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ESF Breakfast Radio Show on Resonance 104.4 FM (fri 15 - sun 17)

05-10-2004 11:11

Live and Direct On The Airwaves...

Each morning during the ESF tune into Resonance FM 104.4 to get one hour of the latest news and views from the Indymedia ESF Breakfast Show...

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Lesbian activist murdered in Sierra Leone

05-10-2004 10:24

Fannyann Eddy
The founder and leader of the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association (SLLAGA), Fannyann Eddy, was raped and murdered on the night of 28/29 September by unknown assailants who had broken into the in the SLLAGA office.

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Now comes the 'truth massage'

05-10-2004 09:09

Rumsfeld has said that there is no hard evidence linking Saddam and Bin Laden.

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BBC misleads world over US opinion polls

04-10-2004 21:23

BBC world service radio ignores polls,claims Bush ahead while mainstream polls show dead heat.

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October Critical Mass Halloween

04-10-2004 20:15

29 October Critical Mass Halloween

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G8 Climate Criminals ###Critical Mass###

04-10-2004 20:01

G8 Climate Criminals Critical Mass

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Grafics for the ESF

04-10-2004 19:21

some of the proposed grafics for badges and t shirts for the ESF
to make you smile

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"Stupidity" coming to UK

04-10-2004 16:38

Stupidity, the hit Bush-bashing film is playing one night at Raindance Film Festival in London this week.

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M&S Pickets – Four years of Intifada

04-10-2004 15:55

29th September marks the anniversary of the Second Palestinian Intifada. This week Victory to the Intifada reminded people on Oxford Street why the Palestinians were forced to awaken and rise up against the violent oppression that they face at the hands of the Israeli state and its powerful Western backers. We urge everyone to demonstrate their solidarity with the long-suffering Palestinian people and rise up against Israel’s support here in Britain.

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Hammer & Tongue - Black History Month Special - Oct 5th

04-10-2004 14:59

Hammer and Tongue poetry slam - Black History month special - the Zodiac, 190 Cowley Road

Tuesday October 5th - 8pm

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Talk on International Debt, Wed Oct 6th

04-10-2004 14:55

Dr Noreena Hertz (Distinguished Fellow, CIBAM at the Judge Institute of Management) will be speaking on her new book "I.O.U.: The Debt Threat and Why We Must Defuse It" on October 6th at 6.30pm at Heffers Book Shop.

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US Dollar Heading for Collapse: Robert Reich

04-10-2004 14:50

In painting a bleak outlook for the US economy, Reich suggested the worst is yet to come, especially if President George W. Bush and the Republican party's agenda of tax less and spend more is re-elected in November.

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Water denied to 500,000 Iraqis

04-10-2004 14:34

The US army has cut off water supplies to 500,000 Iraqi civilians in Samarrah and Tall Afar.

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Trade unionists attacked in Berlin - More pics

04-10-2004 14:17

trade union verdi attacked
More pictures from events in Berlin during 2nd of October

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New government website to protect against terror emergencies.

04-10-2004 14:10

This new website is designed to help the public to protect themselves from the inevitable fears that crop up when acts of terrorism are conspiring to undermine our daily lives.

The website is a one-shop-stop for people like myself who couldn't make sense of the government leaflet "Preparing for Emergencies" which was recently sent through everyone's post box.

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300.000 march against cuts on the continent. Police attack union militants

04-10-2004 14:02

250.000 march in Amsterdam
On Saturday, October 2nd 250.000 march in Holland against social cuts, in Germany high unemployment and announced cuts in dole benefit spark massive protests. On Saturday 50.000 took to the streets in Berlin, police attacked trade unionists during protest

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Belmarsh demo/ House of Lords appeal

04-10-2004 09:44

House of Lords to review detention without trial

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Patron Saint of Mass Destruction?

04-10-2004 09:20

The beatification of the last Habsburg Emperor sends the wrong signal to current world leaders who use their personal beliefs to justify going to war.

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trickle down

03-10-2004 23:38

Beetham Tower, Liverpool
Off Plan Due Sept '04
Two Beds 22nd Floor
Secure Parking River Views

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radio rampART streaming now

03-10-2004 22:02

After a coupld of days of installing a new operating system, networking and other techy type activity, radio rampART is now streaming on

(also see