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Huge Bradford Demo Reaction to Flotilla Attacks

16-06-2010 13:28

Today over 1000 people protested in Bradford in suport of Palestine and the global movement to campaign for the human rights of the Palestinian people.

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Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Aid Ships - Protest

16-06-2010 13:28

On Monday 31st June 2010, as a flotilla of ships carrying aid supplies sailed towards Palestine, Israeli troops boarded them, whilst in International waters, and attacked those on board.

People all around the world reacted to the attacks, and many protests were held in the north of England.

Reports of protests in; Bradford - 1st June (with audio) - 5th June (with audio) - Video | Newcastle (article) - Photos| Leeds (with video) | Liverpool (video) | Manchester (report)  - Photos | Sheffield

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Manchester's Gaza Flotilla Demonstration

16-06-2010 13:28

With anger still rising over Israel's murder of Flotilla activists a regional
demonstration was called in Manchester today, Sunday 13th June 2010.

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Now the Saville report is out, what about the Ballymurphy families?

16-06-2010 11:33

On Monday 9th of August 1971 Interment without Trial was introduced by the British Government in the North of Ireland.

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Calais jungle bike tour

16-06-2010 10:21

Nearly one year after the media show of the destruction of Calais' “Jungle”, the refugees are still here, searching in Europe a place to stay and where to make their life. In the North of France, from Paris to Calais, along the motorways and the along the coast, they continue to live in makeshift camps, known as “jungles”, or in unused buildings. Waiting for a possibility to go further, to England, or facing the multiple obstacles on the way to obtain asylum in France. Amongst them, an important proportion of minors.

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Democracy Village Activist Reclaims Parliament Plinth

16-06-2010 10:04

Democracy Village activist scales Parliament plinth with a sign and peace flag in defiance of the war in Afghanistan. They are calling on, activists, campaigners, networkers, bloggers, film makers and photographers to join them as soon as possible.

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Smashingly good start at Decommissioners trial.

16-06-2010 09:22

The first week of the trial of the EDO Decommissioners was dominated by questionning of EDO boss Paul Hills, who was in the dock from Tuesday to Friday, and will be back again on Monday. He did not have a pleasant time as the defence team dug into what exactly EDO get up to, and with who.

He was openly accused of lying by the defence, and at one point was warned by the judge of the risks of perjuring himself. Of interest to anti-militarists will have been discussions around export licenses and the inter-connected nature of the international arms trade, along with its links into political patronage. Also worth noting was the judge’s ruling that the jury be given as background info a very brief summary of the Goldstone report into Israel’s bombing of Gaza in 2008/9 and as the Decommissioners trial in Hove Crown Court enters its second week one of the defendants had their case dropped due to insufficient evidence provided by the prosecution. Back of the net. So thats one down... eight to go

Defendants were believed to have been pleased with how the first week went as the trial finally got going after a 17 months wait, and they were able to sit back and watch Hills sweat. Of course they too will soon be up for questionning, but we trust their integrity and committment wil shine through! Defendants were further boosted by the good news from the Raytheon 11 trial in Belfast that ended on 4 June with 9 acquittals and 2 minor convistions, following 3 previous acquittals. Report here.

On the opening day of the trial, 7 June, defendants were greeted by a strong picket of the court. Around 60 people joined the protest, with about 20 from Bristol (including people from Bristol STW, Bristol PSC, Bristol ABC and other campaigners). The protest continued until around 1.30pm, when the jury were let go for the day and the court was closed to everyone except defendants and legal teams (apparently on security grounds as they watched cctv footage from inside the EDO factory). There is a report here from Bristol Indymedia, photos here, and a Guardian report here. You will find links to the Goldstone report in those articles.

In the meantime Elijah Smith remains on remand throughout the trial, being bussed in from Lewes prison daily. Letters of support for him continue to be welcomed – write to Elijah Smith – A3186AM, HMP Lewes, 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1EA. You may also wish to send supportive letters to Robert Alford – A1583AN at the same address.

Supporters are welcome inside and outside the court any day of the week. For other anti-EDO events see SmashEDO.

There are no proceedings today, Wednesday, 16th, The defence starts from Thursday 10.30- public are welcome to attend.

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Charges dismissed on "Bonhoeffer 4" war resisters in Australia

16-06-2010 07:46

Charges Dismissed on 4 Australian Christian Peace Activists Arrested Resisting the War on Afghanistan

Wednesday, 16 June, 2010

The charges against the Bonhoeffer Peace Collective - four Christian peace activists who infiltrated the secret Australian military base on Swan Island in March and shut down the switchboard, a satellite and causing a lock down on the base, effectively disrupting the Australian war effort in Afghanistan - have been dismissed.

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Membership surge for MOPG on the back of the Petition

16-06-2010 07:13

This press release reveals how many new members have join MOPG whilst collecting signatures for the Petition.

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Swiss riot against police violence

16-06-2010 06:23

A POLICE station was damaged and two cops injured in an angry protests against police violence in Fribourg, Switzerland.

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Gaza Freedom Flotilla Survivors Speak in Sheffield

16-06-2010 01:32

Audio from an emergency public meeting of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign to hear the shocking stories from two survivors Alex Phillips and Osama Qashoo who were on board the Mavi Marmara, the ship from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla illegally boarded by the IDF in International waters.

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Anti-Foie Gras Campaign Launched in West Yorkshire

15-06-2010 23:43


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Is Obama Child-Endagering In Recommending Gulf Fish Flesh?

15-06-2010 22:09

A fish suffocating in filthy toxic water
Fish flesh is full of brain destroying heavy metals, radiation from illegal nuclear dumping, parasites such as liver flukes, worms, colon bacteria. Fish are waterboarded, suffocated,
asphyxiated as they die.

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Titnore victory means protest is off

15-06-2010 21:03

THE Titnore on Tour campaign has achieved its aim of persuading the would-be developers at Durrington, West Sussex, not to appeal against the surprise council refusal of their plans.

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Smashingly good start at Decommissioners trial.

15-06-2010 19:35

As the Decommissioners trial in Hove Crown Court enters its second week one of the defendants had their case dropped due to insufficient evidence provided by the prosecution. Back of the net. So thats one down... eight to go.

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Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk - More on the Minorca Petition

15-06-2010 19:21

This press release gives more information about out petition to Leicestershire County Council including the text of the petition. Our petition takes the form of being a grievance against LCC for not taking a decision on the Minorca Opencast Application.

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All American Vintage, Leeds, Go Fur-Free

15-06-2010 19:06

Another shop fur-free in Yorkshire.

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Urgent! English Defence League [EDL] have gone into Whitechapel this evening

15-06-2010 18:08

The racist Islamophobic football hooligans of the English Defence League have gone into Whitechapel, East London E1 this evening, Tuesday 15th June to cause trouble. They were in Barking earlier today. They punched Muslims, threw eggs and pork meat at Muslims. They have now gone into Whitechapel. If you live in East London defend your Muslim friends and neighbours in case the EDL attack.

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Palestine Today 06 15 2010

15-06-2010 17:32

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Thursday, June 15, 2010.

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Northcliffe Expands Hyperlocal News

15-06-2010 16:22

Northcliffe is the local media arm of the Daily Mail group - here in Bristol they own things like the Evening Post, Venue & Western Daily Press. There've been experimenting with 'hyperlocal' news website - sites that deliver very targeted news to a small community - and I guess the experiment in the South West has worked - as it's being expanded...
Here's the info...

Northcliffe plans 100 more ultra local websites

15 June 2010

By Oliver Luft

Daily Mail & General Trust plans to double the number of websites in its Local People network in the next year and could look for international expansion.

Associated Northcliffe Digital, the digital division of DMGT, launched Local People by rolling out 23 hyperlocal sites, in July last year, as the pilot for a new local digital publishing strategy.

In the past year it has pushed the number of sites it publishes over 100 and moved out of beta-testing as it looks to expand the network.

Roland Bryan, managing director of Local People, told Press Gazette that DMGT planned to launch a further hundred site in the coming year after the success of the launch phase had convinced them of the commercial opportunities open to the network.

Bryan, who would not reveal any details of the commercial growth of the network, told Press Gazette that he was in talks with independent local publishers and rival newspaper groups about allowing them to either franchise Local People technology or working in partnership to enhance their local commercial links.

In addition, he said that publishers outside the UK were looking at the platform, which has been redesigned in recent months, with thoughts to use the technology.

Each site in the pilot launch catered for an area with populations of between 10,000 and 50,000 in the south west of England.

Following this strategy DMGT added new sites across London and moved away from the traditional patch of its newspapers with launches in the North West in the last 12 months.

Bryan said the network wasn’t reliant on publishing solely in areas where DMGT, through its regional newspaper business Northcliffe, already had a strong foothold and could provide commercial support through its Thisis news websites.

More than two thirds of Local People’s sites, he said, were now located in areas where Northcliffe didn’t publish a newspaper.

“We make a judgement town by town. Each town has to have a significant community feel, towns like St Albans. People in those places live and work in their towns…we don’t work well in towns where people work elsewhere,” Bryan said,

Bryan told Press Gazette that since launch the network had built a base of 332,000 users. Local businesses in each area pay £500-£1,000 for a year’s listing on the sites.

Bryan said: "Our focus is providing small businesses a way of reaching a really local audience.

"The targeted nature of our sites means that our advertisers can achieve this with low wastage."

The sites aim to create interaction in small communities by allowing users to create profiles, upload images and text, form groups and message each other.

Local People also allows users to rate and review local businesses.

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