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31-03-2003 12:06

Video Criticam Mass Dublin
5min windows media

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VIDEO - DUBLIN Anti War Demo M28

31-03-2003 11:58

Video Windows media player
12 min

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Argentine: urgent action

31-03-2003 11:23

(forwarded from Argentina Solidarity Campaign)

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A Poetic Prayer for Peace

31-03-2003 11:17

A poetic prayer for peace that the countless victims of American economic and military aggression around the world unite in forgiveness and prayer for what they have suffered in the hope America might be healed of the mass psychosis sweeping their society.

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Occupation forces are helping to stop the war

31-03-2003 11:17

Occupation forces are helping to stop the war
American understanding about weapons of mass destruction by using Paveway GBU: 200 humans dead at one blow - lapidary comment: 'We have caught them all - nobody has survived' (article 1)

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Wu-Tang Clan play for Israel

31-03-2003 10:59

The Hip-Hop band "Wu-Tang Clan" have announced dates in Israel, despite America being at war with Iraq.

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Protest at The Sun seeks Info for Briefing

31-03-2003 10:40

Students from a number of universities in London and
the South East will protest at the offices of The Sun
on Thursday. In advance of this event, we'd like to
put together a media briefing.

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Chief of British Forces faced with truth at War Office Monday am

31-03-2003 10:16

Dr. Evil himself, General Mike Jackson, director of British murder operations in the Gulf had to drive past a banner depicting one of his victims at the Old War Office this morning.

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worldwide-revolution 04.04.2003

31-03-2003 09:44

please read website

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The Bu$h was plans and the faliure of the 'quick war'

31-03-2003 08:53

War plans have failed spectacularly at the cost of millions of dollar$ and far too much blood.

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In Amman with the Human Shields

31-03-2003 08:47

Brief note on a month in Amman at Al-Saraya Hotel.

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And We're Still Marching in the Streets…

31-03-2003 08:00

Let us stop this catastrophic carnage immediately!

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worldwide-revolution 04.04.2003 4pm m.e.t. germany hannover opernplatz

31-03-2003 07:40

please read website for information

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Finnish layers, solicitors and judges are using a system

31-03-2003 07:32

Real science is far from law. Most layers do not understand the fact of them really having 'no education' at all, and usually by then they have agreed on cases without really understanding bases. Layers degree is like a giving a piano to a child; you have an instrument, but do not know how to play. So you decide to play false.

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The clash of the Titans

31-03-2003 06:55

The machinations of international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and IMF have long littered the discourse of development, and international trade. At no juncture in time, as the tectonic plates of history creak towards a New World Order--whether *Pax Americana, or Pax Britannica* is unclear, has it become critical for civil society to be monitoring world trade. The role that the US and the EU as actors...

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31-03-2003 05:28

MORE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST COME TO LIGHT AMONG DEFENSE POLICY BOARD MEMBERS. A forthcoming report from the Center for Public Integrity, points out that board member and former CIA chief James Woolsey, is a senior executive at consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., which received $688 million in Pentagon contracts in 2002.

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15 Jewish soldiers among the 45,000 British fighters

31-03-2003 04:25

"There are some 15 Jewish soldiers among the 45,000 British fighters
currently in action in the U.S.-led campaign"

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The Joker

31-03-2003 04:20

The Joker
Ha ha ha! (Now that's called the 3rd way)

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Italy: FdCA on the anti-war movement

31-03-2003 04:07

The way to radicalize the movement lies in the realization of the idea that there is a strict connection between capitalism and militarism, between the fight for peace and the fight against capitalism.

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Invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are preparation for the invasion of Iran.

31-03-2003 03:20

Corporate competition between U.S. and E.U. oil interests for control of the much anticipated East Asian oil market is the reason for U.S. military action in Central Asia. There is ample evidence from US and overseas government and industry sources to indicate that the ultimate goal is not Iraq or Iraq's oil, but rather, Iran.