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Pics and report from Downing Street anti-Sharon protest.

15-07-2003 01:22

The story of the day in a nutshell.
Many thousands of people gathered outside Downing Street, London to protest against the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who was invited into the home of liar Blair.

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Argentina Autonomist Project - Interview with Graciela

14-07-2003 23:16

Interview with Graciela Monteagudo from the Argentina Autonomist Project.

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He can give, but he can't take .................

14-07-2003 22:52

This guys been sticking a camera in my face for years. Today, after the cops got themselves into a little bit of a pickle at the anti-Sharon demo, I took plenty of him. Suddenly he got very agitated and tried to get his mates to arrest me.

The cross examination would have been very interesting me thinks:

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jose bove surrounded by supporters, outside the prison

14-07-2003 20:31

we surrounded the prison today, bastille day, where jose bove is incarcerated.*

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A beginners guide to Esperanto

14-07-2003 19:40

Esperantist Flag
To the doctor who invented it, it was the key to world peace; yet to Stalin it was dangerous, to Hitler a sign of creeping Jewish domination, and the American army dubbed it 'the aggressor language'. So does anyone still speak Esperanto? David Newnham travels to a church hall in Ipswich to find out.

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Audio Reports from the Disco Disco eviction today in Dublin

14-07-2003 18:55

Five audio reports from today

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eviction day. in Dublin and Madrid.

14-07-2003 18:23

today two important and ·historic· occupied social centres of the European okupe movement were closed.
In Dublin the discodisco centre the first autonomous space in that city for 8 years was illegaly evicted.
In Madrid Lab 04 was evicted.

Eviction = OKUPÂTION.

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Sherwood needs help NOW

14-07-2003 16:04

Sherwood Alert

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Remind the Gap

14-07-2003 16:01

Madonna will participate to the Gap's new clothing campaign.

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Is the Office of Strategic Influence working so good?

14-07-2003 15:53

Last week, some CIA-people said they warned the Bush-administration about the fact that the story about that Iraq would get uranium from Niger was not reliable and it should not have been put in the State of The Union this year. Let's go back to March this year...

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Helping Out the EF! Summer Gathering

14-07-2003 15:47

How to help out with this years EF! Summer Gathering.

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14-07-2003 15:36

The American Ambassadors Residence 4th July Demo

Over a hundred people gathered at the American Ambassadors Residence in the Phoenix Park Dublin on the 4th of July to celebrate the true meaning of Independence day, fighting for our independence from a totalitarian state also the influences and destructive nature from an already unstable super power.

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14-07-2003 15:26

VIDEO 7min
McDonald's V Food Not Bombs

For as long as we can remember man has gorged them selves with the fruits of the Earth and managing to live in some what a balance with nature.

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14-07-2003 15:20

Like alcoholics, psychopathic liars are not aware of their condition.

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WHY NOT pester these DSEi-related people by EMAIL?

14-07-2003 15:11

Sept 6th - 12th will see a week of action against Europe's largest arms fair, the DSEi.

WHY NOT give the people organising the DSEi a bit of hassle. They're obviously finding it a little too easy to sleep at nights. Write them a well thought out balanced letter arguing your case. Or ask awkward questions. Or whatever you feel is appropriate. Needless to say I wouldn't advocate anyone being at all unpleasant to these thoroughly decent and honorable members of society.

As an example here are my letters which I wrote. They're a bit crap but it doesn't matter...

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Farnborough Airport (illegitimate) Consultation Committee

14-07-2003 14:50

All airports designated by the Secretary of State are required to establish an airport consultative committee, or some form of consultation. The airport management are the body responsible for establishing the commitee, but once established it has to be independent of the airport.

The one exception is Farnborough Airport. TAG Aviation, managers of Farnborough, have refused to establish a committee, or accept any responsibility for establishing a committee. Instead an illegitimate committee has been established by Rushmoor Borough Council - a committee that does not follow government guidelines, and fails to meet either the Civil Aviation Act or the Fairoaks ruling.

The next meeting of the illegitimate Rushmoor committee will be at 2pm Thursday afternoon 17 July 2003, at the BAE Systems HQ alongside the airport. It is important that this meeting is well attended by the public.

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SWP Physically Attack Antisexists & Antihomophobes

14-07-2003 14:22

SWP physically attack people protesting against the SWP's new pro-sexist & pro-homophobia line..

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Still No Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq

14-07-2003 14:21

The need to invade Iraq relied on the argument that Saddam Hussein was currently or nearly capable of launching WMD on the United States and its allies:

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SOS2003: Aug 1-3 Event Organized Against Bush Push for New Nukes

14-07-2003 14:06

Senior officials in the Bush administration who have proposed the production of a new generation of nuclear weapons have scheduled a meeting to discuss plans for nuclear proliferation at US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) during the first week of August 2003. We are going to be there to say NO! Join us!