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International Conference 'Media and Xenophobia'

EYFA (European Youth for Action) | 17.03.2004 18:24 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Migration

EYFA (European Youth for Action, the Czech
organisation "Information and Publishing Centre- Alarm!!!" and the Belarussian magazine "Antyfashyk", are organising the International Conference 'Media and Xenophobia' (Tabor, Czech Republich 18th - 23rd May 2004).


International conference in Tabor, Czech Republic on 18th - 23rd May 2004.

The purpose of this international meeting in Tabor is to find practical ways of co-operation between people involved in alternative media and active in anti-racist and anti-discrimination issues all around Europe. We want not only to exchange information about the situation in our regions, but to initiate an exchange project of media activists working on anti-racism and xenophobia issues in Western, Central/Eastern Europe and ex-USSR countries.

The participants of the meeting are theorists and activists working on media and xenophobia issues, interested to exchange information, skills and experience and work together against all forms of xenophobia and discrimination. The particular focus of the meeting is CEE and CIS countries. The working languages are: English, Russian, Czech.

If you are involved with media and are interested to create an effective link for mutual support, co-operation and exchange of ideas and resources to fight xenophobia and discrimination in Europe, you are very welcome to take part in the meeting.
Please find the application form at: and send it to:

The deadline for applications is 1st of April!

Organisers: EYFA (European Youth for Action, Czech
organisation "Information and Publishing Centre- Alarm!!!", CESTA (Tabor) -, Belarussian magazine "Antyfashyk"

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