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Titnore Woods benefit gig

15-04-2007 19:49

ROBB Johnson is to headline a benefit gig for the Camp Titnore protest site to be held in St Leonard's, East Sussex, on May 18.

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The War Against Iran and Possible False Flags

15-04-2007 17:38

It seems the Iranians stalled the Zionist Axis' plans a little by releasing the 15 British spies without conditions. The only thing needed to kick-start the war against Iran is another big false flag operation. Many scenarios are possible. If there's no viable false flag option possible, could they get the war going with fabrications alone? It would be a difficult sell.

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SMASH EDO MBM support court picket

15-04-2007 16:41

on monday 23rd 9.30am onwards outside brighton magistrates court

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Islamo fascism is still fascism !

15-04-2007 16:38

This is for the ones who survived the Islamic Revolution in Iran 1979 ....

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Timor-Leste: El Dorado of the South Pacific

15-04-2007 15:40

The current population of East Timor is approximately one million souls while the value of its natural gas and oil reserves amount to billions of dollars. However, the tiny new island nation is impoverished with above 35% unemployment and a rural based economy. Without elaborating further, Timor-Leste presents an extremely volatile situation as greedy interests, primarily America via its ‘World’ Bank and Australia-New Zealand acting as the military arm, poise themselves to exploit the impoverished people and nation of Timor-Leste.

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David Shayler to premiere his new 9/11 film in London - Mon 16 April

15-04-2007 15:31

David Shayler presents his new documentary: a rebuttal to the recent BBC 'Conspiracy Files' programme.

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A War to Spread Terror

15-04-2007 14:25

An indisputable fact of globalization and modernization is that sophisticated technologies transferred to the third world countries are controlled by transnational companies and/or governments. This has led to the concept of ‘self-colonization’ or acceptance of Western values and superiority; which deems that third world countries look to the West for research and development instead of self-reliance (Hveem, 1983). Iran escaped this trap due to the disdain felt towards it as a result of the 1979 revolution and the isolation forced upon it during the Iran-Iraq war. Iran learned self-reliance and escaped self-colonization.

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DJ Snow - another one of Tony's political whores

15-04-2007 13:53

Friday the 13th: 2:00 p.m. listing for court room 4.

Sorry, there are three lay magistrates in this courtroom who might be impartial... off you go... Courtroom 2 for me and Jago and that indignant, arrogant, asshole DJ Snowjob

The Ten complacencies of a bent bench:

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Blue Room Brasserie stop selling foie gras

15-04-2007 12:54

The Blue Room Brasserie in Sheffield has declared that they've stopped selling foie gras, and the owner/head chef has signed a declaration promising not to reintroduce it in the future.

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Germany: full state honour burial for former Nazi Filbinger

15-04-2007 12:53

full state honor burial for a Nazi
The black forest city of Freiburg, in Germany's southwest, yesterday held a burial with full state honors for the former Nazi navy judge Hans Filbinger.

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BNP in Folkestone- the details

15-04-2007 12:45

Names and some addresses of the scum BNP candidates standing in Shepway District Council (Folkestone & Hythe etc) local elections.

Just so all the anti-fascists everywhere know....

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The Garden of Eden

15-04-2007 12:26

The trees and the rivers will replace the concrete and the asphalt.

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Erasing Iraqi History

15-04-2007 12:01

Who is erasing Iraq's history? A visitor only has to be in the country minute's before someone informs them: 'We are the cradle of civilisation' and launches in to the pride and passion of historical jewels and archeological wonders stetching back seemingly beyond time.

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Fear & Loathing In Teheran

15-04-2007 11:35

Do a Google search on ‘Faye Turney rape’ and over 80,000 results appear. Remarkable really, given the woman has not been raped at all and is even claiming that she was not. Such is the ravenous appetite in Britain for titillating tales of defenceless damsels and wicked Arabs, the Sun-reading British electorate doesn’t care anymore if the narrative is absolute fantasy or not, so long as the victim is a westerner and the aggressor is a Muslim.

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Is the Met assisting hate propaganda?

15-04-2007 11:16

AWAAZ - South Asia Watch, a group formed mainly by young educated British Asians, condemns what it believes to be an attempt by London's Metropolitan Police to lend authority to dubious claims being made by Hindu fundamentalist groups in Britain. "These claims mainly centre around the allegation that Muslim students on university campuses are engaging in 'aggressive conversions' or 'forcible conversions' of Hindu and Sikh girls".

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Faslane to Close

15-04-2007 11:03

As predicted, the hope of imminent independence has been the catalyst for the planned redeploment of the nuclear fleet to Devonport. So will an independent seize and disarm the sub's or is Plymouth ready for a peace camp ?

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Photos - STREET PARADE ANTIPRO' ROME - 14.04.2007

15-04-2007 10:46

A più di un anno dalla approvazione della famigerata legge Fini-Giovanardi sulle droghe ci troviamo ancora oggi a fare i conti con questo delirante congegno repressivo, concepito dal governo Berlusconi ma tenuto in vita e reso effettivo dall'attuale governo di centro-sinistra. Un governo dal cui interno provengono assurde ipotesi di inquisizione e punizione nei confronti dei consumatori, (tali riteniamo le ultime uscite dei ministri Bianchi e Amato) e capace in 10 mesi di intervenire soltanto con il decreto Turco, volto a mitigare solo uno degli aspetti più irragionevoli della legge Fini.

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Vanunu Freedom Ride arrives in Sheffield

15-04-2007 09:39

The Vanunu Freedom Ride arrived in Sheffield on 14th April 2007, see the notice of the event for background information:

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Royal Navy out of control

15-04-2007 07:11

They are taking advantage of our Prime Minister's easy going ways.

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Australia: Baby bonus for early ADF enlistment

15-04-2007 02:15

Recruitment and retention schemes
The initiative is part of the Federal Government's billion-dollar overhaul of recruitment and retention schemes in the ADF.