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Public Meeting Against Police Harassment Attacked by Local Community Centre

23-09-2008 00:51

On Tuesday 23rd September at 7pm residents of the West End will be holding a public meeting to discuss concerns over the accountability of the police to the local community. A change of venue has been forced on the meeting by the cancellation of the original venue.

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11th October London

22-09-2008 23:51

Please come along, organise something and /or spread the word about FNF 11th October to activist groups around the country!!!!

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DIALECT PODCAST - US Forces Planting Bombs On Civilian Vehicles In Iraq

22-09-2008 23:25

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733.

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What Was Mysterious Activity Going on in the Marriott Hotel Islamabad by United

22-09-2008 22:56

Huge bomb blast at Islamabad Marriott Hotel-false flag op?
Ok I have been thinking about this since it happened. This explosion in Pakistan and its timing. When the Pakistani army is willing to fire at US forces or missles that are illegally crossing Pakistan's border. When there is an economic meltdown and the NeoCons are demanding 700 billion dollars as a bribe (oops I means a help fix solution.. no body move our your mortgage gets it between the eyes). When there is a joke of a presidential election and is laughable. And now Al Quea returns now? Something is fishing in Denmark and its not the herring.

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Freedom to Express: Sat 11 Oct

22-09-2008 21:32

Call for all groups to make their presence felt in Church St on Saturday
11th October:

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First Sumac Debate tomorrow..

22-09-2008 21:22

State: Work with the Power?
The first of the Sumac Debates will take place at the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields, Nottingham, tomorrow evening. The State: Work with the Power is part one of a series of three discussions on Social Change and the Climate Movement.

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Direct Action; USA, Mexico, Sweden & UK

22-09-2008 19:26


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Hungary, Budapest: Massive Riots by the Extreme Right

22-09-2008 18:17

for "Great-Hungary"
Budapest. Yesterday evening police shot tear gas grenades and used watercannons against rioting hungarian neo nazis. They had been marching through the city centre demonstrating for a Great-Hungary in the borders before WW1.

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Guildford pockets £2.8 million in illegal parking fees

22-09-2008 17:28

Failure to comply with the law, means the on-street parking restrictions in Guildford are unlawful. These have now been suspended until further notice and one can now park for free.

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Third World train service

22-09-2008 17:04

Weekend travel and one hears the dreaded words 'rail works'.

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Palestine Today 092208

22-09-2008 17:00

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Monday September 22, 2008.

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London FreeSchool Benefit

22-09-2008 16:54

After a successful first london freeschool week at the beginning of this month we are planning another weekend of nonhierarchical skillsharing, learning and practicing together with the emphasis on equality, respect and trust. since the freeschool is, as it implies, free, we need to raise some funds...

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The ‘British People’s Party’s Plans For “Racial Holy War”

22-09-2008 16:43

Kate McDermody (left), shortly before taking control of the BPP
Behind the BPP's plans to return to 'street activism' with an 'anti Hip-Hop demo' in Leeds lie bizarre plans for their very own "Racial Holy War".

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rolls royce trident anti nuclear prottest was a credit to all who came

22-09-2008 16:21

thank you all the new people who joined the prottest you were a credit today

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Stop the War Student Banned from College

22-09-2008 16:17

Support Artem Liebenthal, who only asked army recruiting officers a simple question. See bottom of piece for petition/actions.

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Climate Camp 2008: film and discussion night

22-09-2008 16:16

‘Transition South Liverpool’ Presents an evening of film and discussion relating to the Climate Camp event held this year.During the evening certain issues will be explored, such as:
Can a non political movement, effectively tackle the issue of climate chaos?
Can direct action be more effective than community initiatives, when trying to tackle climate change?

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Deep Events and the CIA’s Global Drug Connection

22-09-2008 14:44

The text published below does not include text and endnote numerals. To consult Peter Dale Scott's article entitled Deep Events and the CIA’s Global Drug Connection (*), with numbered references and endnotes in word document format click here:

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Mystery of Police Informant Posters

22-09-2008 14:13

Police Informant posters went up all over Camden In July. The professionally done posters had the picture of a well known local character. The man's head was pictured on the body of a rat and the posters stated that "this man is paid police grass". They were posted up two at time all over Camden and close to Pentonville prison. This was published in the Islington and Camden Gazettes.

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Rotten in Denmark

22-09-2008 14:07

Freedom of speech is a grand concept, but it can not be diluted. The Danish government should hold its head in shame after convicting a few committed and peaceful human beings who were only trying to serve justice.

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Minister's U-turn on migrant children

22-09-2008 13:53

Sorry for publishing the full text but this is so good!