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Solidarity Action in Buenos Aires for the accused people from Geneva

18-03-2004 04:01

Today, the 15.03.2004 a demonstration took place in front of the Italian embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Watering of WB (Ljubljana)

18-03-2004 00:12

Watering of WB
Local activists from Ljubljana have managed to perform a direct-action. The outcome had some comedic effects: painting the president of World Bank James D.Wolfensohn in the colours of spring. After the attack, there was also a small action in the hall where anti-WB banner was put on the scene behind the infamous orators. In doing that an important message was transmitted to all exponents of (neo)liberal organisation.

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WYVERN FM encouraging animal cruelty

17-03-2004 23:09

WYVERN FM Worcesters main radio station is busy supporting and encouraging animal cruelty by advertising jobs for the puppy killers Sequani Limited. Please write to, email, phone or visit this company and make them feel ashamed for plugging these animal abusing thugs and promoting animal cruelty.

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17-03-2004 23:02


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The British are here with Arafats approval

17-03-2004 22:53

I know this is a straight rip from "mainstream" media however it has escaped media coverage in the west what with Madrid, the budget or any other distraction you wish to mention filling the pages.

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Give Tony Blair a hot welcome in Enfield tomorrow morning

17-03-2004 22:39

spoil Tony Blair's stage managed Big Con(versation) at a school in Enfield in the morning.

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KFC Demo

17-03-2004 22:10

there will be a demonstration at the kfc on great charlotte street [LIVERPOOL] this friday (19th) march between 12-1pm. try and get there at 11.45!

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Short film about Blackwood

17-03-2004 22:07

Lucy from corporate watch visited Blackwood a few days ago this is here video diary

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Memorial service for Tom Hurndall in Westminster Cathedral - an invitation

17-03-2004 21:43

Tom's family and friends would like you to join them in paying tribute to Tom at a special interdenominational memorial service celebrating Tom's commitment to truth and humanity.

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Manchester footage

17-03-2004 21:35

It has been asked why there is no footage from last weekend

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The UK Budget

17-03-2004 20:22

The art of the political con.The soft sell of austerity by your friendly labour party.Buy it quickly from your media.

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Request: Iraq war image/archive

17-03-2004 20:21


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17-03-2004 20:14

sorry if this goes up twice.

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Journalist accuses the Left of anti-semitism

17-03-2004 19:10

This is the right-wing Melanie Phillips, columnist for the Daily Mail, speaking about a new anti-semitism that is emerging....apparently

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17-03-2004 19:07


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festival of resistance - Blackwood

17-03-2004 18:33

An open invitation to laugh in the face of doom and have a dance before the storm of global capitalism.
Bring what you expect to find: live music, lights, juggling skills, climbing workshops, love and talents.

Blackwood woods, (protest site), Blackwood, south Wales

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International Conference 'Media and Xenophobia'

17-03-2004 18:24

EYFA (European Youth for Action, the Czech
organisation "Information and Publishing Centre- Alarm!!!" and the Belarussian magazine "Antyfashyk", are organising the International Conference 'Media and Xenophobia' (Tabor, Czech Republich 18th - 23rd May 2004).

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Caterpillar Shut down by Human Rights activists (Pics)

17-03-2004 17:08

We're here!
Tuesday March 16th. Caterpillar Defence Systems are targetted by human rights activists on the first anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie.

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Labour in Liverpool: Ducking the Fees Question

17-03-2004 16:36

Report from the council meeting on student fees