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African Socialist International Builds in West Africa; Wins Int'l Support

25-10-2008 18:17

The first West Africa Regional Conference of the African Socialist International (ASI), held in Freetown-Sierra Leone from October 20-22, 2008 was attended by over 500 people each day, with roughly 80% of its participants less than 30 years old. It was also attended by international observers, including the Ambassador from Iran, who delivered a solidarity statement from that country.

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Georgiaν official Giorgi Mebonia, the governor of the Tsalenjikha dies in blast

25-10-2008 18:00

the blasted car
Georgia official dies in blast
Mebonia was with EU monitorsat the time of the attack
Giorgi Mebonia, the governor of the Tsalenjikha district of Georgia, has been killed in an explosion close to the border with Abkhazia.A Georgian villager also died in the attack and a police officer was injured, in the village of Mujava on Saturday, according to officials.In the bordering village ... the situation started heating up last night when according to the residents of this village said that they heard a series on gun shots and artillary coming towards the village ... And according to them it was not just Abkhazians but also Russians soldiers patroling the area.

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25-10-2008 17:03

The Palestinian cause is the right of return for all refugees and nothing less.

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Immigration crunch? The Times' and BBC's anti-immigration agendas

25-10-2008 17:01

There is nothing new about scapegoating migrants and blaming them for the various problems of our society and the system of which they, too, are victims. But the latest comments by the new Immigration Minister and the depressing media coverage they received were too much to swallow.

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Examining Mauritius' Monkey Exports....Can They Be Stopped?

25-10-2008 15:19

Mauritius is the 4th largest exporter of monkeys for "scientific" research, and the largest exporter of "wild-caught" monkeys (ie monkeys taken directly from nature and shipped to unimaginable horrors in laboratories). The use of wild-caught monkeys is considered so unconscionable that even the pro-vivisection British government has outlawed the practice, however regressive nations such as France, the USA and Japan still use them.

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Press Release - More dog deaths at "dangerous" track

25-10-2008 13:56

Group renews call for end to greyhound racing at Peterborough

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"You can't do this... he's a government minister"

25-10-2008 13:06

We are increasingly concerned about environmental and economic arguments being used to push through right-wing anti-immigration policies.

This is why we threw a pie at Phil Woolas, Minister for Borders and
Immigration yesterday (see here for picture and video

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Foie-gras forced off the menu at another Bath restaurant

25-10-2008 10:45

'Minibar', on John Street, Bath has become the latest in a long string of Bath establishments to choose to remove foie gras from the menu after drawing attention from the local activist community.

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Iran's Civil Society & Prospects of Peace

25-10-2008 10:44

Iranians for Peace is proud to announce its exciting event on Monday 27 October. It is a chance to hear one of the most important figures from the Iranian Civil Society, Baquer Namazi, the chairman of the Board of Directors of "Hamyaran" the Iranian NGO resource center, speak. He will show a short film on their latest projects followed by a presentation. We will then have a distinguished panel focusing on the standoff between Iran and the west and the effects of the forthcoming US election on Iran. Our panelist are: Akbar Etemad, the honorary co-chair of "Iranians for Peace" and the founder of "Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and Farhang Jahanpour, a tutor at the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Oxford and a former Senior Fulbright Research Scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard.

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The Crash: Plot Thickens

25-10-2008 02:23

After hearing Alan Greenspan's "testimony" before the Congressional hearing (made up of millionaires and multi-millionaires), I'm reminded of the police chief in Casablanca... "I am shocked, shocked to find gambling going on here..."

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Animal rights protesters raided for banner drop

24-10-2008 23:44

Banner drop against Ciba Vision
CIBA PUNKS - Issue 652


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Eight Acquitted After Rolls Royce Blockade

24-10-2008 22:53

Eight people were found not guilty by Derby Magistrates Court today. They were arrested after blocking the main gates of Rolls Royce marine power operations limited with two quarter of a ton concrete blocks for several hours in April this year. Two other protestors who blocked a second gate were found guilty.

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Some guilty some not at Derby court anti-nuclear defendants

24-10-2008 21:13

rolls anti nuclear prottest 20/10/08
2 gueilty as thet were on rolls royce car park chained up 8 others not guielty of crossing red line .still a win for the cause .

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Karl Marx and the Global Financial Crisis 2008 (by Latuff)

24-10-2008 21:07

The revenge of Karl Marx
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Immigration Minister pied!

24-10-2008 20:29

Beleaguered Minister for Borders and Immigration Phil Woolas took a cream pie to the face in Manchester this afternoon as he attended a debate at Manchester University. Woolas was also presented with the first annual 'eco-nationalist of the year' award.

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Manchester students flashmob the RBS and E-On Recruitment Stalls

24-10-2008 20:08

Jacket's off....
Manchester students and residents dumped coal on the Royal Bank of Scotland and E-On recruitment stalls last Thursday 23rd October to protest against their ongoing finance and expansion of the fossil fuel economy.

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Exeter's first Critical Mass! Nov 1st 12.00

24-10-2008 19:31

Come and join Exeter Critical Mass, November 1st. First Saturday of every month, meet outside Exeter Cathedral

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Strikers in food crisis- financial support requested

24-10-2008 17:37

Sugar cane cutter in Colombia have been on strike for around 6 weeks against their conditions of work and service - described as an example of modern slavery. They earn half the Colombian minimum wage. The government has arrested six of the leaders

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This Week in Palestine, Week 43

24-10-2008 17:33

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for October 18 through 24, 2008.

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Bristol rooftop protest against Raytheon still going after 34 hours

24-10-2008 16:59

1000+ sorties from RAF Fairford... carrying Raytheon's lethal hardware
Eight protesters began a roof-top protest in the Bristol offices of the arms manufacturer Raytheon. 34 hours later, two people remain on the roof basking in the sun and reminding Bristolians of Raytheon's hideous trade...