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"You can't do this... he's a government minister"

Manchester No Borders | 25.10.2008 13:06 | Ecology | Migration

We are increasingly concerned about environmental and economic arguments being used to push through right-wing anti-immigration policies.

This is why we threw a pie at Phil Woolas, Minister for Borders and
Immigration yesterday (see here for picture and video

A spoof border checkpoint was set up outside the venue in Manchester University Student Union, where Woolas was supposed to debate other politicians, as well as a speaker from the Climate Camp, on the topic of climate change.

The group then awarded Woolas with their satirical ‘eco-nationalist’ award. Phil Woolas, former environment minister, had previously played out fears that increasing population levels would be a strain on the ecological and economic well-being of the UK.

The ‘overpopulation’ argument has historically been used by global elites to blame vulnerable social groups (the poor, women, the disabled, Jews, immigrants) for economic and ecological crises.

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