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Thessaloniki - January 13th: The trial of 6 demonstrators was adjourned

15-01-2005 04:27

The trial of 6 people that took part in the 21/6/2003 demonstration against the EU Summit, was adjourned for October 2005

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Paying the Price - Saving the Children of Iraq! (Public Meeting)

15-01-2005 01:45

Before the War, Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, Over One Million Iraqi Children died, in the silent Holocaust that was the UN imposed Sanctions regime, between the years of 1991-2003.

"By the United Nations own admission, 5,000 children die every month because of a shortage of medicine created by Sanctions imposed by the United Nations" Andy Kershaw, the Independent.

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Extend the M62?

15-01-2005 01:13

Liverpool council is to try and increase capacity on Edge Lane, essentially making it an extension of the M62.

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Searching for a friend of England

15-01-2005 00:50

This is an ad about a Colombian man who is searching for a friend he has in Leeds (England). He lost contact with her and now he needs to find her contact as soon as possible.

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Shut down Iraq.. communications blackout

14-01-2005 23:05

US encourage isolation to promote democracy

Phones down, borders sealed, troops on the streets: it’s time for democracy
By Richard Beeston in Baghdad
State of alert will match the battle for Fallujah

THE plan sounds more like the preparations for war than the holding of Iraq’s first democratic elections. But such is the dire state of Iraqi security today that the authorities in Baghdad are considering a complete lockdown of the country ahead of polls in two weeks’ time.
According to Iraqi and Western sources, international borders will be sealed, movement between cities tightly controlled, mobile phone networks switched off and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi security forces and foreign troops deployed in a show of force not seen since the height of the war nearly two years ago.
(the times online extract)

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Enlgihtening Robert Fisk articles

14-01-2005 22:06

Fear stalks city where the police hide behind masks
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad
The Independent

12 January 2005

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community charter

14-01-2005 21:48

Liverpool City Council has begun delivering copies of its new Community Charter to homes in the city.

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Lambeth UNISON calls for end to UNISON support for pension-cutting MPS

14-01-2005 20:55

Lambeth UNISON is calling for UNISON to cut financial support to MPs who are not prepared to defend public sector pensions.

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Anti G8 Meeting Nottingham

14-01-2005 20:47

Local Nottingham Dissent! Meeting

Wednesday 26th January, 8pm, at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham, 0845 458 9595

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Anti-G8 Meeting in Leeds

14-01-2005 19:05

Resisting the G8 summit 2005: meeting 7.30 pm Thursday 20th January, The Adelphi pub, 1-5 Hunslet rd, Leeds.

Following the well attended meeting on the same topic in November this meeting has been called to continue discussing what people in Leeds can do to oppose the G8 Summit in Scotland this summer.

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The Power of Nightmares. Showing again on BBC Two.

14-01-2005 17:41

The Power of Nightmares. Repeat showing on BBC Two, 23:20, 18th-20th January, 2005.

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Qaradawi says tsunami victims deserved to die

14-01-2005 17:19

Livingstone defends Qaradawi - again

Qaradawi says tsunami victims deserved to die

Mayor cancels GLA Gay Forum to stop debate

Ken Livingstone has defended Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the day it was revealed the Muslim cleric said the Asian earthquake victims deserved punishment from Allah because, he believes, their countries are centres of immorality, decadence and perversion.

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Oxford Green Electricity Demo

14-01-2005 17:06

-------- GREEN ELECTRICITY --------
Oxford University is making a decision on its electricity contract this Monday. Including Oxford University Press it is currently Europes 8th largest renewable energy user (100% renewable sources). But in a statement in January the Uni still said they might choose to revert to fossil fuels.

Come to the OUP building on Walton St in Jericho
THIS MONDAY at ***1.45pm***

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'Elections Furore': Second film from Palestine:

14-01-2005 16:23

Elections Furore [2005; 6min]

The Balata Film Collective have just released their second mini-documentary about the Palestinian National Authority elections.
Download it now from

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Second film from Palestine: 'Elections Furore'

14-01-2005 16:19

Elections Furore [2005; 6min]

The Balata Film Collective have just released their second mini-documentary about the Palestinian National Authority elections.
Download it now from

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Sheffield Social Forum : Next meeting

14-01-2005 14:34

SSF alive
Venue and time for next social forum. All Sheffielders welcome.

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`Dear Mrs Blair` shows at the Scottish Parliament.

14-01-2005 14:12

View of the new Scottish Parliament.
This is a short report with photos of the showing of the film `Dear Mrs Blair` at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 13th January 2005.

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Movements 'Still' In Motion

14-01-2005 14:10

This evening the fifth day of the week-long Indian film festival taking place at RampArts Creative Centre in London's east end will be screening...

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The Bristolian: Bristol's gobby little paper with the big impact

14-01-2005 13:51

Bristolian 100 (image)
The Bristolian, one of the country's longest-running independent local newspapers, has just published its 100th issue. Download it here.

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Martin Luther King Day

14-01-2005 13:49

Dear Friends,

Monday January 17th is 'Martin Luther King Day'.