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Magical Mysterious 1967

19-07-2005 19:35

Nobody could have predicted 1967 in 1966. It seemed to come out of the clear blue sky. But it didn’t. It had been germinating for a long, long time. And there is no reason to think that if we couldn’t see it coming in 1966 that we would see it coming now.

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An interview with Peter Skinner MEP

19-07-2005 19:20

I have just interviewed Peter Skinner MEP - would you be interested in an article on him?

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Hands of my Islam, Mr Blair

19-07-2005 18:10

Muslims condemn violence against innocents, which is why so many of us feel as much anger towards Blair as we do towards the London bombers. And the trail of blood on both counts leads back to 10 Downing Street.

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Iceland dam works blockaded

19-07-2005 17:22

At noon today, a group of about 16 people from across Europe braved mud & drizzle to blockade access roads and lock on to vehicles on the site of the Karahnjukar hydro-electric dam project, bringing work on the site to a standstill.

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JT is offski.

19-07-2005 16:17

Death of a fascist

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Der Fuhrer ist kaput!!!

19-07-2005 16:13

John Tyndall has died at the age of 72

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Icelandic damworks suhut down by blockades

19-07-2005 16:04

Just received a message from the anti-dam action camp in Iceland saying the works has been shut down for the day with blockades and lock-ons.

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19-07-2005 15:19

Hiroshima remembrance vigil and blockade at Aldermaston

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Nazi scum dies

19-07-2005 15:04

Nazi scumbag Tyndall dies - hooray

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Newstead 'Treefest' Free Festival, Nottinghamshire :: Part 2

19-07-2005 15:01

A weekend festival focusing on music, arts, crafts, health and the environment held on a reclaimed Greenfield site formerly the location of Newstead Colliery in Newstead Village, Nottinghamshire.

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Newstead 'Treefest' Free Festival, Nottinghamshire :: Part 1

19-07-2005 14:56

A weekend festival focusing on music, arts, crafts, health and the environment held on a reclaimed Greenfield site formerly the location of Newstead Colliery in Newstead Village, Nottinghamshire.

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An Iraqi powderkeg

19-07-2005 14:51

Over the past two years, in joint US-Iraqi military raids, hundreds of Iraqi Turkoman and Arabs have been taken from their homes or seized from the streets of Kirkuk and secretly sent to prisons in Kurdish held northern Iraq.

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Iraqi women mull ways of protecting rights in new constitution

19-07-2005 14:48

AMMAN (AFP) — Iraqi women and policy-makers from the Middle East gathered here on Monday to discuss ways of ensuring that women's rights will be protected in the country's new constitution.

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John Tyndall Jumps Bail

19-07-2005 14:42

Nazi Tyndall is dead!

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Good news?? John Tyndall reported dead

19-07-2005 14:24

Ex-BNP leader John Tyndall reported dead

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19-07-2005 13:59

The first cambridge critical mass will be held this sat meeting at 1pm on midsummer common (by the roundabout) Look out for the flags!!

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Derby West Indian Carnival [Display and Show]

19-07-2005 13:09

Floats banged out music as hundreds more Derby residents lined the streets and gathered in the Market Place to join in the party atmosphere. Groups came from as far away as Leeds and London to join in the celebrations. The Derby West Indian Community Association, which organised the event, described it as the best ever.

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Derby West Indian Carnival [The Parade]

19-07-2005 13:04

The streets were awash with colour and alive with music as hundreds of participants in the 19th Derby Carnival danced to the Market Place on Saturday. More than 20 groups of dancers and costumed bands, some numbering more than 100, wound their way from Pear Tree Infant School, in Pear Tree Street, through the streets of Normanton and into the city centre.

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Howard and the US

19-07-2005 12:01

John Howard, presently visiting the US, ‘leader’ without a national or personal identity and cringer extraordinaire (would someone remind him it’s not an embarrassment to be an Australian). Like his conservative predecessors before him, who looked to England for an ideology and identity, Howard looks to the US for guidance and direction. Australian history will not be kind to this pathetic, cringing little lackey.

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Jack Straw on Saudi gays under threat + EU Conv against people Trafficking.

19-07-2005 11:39

Jack Straw replies via Micheal Howard to constituencts 'concerns' on the safety of gay men in Saudi Arabia and also signing the EU Conv Against people trafficking.