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''Police Cause Riots'' says academic conference

10-01-2001 16:38

Treat crowds with respect to avoid riots, police told

Psychologists warn authorities of dangers of treating crowds as mindless hooligans and relying on blanket profiles of suspects

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Hackney campaign continues

10-01-2001 16:15

After a big success on December 20th the campaign against massive cuts in Hackney Councils Budget continues.

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Russian aggresion on Chechnya

10-01-2001 13:08

The value of mathematics is universal but mythology is not. Creation and application of mythology differs with time and place.

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Poopa Scoopa 1.9.2001

09-01-2001 22:20

Bag Lady Linda Packs It Up

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Globalise Resistance

09-01-2001 11:21


London counter conference
a day of workshops and debates

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U.S. Army Manual on Depleted Uranium

08-01-2001 20:33

The U.S. Army Manual on Depleted Uranium (DU) goes into great detail on proper handling procedures and decontamination of DU. Despite recent claims that DU is not responsible for health problems, this manual gives extensive instructions on the dangers and handling of DU contamination. The following is an excerpt from the manual: "Appendix B. Health Effects of Radiation."

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No Cease Fire in 2001 - Hostages Vow to keep on Fighting (2)

07-01-2001 15:09

Mark Barnsley Rejects Parole

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No Cease Fire in 2001 - Hostages Vow to keep on Fighting (1)

07-01-2001 15:06

Doing Extra Time for the Coppers Crime: 12 years of Injustice

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The coming war in the Middle East

07-01-2001 08:50

Fear and loathing in the Middle East take a turn for the worse

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War Dept to Build Thermobaric Device

06-01-2001 15:46

The Ministry of Defence is so impressed about the weapons used by Russia to destroy Grozny that they are to make their own version

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Call for Global Action during U.S.'s Presidential Inauguration

05-01-2001 23:18

Fight Corporate Control.
Fight American Imperialism.
Fight for your life.

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U.S, strike against British owned firm in 19th month

05-01-2001 20:14

Tate&Lyle provokes strike in New York

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Poopa Scoopa -- Switch Hitter 01.05.2001

05-01-2001 18:53

Traficant Jam
Register and Revolt
Tranny Jive
Ashes To Ashcroft, We All Fall Down!
Clinton Mends Cherry Trees
Aliens, Time Travelers and Haunts head back to Work!

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46 Freed from Beagle Kennels as hunt vote nears

05-01-2001 16:59

The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility
for the freeing of 46 Beagles from Wye College Beagles kennels last night.

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05-01-2001 11:57

Protests Against "King George III"

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Clark Kissinger's banned speech!

04-01-2001 21:44

This is the speech that Clark Kissinger was sent to jail for giving! This speech was given at the legal rally against the Republic national convention while hundreds and thousands of kids were shutting down the city and bush was being coronated King of the ivory tower. During the hearing the prosecution and judge used the political material from this speech to explain how Clark is a threat to society. People should understand his politics that led to america’s political police arresting him and sentencing him unjustly to 90 days in jail. People should read it… learn from it and circulate it widely.

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why is the UK indy media site so crap??

03-01-2001 15:17

q - why is the UK indymedia site so crap when it should be one of the most vibrant???
a - because its exclusively run by reclaim the streets to their agenda

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Ethical Business ??

03-01-2001 00:07

transcript of an address by the Senior Policy advisor for Oxfam

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Statement # 2 from a jailed C. Clark Kissinger!

02-01-2001 19:20

C. Clark Kissinger is one of the leaders in the international fight to get Mumia Abu-Jamal a new trial and as a result he has been jailed by the political police. He was sent to jail for violating what Len Weinglass called a "Unlawful Prohibation" , the cause of his violation was speaking on Aug.1'st outside the Republican National Convention! Jailed for giving a speech! This statement was written by him from the jail he is currently sitting in, in Brooklyn New York USA.

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American Senator Killed In Freak Accident With Religious Sect

31-12-2000 18:57

American Senator Richard Durbin Succumbs In Highway Collision With Members of the Amish Sect, A Religious Group That Adheres To An 18th Century Lifestyle and Dogma