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ANTI-WAR LYSISTRATA PROJECT: Quebec actors out in force

04-03-2003 23:40

ANTI-WAR LYSISTRATA PROJECT: Quebec actors out in force
All the world’s a stage for peace


Quebec actors out in force to demonstrate support for peaceful resolution in Iraq

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Nationalists hijack Washington

04-03-2003 23:02

Nationalists based in Washington have hijacked U.S. policy. These nationalists mostly worked together in the American Enterprise Institute, Project for the New American Century, etc. Find out more.

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The Death of New Labour

04-03-2003 22:47


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Conspiracy of Silence video Child sex ring that reached Bush Sr's Whitehouse.

04-03-2003 21:45

Conspiracy of Silence video Child sex ring that reached Bush Sr's Whitehouse.
This documentary exposed a network of Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.

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norwegian human shields in iraq

04-03-2003 21:24

one of the reporter's experiences from within iraq where he's volunteering as a human shield

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Stop & Search in the London's West End

04-03-2003 21:13

Stop & Search powers?

Full article launcehes emergency petition to Security Council

04-03-2003 20:19

Please spread far and wide

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London No Borders video nite. LARC, Tue 18 March

04-03-2003 19:47

The latest No Borders video soiree includes a video from the Strasbourg No Border camp last July, one about the Publix Theatre Caravan and finally video hacktivism against the Schengen Information System

LARC 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel E1

Tue 18 March @ 7.30

nearest underground Whitechapel

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Iraq War - Made in Israel

04-03-2003 17:53

The motivation to invade Iraq is partly about control of oil reserves. But more significant is the goal of defeating obstacles to Israel's hegemony in the region. Extremist (Likudnite) Zionists now effectively control the USA's foreign policy. British troops will be fighting first and foremost to promote Israeli expansionism.

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04-03-2003 17:39

The RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) issued an statement against the war and held a demonstration in Islamabad.

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War policy in Collapse

04-03-2003 17:36

Hold tight France, Russia, Turkey, antiwar activists everywhere: the Boston Globe columnist argues today,the Bush war policy is in collapse.

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US Hits Roadblock on its Road to War

04-03-2003 17:29

Hold tight France, Russia, Turkey: America admitted yesterday that the war due to begin as early as next week might have to be put back by at least a month because of Turkey's refusal to allow US ground troops to deploy there: early April or even the autumn???

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About the Arab summit,the Iraqi plight, and the rule of the zombie

04-03-2003 17:04

What is the summary of the last Arab summit?

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04-03-2003 16:51

Lord Robertson, British defence minister during the Kosovo war and now Secretary General of NATO, will be speaking at LSE this Thursday, at 3.30pm in the Old Theatre.

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STOP THE CITY -- STOP THE WAR: Manchester March 14th

04-03-2003 16:10

Using direct action we can stop the cities of Britain. Block roads, stop goods and services. If we jam up the workings of capitalism then maybe our leaders will have to think twice about their war plans...

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Massive police operation prevents anti-war mass trespass in ireland

04-03-2003 14:29

Massive police operation prevents anti-war mass trespass in ireland
News from IMC Ireland about last saturday's massive police action to defend the fences of shannon airport against peace activists intent on ripping them down and entering the airfield...

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Parliament Square Blocked Last Night in Anti-War Action

04-03-2003 14:19

Last night (monday 3rd March 03) a group of 35-40 people took to the streets of london and blocked traffic outside Parliament to protest the recent large increase in bombing raids against iraq (the 'undeclared war' with over 40 bombings this year alone).

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War Poem

04-03-2003 13:31

A great poem written by a friend.

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B52 peacewatch at Fairford

04-03-2003 13:16

B52 peacewatch at Fairford
A round the clock witness is being held at Gate 10, the front line of the Peace Camp at USAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. Please come and join us! (article 1)

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Abundantly clear

04-03-2003 12:15

Abundantly clear
An explicit declaration of war and harmless diplomatic relations