squatted Nightshelter in Cambridge

24-11-2001 19:42

This year the government has managed to find less homeless people sleeping on the streets on the night of their 'streetcounts' than in previous years.

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calling the Alnwick Anarchists

24-11-2001 19:08

Tescos in alnwick.....KFC in north tyneside......fightback!

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Genoa: The truth on the murder of Carlo Giuliani

24-11-2001 19:04

Genoa: The truth on the murder of Carlo Giuliani
reposted articles and a link to  http://www.revuelta. pics showing exactly how Carlo died not for the easly shocked this is police brutalality at its worst

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Hackney libraries out on strike

24-11-2001 18:52

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does and just when you think there is nothing left to cut, there is. Library staff in the borough of Hackney went out on strike today, in an attempt to prevent the council from closing down four of the remaining seven libraries that exist in the borough.

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Some of us are going to be hurt, jailed and killed.

24-11-2001 18:12

It is time for everyone to show up regardless of the out come or how violent things get. It is time to come to grips with the fact that the ruling class will not give up power to true democracy with out a fight.

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In Memory of Jean Paul Sartre, 1905-80

24-11-2001 16:08

The intellectual degeneration of modern life continues. 21 years after his death, Sartre is not only unfairly ridiculed but its got to the stage where librarians haven't even heard of him...