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U.S. Government Had Prior Knowledge Of Emergency

13-09-2001 22:49

America's Reichstag Fire

The most massive so-called "terrorist" attacks on U.S. soil since the Oklahoma City bombings of 1995, were known, a week ahead of time, by the American CIA. Among the foreign intelligence agencies who penetrated the plots were the French CIA and Israel's The Mossad, units of both often working with one another.

Foreign intelligence sources confirm the validity of this story. And they state that they informed the U.S. secret police who absolutely failed, neglected, and outright refused to take action as to known prior specifics of which the top-level of the CIA were informed in advance.

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13-09-2001 21:29

Welcome to the New World Order, enjoy your stay.

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World War!

13-09-2001 19:53

Beyond War.

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zsee a merry kin spirate

13-09-2001 19:01

a spy rited one indeed; and irredeemably schizo as it turns out. Well I did some posting about it and you might as
well come to my site to see it cause the global indy site is totally clogged

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OFFLINE No 5 - the Indymedia UK News Sheet (lo-res: 806K)

13-09-2001 18:57

Offline Mayday Special is to bring the highlights of IndyMedia Mayday news back to the streets. Providing background stories the corporate media ignores. Indymedia UK provides an interactive platform for reports from the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy. The reports cover a wide range of issues and social movements - from neighbourhood campaigns to grassroots mobilisations, from critical analysis to direct action.

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911 will affect us all

13-09-2001 18:23


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John Pilger on the attack on the US

13-09-2001 16:43


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Protest this evening

13-09-2001 16:00

Aprotest is taking place this evening outside Hackney town hall at 6pm due to the 'regeneration' commitee having a meeting.

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Hackney-A list of organisations no longer recommended for funding

13-09-2001 15:53

Here is a devastating list of some of the councils budget saving ideas!

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Police Against the Arms Trade

13-09-2001 11:01

Police Against the Arms Trade
The arms fair at DSEi was met with protest - and a beautifully cheeky banner

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death downtown

13-09-2001 11:01

This is a comment by Micheal Moore on recent events

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13-09-2001 09:58

NEWTONS FIRST LAW STATES: That for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case decades of shameless intervention in middle-eastern affairs has come home to roost for the global superpower.

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Time for Britain to get out of NATO

13-09-2001 08:31

NATO could spell doom for all of us.

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U.S. terror plan

13-09-2001 03:42

WASHINGTON - U.S. military leaders proposed in 1962 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against Americans and blame Cuba to create a pretext for invasion and the ouster of Communist leader Fidel Castro, according to a new book about the National Security Agency.

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The USA reaps what it has sown :-(

13-09-2001 00:20

Hi. I wrote this letter to Newsweek. I don't hate Americans and I'm sorry if this gives the impression that I do. Please add comments and please copy this and feel free to post it all over the internet if you want.

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Why The Surprise?: "I Want To Be A Pilot So That One Day I Can Bomb Americans!"

12-09-2001 22:23

Who saw it coming? An American (and definitely a minority) view of the September 11 terror bombings.

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The rest of the week

12-09-2001 21:25

Are there no more protests?

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Karma? Family Sues Kissinger For Death. Thousands died horribly in Chile. CHARTS

12-09-2001 21:22

Chile 1973. USA 2001. The lack of ANY prosecution of the mass-murderer Henry Kissinger's involvement in installing and apologizing for the death squad government of Chile is in stark contrast to the clamor for swift justice against the perpetrators of the death-squad attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, etc.. In Chile and the USA thousands died horribly because of death squads. In Chile, many were horribly tortured over long periods of time, before being killed.

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Arms protestors hear about attacks on US

12-09-2001 20:37

A description about being uneasy with my own feelings in response to yesterdays news from the US whils protesting against the arms trade in London's docklands.

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Caracas anarchist meeting need material

12-09-2001 20:26

Caracas anarchist meeting need receive material about the anarchist and antiglobalization fight around the world