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G8 meeting, Lancaster Mar 14th

anarchoteapot | 25.02.2005 13:33 | G8 2005 | Education | Globalisation

A meeting to advertise that there are different groups opposing the G8 summit, and to start the process of getting people together to discuss their collective responses...

Public Meeting
Monday March 14
7: 30 pm
Lancaster Town Hall
(Banquetting Suite)
to discuss issues raised by the G8 summit
which will take place in the UK this year
what is the G8?
how does it affect our lives?
what are people doing about it?
how can I get involved?
Everyone is welcome!
The evening will conclude with a film
and light refreshments. Donations welcome.
The meeting is children-friendly
and accessible to those with disabilities.
For further information, contact or 07875 272 176

The G8 are the world’s eight richest and most
powerful nations: the USA, Japan, Canada, France,
Germany, Italy, Russia, and the UK.
They have met annually since the oil crisis of 1975
to discuss issues of importance to global capital
such as trade, migration and security. This year’s
summit will focus on debt, Africa and climate
There has been growing international concern,
however, that these summits form part of an elite
decision-making process, which actually serves
only the interests of the rich and exploits people
and the environment.
Therefore, G8 summits have in recent years
become a focal point for protest, resistance and
proactive initiatives from a wide variety of
individuals and organisations.
The public meeting aims at providing answers to
many questions relating to the G8, but above all to
stimulate debate and ideas for a creative response
to the G8 summit starting in our local communities!
Bring family and friends!

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