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rolls royce trident anti nuclear prottest was a credit to all who came

peter ambler | 22.09.2008 16:21 | Anti-militarism

thank you all the new people who joined the prottest you were a credit today

todays prottest outside rolls royce raynesway nuclear plant ./was a credit to all who came .it also shown with many more newcomers coming today .that it was a sucsess and will carry on every month./ rolls royce make nuclear parts for trident missiles .which are illegal, .the preises houses some of the most dangerous chemicals used for war fare uranium pluton ..the premises are on the a611 derby ring road suburbs ajoining are alvaston and spondon .endangering lives .the area is the worst in uk for leukemia and radiation .WE CAN ALL SAY ITS SAFE NO DISASTERS WILL HAPPEN .REMEMBER CHENOBYL ./THEY SAID THAT THEN ./CLOSE BY IS THE 5 SQUARE MILE .CHEMICAL WORKS ,CELANESE ./they make acate ciggerette tips using benzene in its proccess .there have been many explosions there .the last one being the benzene tank 22 fire engine and a specail unit took 7 hours /to control or make safe spondon was sealed off for safty .?think /that could deastate rolls royce ./ killing most of uk life .,./.SO HOW IS ROLLS ROYCE SAFE AND SECURE ..//.look out for next months prottest hoping many more groups will come ./.and thak you all the new groups that came today .we appreciate your backing . look forward to seeing you all again .transport problems we have pick up points at derby station ./spondon station .derby bus station and safe parking on private land .more info conact pete ./ thank you all for a wonerful turnout

peter ambler
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