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BBC Mayday Lies - The Spectacle Strikes Back

18-04-2002 20:25

Tonight's BBC Newsroom South East programme opens the batting in the British states' propaganda offensive against the anti-capitalist movement. Their strategy is to divide the movement.

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10 Yarls Wood Detainees Arrested for violent disorder

18-04-2002 20:22

urgent action required - 10 refugees charged with violent disorder

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Guardian grumblers - go get a life!

18-04-2002 20:02

The striking editorial staff at Guardian group papers should pick up their pencils and get back to work.

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A privatisers' hit list

18-04-2002 19:04

European commission demands to deregulate services spell disaster for the developing world

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Aspire in Leeds - TAZ/Party/Film Festival/Open Mic Night

18-04-2002 18:07

Details of upcoming Social Centre/Free Space in Leeds.
Address to be Announced on Friday Evening

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swp,the time is now?

18-04-2002 17:39

apparently the swp think that the 'time is now', over 1000 members gathered in london last sun

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18-04-2002 17:17


Geopolitically seen - and from a democratic point of view - right now there is only one player in the global field : a forced co-operation between the US and Israel.


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32: Does survival of the fittest force us into war

18-04-2002 17:15

This is a call for revolution
We exist within a community of life
Our choices influence the course of existence
Are we leading or are we being led
Will we choose peace or war

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A War Against the Peacemaker

18-04-2002 17:12

The US wants to depose the diplomat who could take away its pretext for war with Iraq
By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 16th April 2002

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Named and Shamed - Labour "Friends" of Israel

18-04-2002 12:02

This little grouping consists of over 50 members, here are the main bods

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Powell’s Mid East con job, Bush’s fake Anger at Israel and Globalization

18-04-2002 11:16

Is it just me or is it incredibly cruel of Bush to be holding the promise of an independent state of Palestine dangling over the Palestinian people when his regime has no intention of ever allowing that to occur

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18-04-2002 03:02

Indymedia is an open newswire; ANYBODY can publish a story here.
Some new visitors to IMC (mainly non-activists) were not aware of the free publishing rule and distrusted IMC because of the amount of US-zionist supremacist and racist hate posts.

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Stencil Shoes - Latest Space Hijackers Equipment

17-04-2002 17:36

Stencil Shoes - Latest Space Hijackers Equipment
The Space Hijackers are proud to announce our latest piece of trouble making equipment, Stencil Shoes.

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33: Is war our basic human nature

17-04-2002 17:32


This is a call for revolution
We exist within a community of life
Our choices influence the course of existence
Are we leading or are we being led
Will we choose peace or war

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Diversity radio (COP6) 12-04-2002

17-04-2002 17:14

Some files taken from "diversity radio"´s broadcast on 12-04-2002, covering the VN-conference on bio-diversity and genetical modification (aka COP6).

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US Playing Russian Roulette With Palestinians

17-04-2002 16:51

The United States of America is organizing another international conference in the Middle East. This one, sadly, emerges as a result of the destruction of Palestinian society by Israel. By doing so, the US is setting itself up for a political and security failure, yet again. The first US failure was called Oslo, where the Palestinian leadership was lured into a US-sponsored 'peace process' that has led to the intentional obliteration of Palestinian cities and dismantling of Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian Authority.

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17-04-2002 13:25

Check out someone's handiwork, everybody

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Mayday website down - new address

17-04-2002 12:53

Mayday website is unavailable again - not yet sure if it's more police harrassement.
In the meantime you can reach the site at:

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SchNEWS Special Issue on Argentina 12/04/02

17-04-2002 12:33


...huge bumper issue of SchNEWS which covers Argentina with eye witness stories, background and analysis and some pictures too. Check it out at:

(the SchNEWS crew are on holiday this week)

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A19-22 Washington Anti-IMF/WB convergence

17-04-2002 12:07

It's been nearly two years since A16, and the thousands of people expected to turn out for mass demonstrations this April prove that the anti-corporate globalization movement is not dead.