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Corporate Pirates set sail for the Hilton

29-06-2005 12:17

en route
Acivists protesting at the continuing carve-up of Iraqi assets travelled in style (pirate galleon!) from Edgeware Rd to the Paddington Hilton this morning

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Cycling as Part of the Vision for Oxford, meeting Wednesday 6th July

29-06-2005 10:42

Cycling as Part of the Vision for Oxford, meeting Wednesday 6th July

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29-06-2005 10:30


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Bloc Aid fundraiser

29-06-2005 10:20

Bloc Aid - 01/07/05 - 9pm-3am

An eclectic mix of musicians coming together to raise support and funds for activists and campaigners uniting in Edinburgh for the G8. From techno-house to raging punk, this night will invigorate and inspire the following week of action.

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Call for Rights Gathering at Aboriginal Embassy, Canberra

29-06-2005 10:13

Western Gumilaroi People are calling up all people to gather at the ABORIGINAL EMBASSY, Canberra, on 20 July 2005 to determine our future movement. The western Gumilaroi emphasise the urgency for such a gathering, given we now have a parliamentary system that has the potential to become totally authoritarian in respect to Aboriginal Peoples and our future.

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Speculations about Future US Policy

29-06-2005 09:24

"Without making any perceptible concessions, Condoleezza Rice signalled that the gulfs could be bridged and coopera-tion with Europe promoted. Her cold sneer seemed to say: cooperation on our conditions.. Many factors will stop the `arrogance of power' (Senator Fulbright)."

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G8: Who are the Hijackers?

29-06-2005 07:23

"FROM July 6 to 8, violent extremists will be converging on Scotland," declares the Dissent Network, one of the groups planning militant opposition to the up-coming G8 summit, "They'll be trying to meet at the Gleneagles hotel, and we'll be trying to stop them." A neat inversion of the mainstream media presentation of what promises to be a symbolic confrontation with worldwide resonance.

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The Crusade against legal liars in Scotland

29-06-2005 02:36

The struggle of ordinary people against the litany of deceit within the legal profession in Scotland has ruined many a person and made many legal firms and lawyers rich - who have the protection of their own lobby groups, their friends within the financial industry (many famous UK Banks and Insurers) ...

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29-06-2005 02:22

Protestors in solidarity with the people's struggle of Rossport, Co. Mayo against Shell joined with protestors from comunities from Durban, South Africa, the Phippines, Sakhalin Island, Russia and the US at the Shell AGM held at the Excel Centre, London on Tuesday.

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G8A Offered New March Route for 1st Day of G8 Summit

29-06-2005 01:43

Following talks with police, the local authorities have offered G8Alternatives an alternative march route for their planned demonstration at Gleneagles on the first day of the G8 Summit.

The route would be from Tullibardine to Auchterarder, rather than than marching past gleneagles hotel itself.

See map:,+Perth+and+Kinross+[City/Town/Village]&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf

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7 people arrested in Barcelona (Spanish state) during a manifestation

29-06-2005 01:25

Freedom all prisoners!!!
7 people arrested in Barcelona (Spanish state) during a manifestation in solidarity with the anarchists jailed in italy.

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Dissent Brighton + Labofii in Guardian

29-06-2005 00:51

Directing destiny

Giving more power to the G8 nations will not eradicate poverty, say Adam Jones and Lisa Michael. Distinct, autonomous grassroots alternatives to capitalism will

Wednesday June 29, 2005
The Guardian,9115,1516667,00.html

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IMC Bristol Press Release : IMC Bristol Server Seized

28-06-2005 23:52


For Immediate Release.

Bristol Indymedia Server Seized.

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Manchester STOP BUSH Demo Weds 6th July

28-06-2005 23:35

Stop this mad man and save the planet - Wednesday 6th July
Protest the day George W Bush arrives in Scotland for the G8
If you can't make the Gleneagles Demo or a Live8 concert or screening
Don't miss out - come and join this solidarity protest

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AR activist arrested outside Thomas Cook in Worcester

28-06-2005 21:31

Don't Thomas Cook it!
Animal activist arrested for not giving over her name to filth during a Gateway to Hell demo outside Thomas Cook in Worcester.

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'Anna's nightmare' in detention's living hell

28-06-2005 21:06

"gate-keepers" to the role of abnormality
"She was unco-operative during the medical induction, by crying, being confused and upset," Mr Palmer says.

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Brighton Processin against Caterkiller

28-06-2005 19:13

Disinvest in Illegal occupation
Caterkiller Week of Action

Last week’s week of action against CATerpillar took in nottingham, Derbyshire and Solihull and ended with a procession through the streets of Brighton on Saturday in protest against High Street Stores selling CAT footwear and clothing.

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Israelis unleash a new Weapon: Scream

28-06-2005 18:23

Israelis unleash Scream at protest New weapon knocks crowds off feet Sound blast triggers nausea, dizziness

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Report on No One Is Illegal conference

28-06-2005 17:45

90-100 people attended the second No One Is Illegal conference in Manchester on 25/06/05. There were a mixture of people threatened with deportation, anti-racist activists and those people who, having won their own anti-deportation campaigns, had become activists for others.

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28-06-2005 17:40

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