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Neath Coalition To Stop The War

25-02-2005 22:12

IRAQ...bring the troops home!

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Article about twinned community "16th of february"

25-02-2005 22:04

The decision of becoming a Zapatista Autonomous Municipality in Rebelion was taken by the Zapatista supporters in the are in 2003.

Inauguration of the Autonomous Municipality Council Hall of Dieciséis de Febrero, in Simojovel.


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Citizens fight Kelda subsidiary Aquarion in privatization struggle -

25-02-2005 21:07

Holyoke Massachusetts residents are fighting privatization of their sewage system by the Aquarion Company, owned by Kelda Group, formerly Yorkshire Water, a UK company. Citizens packed a recent public hearing and have overwhelmingly opposed the contract with Aquarion. Holyoke City Council to vote on Tu. 3/1/05. Take action:

Below is a letter to the editor from a Holyoke resident...

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Sheffield G8 Meeting - 2 March

25-02-2005 20:42

A group of people involved with the Sheffield Social Forum have arranged a meeting on Wednesday, 2nd March, 7.30pm The Rutland Arms on Brown Street, Sheffield to discuss what to do when the G8 comes to Sheffield in June.

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Keep Sheffield a no-go zone for fascists

25-02-2005 20:34

The BNP are standing candidates in the Heeley, Brightside and Hillsborough constituencies in the coming general election. Sheffield Unite Against Fascism is appealing for support in its campaign to prevent the fascist BNP gaining a foothold in our city.

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Vegan Children Some of the Healthiest in the World

25-02-2005 18:04

The BBC is failing in its supposed role as a public service broadcaster, says the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF), after giving widespread publicity to a seriously flawed, unscientific piece of propaganda claiming that vegan children risk damaging their health by excluding meat. The claim, made by Lindsay Allen of the US Agricultural Research Service, was given prominent billing by BBC News on-line and featured on the Jeremy Vine show and Ken Bruce shows on BBC Radio 2. It concerned Paul McCartney so much that he made a rare phone-in to the Jeremy Vine show.

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south asian alliance presents: How Natural Was the Disaster? - Sun 27th Feb

25-02-2005 17:19

Event flyer
south asian alliance presents......


Disaster, Debt and Dependancy - The Politics of the Tsunami
Sunday 27th February 2005 - 2pm

Featuring Local and National Speakers

Subir Sinha (School of Oriental and African Studies - London)
Eugene Culas (Director - Voice of Dalit International)
Pervaiz Khan (South Asian Alliance)
Sheera Johal (Indian Workers Association)
Geoffrey Webster (Socialist Resistance)
Lynne Hubbard (Stop the War Coalition & Socialist Worker Party)

@ The Summerfield Centre
Winson Green Road, Birmingham. B18 4EJ.
Info: 07970 679725 / 07721 427690

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East Oxford Stop the War meeting

25-02-2005 16:50

Meeting Tuesday 8th March to discuss building the national demo

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Boycott Bush!

25-02-2005 16:27

World effort to boycott Bush's America

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iraqi women's movement speaker tour

25-02-2005 13:59

Around International Women’s Day on March 8th, NUS Women’s Campaign and No Sweat will be organising a speaker tour with Houzan Mahmoud from the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq to promote solidarity with the Iraqi women's and trade union movements.

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G8 meeting, Lancaster Mar 14th

25-02-2005 13:33

A meeting to advertise that there are different groups opposing the G8 summit, and to start the process of getting people together to discuss their collective responses...

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Talking About Total Freedom in London

25-02-2005 13:29

3th, 4th, 5th of March 2005 Talking About Total Freedom
in Circle Community Centre/St.George Theatre/49 Tufnell Park Road London/phone:02076091283Talking circles, lectures, concets, void optikal arts,films, documentaries, sound systems, visionary revolutionary ideas and space travelers meeting point

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the build up to syria begins

25-02-2005 12:43

check out this link

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Third Manchester People's Assembly

25-02-2005 12:06

Workshops to encourage inter-group cooperation followed by a Campaign Fair where the public can find out about your campaign and sign up to help. Open microphone spots to publicise your work then feedback and calls for action - all on Sat 16 April at Friends Meeting House, Mount St, MCR

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Critical mass in Nottingham at 5pm

25-02-2005 11:53

Meet at the Savoy Cinema 5pm today (Fri 25th Feb)

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Condoleeza coming to London

25-02-2005 10:29

"The two men are due in London on Tuesday for a conference hosted by Tony Blair, the UK prime minister, aimed at fostering Palestinian reforms. Officials from 25 countries, including Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, are also due to attend." FT

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helping out at the common place - leeds social centre

25-02-2005 09:49

COme and help paint and decorate this weekend

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Genoa G8 Trials: Only One Of Three Paratrooper Officials Present Testifies

25-02-2005 06:47

Translation of selected coverage from Genoa G8 trials.

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No Tyrant Can Stand Forever

25-02-2005 05:04

Lest we forget the crimes, the pain, the death!

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Meanwhile, in Nepal...

25-02-2005 03:42

While the U.S. is absorbed in building an empire in the "Greater Middle East," which will strengthen its position vis-a-vis other imperialist powers throught the "New American Century," a revived specter of communism emerges throughout South Asia. And there's not much the U.S. can do about it.