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31-01-2002 19:49

Kabul University's Faculty of Journalism is opening its doors to new students in March, but it's library is devoid of books. Unesco is appealing for relevant books to fill its shelves. Here's how you can help.

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10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank - free eBook

31-01-2002 19:35

10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank - free eBook
"10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank" is being given away as a free eBook by the publisher, in solidarity with the WEF protesters.

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It’s Your Choice! Helping to Make Sustainability A Reality (...allegedly)

31-01-2002 18:54

"You, as a stakeholder, have the right to put forward your views, your experiences and your knowledge in how we can move forward in determining immediate practical actions to make sustainable development a reality."

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Anarchists in hate campaign - article from Bristol Evening Post 30/1

31-01-2002 18:05

article from Bristol Evening Post about anarchist group PVC - People's Vengeance Club

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Planned invasion of Iraq

31-01-2002 17:53

MILITARY planners at the Pentagon have drawn up a
blueprint for a two-pronged invasion of Iraq
involving up to 100,000 US troops in support of local Kurdish and Shi'ite rebels.

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Stop the War demo date changed

31-01-2002 16:40

The next national Stop the War Coalition demo will be on 2 March instead of 23 February, to avoid clashing with Eid. More info on their website:

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GM crop trial sites announced (BBC)

31-01-2002 16:36

Link to full story on BBC site:

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building workers win holiday rights

31-01-2002 16:32

More good news! Building workers in Northampton branch of UCATT (building workers union) have won holiday rights, overcoming management and union bureaucrats on the way! Link to full story on LabourNet UK website:

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Breaking news: Protests against Nato meeting, Munich

31-01-2002 16:18

Protests against the "Conference on Security Policy" in Munich, Germany, February 1st - 3rd. latest update: Sunday February, 2.03am gmt

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Colombia workers celebrate occupation victory

31-01-2002 16:17

Further report from the Colombia Solidarity Campaign on the inspiring and important victory of SINTRAEMCALI workers:

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Destroying the arts in London > Art 2

31-01-2002 15:55

Camden Council backs residents spurious, dubious complaints about west-end show based on African music.

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Conventionality (and worse) destroying the arts in London> Art 1

31-01-2002 15:29

The new Tate gallery on the south bank of the Thames is only 'Modern' in the Blairite sense of the word. Scratch the surface and you find pure conventionality.

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Stop the Occupation! Stop Apartheid!

31-01-2002 14:15

In the context of the Permanent Global War, which uses the struggle against terrorism as a pretext for repressing whomever rebels against Empire, trampling on fundamental individual and collective rights as recognized by international standards and agreements, the state of Israel and the racist government of Sharon are mounting a military escalation against the entire palestinian civil population, triggering a spiral of violence and misery of which it is difficult to find a way out.

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Conference to defend Asylum Seekers

31-01-2002 14:09

Arming activists with the arguments, building greater co-ordination across campaigns, working with refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

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Amazing article how Palestinians are the terrorists and Israel is right.

31-01-2002 12:24

Amazing article how Palestinians are the terrorists and Israel is right.

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El Forro Social Mundial y la resistencia.

31-01-2002 11:38

Nada tiene a aprender la resistencia de reuniones burocraticas de reformistas.

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Anti-Capitalists Disrupt Military Security Conference

31-01-2002 11:26

A group of Anti-Capitalists attempted to force their way into the Air Power 2002 conference at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, W1. Seven demonstrators sounded alarms, set off stink bombs, held banners and distributed leaflets.

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Wipe Out WEF - netstrike

31-01-2002 11:12

Electronic Civil Disobedience

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Employment and unemployment in Hackney

31-01-2002 11:10

About 50% of the economically active population in Hackney is in full-time employment. The majority of these are in workplaces outside the borough. Officially, just 77,000 people work in Hackney.

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In memory of Mahatma Gandhi

31-01-2002 07:19

On this day in history...