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calling the Alnwick Anarchists

P.U.K | 24.11.2001 19:08

Tescos in alnwick.....KFC in north tyneside......fightback!

“Know your enemy” you say ……. I hear that Tesco’s are planning to build a supermarket on a site literally just outside of Alnwick. This is a real threat to the community of your town,and all the surrounding small villages such as felton, seahouses, etc, Instead of smashing lamps and alienating the local people join them in opposing this multinational. I Live in North tyneside and have been to your neck of the woods quite a few times, I hear that the public are demanding the council turn over the site for a community venture either field or centre. (I think the land in question is around and on the old car showroom/garage area but not 100% sure). The locals are already starting a campaign so if your not already, get involved, as LB said on his posting your council/officials are no different from any other town/village/city. I also agree with him in that I do not support your actions, as all you will achieve is to alienate yourself from the local people. You may not agree with your council but its public money that has to pay for the damage you caused. It’s also the community that has to live in a shitty area if its not rectified by the council.
Here on north tyneside a similar thing is happening KFC are wanting to open up one of their drive thru’s, much to the anger of the residents who will be affected by the litter and traffic this development will cause. Also the community as a whole wants more community space not another capitalist venture. We will be joining the locals and opposing this in any way we can…….no email addresses, phone no’s, contacted addresses, just as the name states P.U.K (persons unknown).. That’s were we are strongest we need to support one another, fight against the multinationals on a united front, we need to widen this movement, appeal to the general public not distance ourselves from them….
Ps I know hunting goes on up your way, and I know sabs operate from tyneside and around… but does anyone oppose these scum who go out ferreting and shooting, or lurching with their dogs…… dark winter nights are now in and all that……… P.U.K

- e-mail: anon


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