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money as an activists weapon of propoganda

the chancellor | 22.10.2005 22:28 | Education | Social Struggles

at today's anarchist bookfair, methods were discussed to promote awareness of the full implications of the government's plans to introduce the most draconian, intrusive, sinister system of id registration ever seen in history. using money (£5, £10, £20 notes etc.) to promote websites giving the full facts was an idea that someone introduced. simple, viral, and available to all.

next time you have a cash note and a pen in your possession, you have the option to write the following web-site addresses on the note.

that's it!!


should you choose this option you should be aware that you may be committing a criminal offence. however you should also be aware that notes that are defaced, even with a large percentage of their area taken up by writing, remain legal tender. although the occasional shop may refuse them, banks are obliged by law to accept them, and most shops don't really care as long as there isn't TOO MUCH writing on them. (whoops, sorry, i did a twilight there - my apologies).

now for legal reasons i would like to point out that i do not condone or promote this sort of criminal activity, and that i am just reporting what some ingenuous person suggested at the no id meeting at the anarchist bookfair today.

but sometimes once an idea like this emerges, well it takes on a viral life of its own, and before we know it the country could be flooded by bits of paper changing hands promoting websites that give real information about the government's plans. who knows, we could have a revolution on our hands if enough people did it. i guess that's probably why it's illegal, and so we can't.

the chancellor