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Pictures Islamic demonstratrion in London

05-02-2006 22:58

Of course nobody was arrested that would be racist

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2006 Starts with hack attack’s at Nepali websites

05-02-2006 22:18

In what seems to become some kind of serial hacker saga, now the website of United we Blog (UWB) has had the same kind of treatment to endure since last Saturday.

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U.K. Study Shows No Link Between Child Porn and Abuse

05-02-2006 21:04

LANCASHIRE, U.K. — A new study conducted by the U.K.’s Lancashire Constabulary and a Ph.D. student from the University of Liverpool has found there is no connection between viewing child pornography and sexual abuse of children, a senior U.K. police officer said this week.

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Communique of Antiauthoritarian Movement about the surveillance scandal

05-02-2006 21:04

This is a communique of Antiauthoritarian Movement about the surveillance of telephones of its members: Grigoris Tsilimantos, Argiris Mouratidis, Attila Ihtiar and Marina Meintani (who used to be a member of the antiauthoritarian newspaper “Babylonia”)

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05-02-2006 20:44

In the true fashion of the monarchy to honour despots and criminals of the people, Christine Gilbert, the chief executive of corrupt London Tower Hamlets Council has been knighted. Former Crossrail head and privatisation Guru, thief of public monies Sir Adrian Montague and coup instigator Sir Mark Thatcher are other beneficiaries. Sir - alias inhuman

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05-02-2006 20:32

There is rising concern about the flood-threatening levels of greenwash that will be seeping from The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), also known as Chatham House (1), this coming Tuesday February 7th 2006, when BP Chairman Peter Sutherland will be speaking there on 'The future of the World Trade Organisation in addressing sustainable development’ (2). (What we like about these guys is their bone dry sense of humour.) With delicious yet appalling irony, February 7th is also likely to see BP announce record quarterly profits.

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Genova G8 Diaz victims - Norman Blair

05-02-2006 20:04

Norman Blair decribes his experiences of the Diaz raid and incarceration in Bolzaneto prison.

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Suicide fear on asylum detainees

05-02-2006 19:47

Asylum seekers can be detained at any time during an application

Keeping asylum seekers in detention could lead to despair and suicidal urges, mental health experts have said.

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Cheney aide Libby faces New Obstruction Allegations

05-02-2006 17:32

It has been revealed with the release of the report from the special prosecutor in the CIA leak case that former Cheney aide - the former chief of staff, I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby Jr - is accused of broad deception.

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Protestors meet for Tree Dressing event

05-02-2006 16:35

Campaigners make a start with the decoration
On Sunday 5th February, campaign supporters gathered on Lumb Lane, Hollingworth, to decorate the trees and hedges overlooking the line of the proposed A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass.

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Mohammed and the rugrats

05-02-2006 16:09

Comment on the embassy burnings and the cartoons of Mohammed

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Gate Gourmet latest betrayal

05-02-2006 15:58

T&G boss Woodley says dispute over and ends hardship[ payments- but it isn't

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2 C-130 Hercules Lockheeds land Leeds Bradford

05-02-2006 15:50

2 lockheed hercules Land Leeds Bradford today
(American milatary )

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Demo against Iceland Dam - Wednesday 8th Feb

05-02-2006 15:03

Please join our demo against a company involved in massive ecological destruction in Iceland.

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US: Secret strategy document orders to 'neutralize' all resistance.

05-02-2006 14:58

Endorsed by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, the strategy document orders to undertake a broad campaign to find, attack and 'neutralize' terrorist leaders - "termination objectives" - and their ability to move around the globe.

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Sweden Supports Nordic Human Rights Lining

05-02-2006 13:47

Sweden has been supporting Nordic Socialist Lining on Human Rights supporting non-prosecutions in their nation on Human Rights violations.

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Finnish Police Executes People on Duty

05-02-2006 12:34

Press told on January 13th 2006 about two burglars having entered a shopping mall Anttila in Vantaa. Obviously burglars were about to do some X-mas shopping, but were caught on the spot. At Haaga, while police were about to arrest thieves, did the thieves manage to crush few police vehicles from grape into raisin; “Police took six shots towards the direction the thief was” . “The cop simply walked next to him and shot in a short range."

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Bilderberg link to publisher of Danish anti-Islam cartoons

05-02-2006 10:56

Who published the cartoons - this is who

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UNISON Make Poverty History claims - a success or failure YOU DECIDE

05-02-2006 10:38

UNISON claim joining the Make Poverty History campaign was a success - joining a coalition of organisations that allowed the distribution of white wrist bands produced by sweat shop workers in China, the agreement not to mention the war and the removal of natural resources through liberalisation and privatisation policies making it impossible for poor to access water.

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European media

05-02-2006 08:10

intended to insult and incite Muslim sensibilities
European media publish anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation