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URGENT: Evidence needed for arrests after Anarchist Bookfair

23-10-2005 16:02

7 people, including an indymedia journalist, were arrested yesterday after the anarchist bookfair. Evidence is urgently needed.

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Downing Street: First Arrest Of 'Organiser' Under New SOCA Laws Looms

23-10-2005 15:46

Over a dozen people have been arrested so far for *participating* in unauthorised demonstrations in the vicinity of Parliament. Now the police are promising to carry out the first arrest of an *organiser* under the new SOCA laws - on Tuesday 25 October.

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MOD poll - 82 per cent of Iraqis "strongly opposed" to occupation

23-10-2005 09:55

A survey conducted by an Iraqi university team on behalf of the UK's Ministry of Defence reveals huge opposition to the presence of British troops and widespread support for attacks on them.

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Police threat to Titnore protest

23-10-2005 08:23

SUSSEX Police have mounted what looks like a politically motivated campaign against protesters fighting the 875-home housing development and road widening at Titnore Woods, Durrington.

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23-10-2005 06:50

Add your additional complaints
"If the [police] are armed with one of these [orders] ... and if this person attempts to flee the arrest, he can be shot and fatally shot ... The police might knock on the door and [the person] might leg it out the back door without even being told why the police are there, and under these provisions they can be called on to stop and if they don't stop, they can be shot."

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Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

23-10-2005 03:20

I recently had the good fortune to read Henry David Thoreau's essay "Civil Disobedience". I did not realise it when I first started reading but this essay has a most remarkable history. Tolstoy, Gandhi and Martin Luther King have all read and been influenced by it. Emma Goldman, the American anarchist, was arrested for reading Thoreau's essay from a public platform in 1917.

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23-10-2005 02:08

The Mehlis report on the Hariri assassination is just another dodgy dossier. In order to lay the blame for the assassination at Syria's door it specializes in innuendo and unverified allegations by anonymous persons. The only named individual purporting to possess information incriminating Syria turns out to be a multiply convicted swindler who was paid handsomely for his revelations by a Syrian dissident.

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Successful Anarchist Bookfair marred by police attack

23-10-2005 00:53

London Anarchist Bookfair was well attended, inspiring and educational as every year. After it ended, police units caused a riot in front of a nearby pub, and arrested at least 4 people, including an indymedia journalist who was taking fotos.

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money as an activists weapon of propoganda

22-10-2005 22:28

at today's anarchist bookfair, methods were discussed to promote awareness of the full implications of the government's plans to introduce the most draconian, intrusive, sinister system of id registration ever seen in history. using money (£5, £10, £20 notes etc.) to promote websites giving the full facts was an idea that someone introduced. simple, viral, and available to all.

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cycle shop bans critical mass leaflets!! boycott them

22-10-2005 22:28

holloway cycles near the coronet pub on holloway road north london refused to accept leaflets promoting the next critical mass as 'political'.

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Police can now trace printed materials

22-10-2005 19:54

Authorities worldwide can track down counterfeiters with a hidden feature in color laser printers. Every print contains a hidden code containing information about the printer it was printed on.

It's unknown how many authorities and government agencies are aware of this hidden feature and are using it to trace counterfeiters. What is for sure is that Dutch police forces know about the possibility and have solved cases with help from printer manufacturers.

More can be read here:;1002274598

The Electronic Frontier Foundation does research and collects information, on technology and security issues. They have published a list of printers that do and those that don't leave hidden codes on printed work:

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anarchist bookfair ends in police riot

22-10-2005 19:28

first arrest
police, wired up for an arsenal match, closed holloway road and provoked trouble after anarchist bookfair in north london this evening

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Saddaming the House of Assad.

22-10-2005 19:18

Now that the U.S. coercion in the form of the Bolton recess appointment as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. has produced the U.N. Special Investigation Commission Report on the assassination of a former prime minister of Lebanon, it is time to ask the obvious question.

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Animal Rights and Police Repression

22-10-2005 19:11

Local Thugs Causing Harassment
Animal rights protesters today held a peaceful and informative protest outside Thomas Cook in Liverpool City Centre. However this protest was deemed illegal by two police (numbers 2312 and 3032) and two pretend police (Community Wardens) who deemed the pictures of monkeys being tortured offensive.

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Cambridge Evening News attack on Cambridge Unite Against Fascism

22-10-2005 19:05

Following an open letter to the Cambridge Evening News calling into question their 'Action On Travellers' campaign, the local paper has launched an attack on Cambridge Unite Against Fascism and its editor has written a remarkable e-mail.

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22-10-2005 18:48

Hundreds Pledge themselves for Human Shield Mission to Iran as Movement Comes Out of Hibernation

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Anti-deportation march in Cardiff

22-10-2005 14:20

Asylum protesters liven up Cardiff
Cardiff Social Forum held a successful anti-deportation demo on Sat Oct 22 aganst forced deportations to war zones and Section 9 of the 2004 Immigration Act.

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Archbishop Nicholls and the Catholic Education Service: An Apology

22-10-2005 13:45

The head of the Plater College Foundation apologises to Archbishop Nichols and the Catholic Education Service

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STWC Peace Conference in December

22-10-2005 13:33

On Dec 10th there will be an international peace conference in London. The following is from the STWC website.

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22-10-2005 11:34

The Freedom to Protest Conference
Sunday October 23rd 2005 11am- 5pm