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Israeli "Peace" Plan (by Latuff)

03-04-2010 08:55

Peace, according to Netanyahu...
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Coventry University Closes Animal Labs

02-04-2010 22:44

Coventry University Closes Animal Labs

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The order has been already executed

02-04-2010 22:15

Second editorial by

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Chagos Islanders Need Our Solidarity

02-04-2010 20:11

Charlezia - an Islander...but will she ever see home again
Behind yesterday's seemingly positive declaration of the Chagos Islands as a "Marine Reserve" by the UK government lies a sinister not-very- well- hidden agenda...

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Ian Tomlinson Vigil – Pix-&-Vidz – Thu 01 Apr 10

02-04-2010 18:04

A1. Remembering Ian: Julia Tomlinson, widow, Paul King, son
Dateline: Ian Tomlinson Vigil, Cornhill, London, UK, 10:55-11:40, Thu 01 Apr 10 – Scenario: Citizen A assaults Citizen B in broad daylight, on video, by striking with a blunt infantry weapon and by shoving Citizen B to the ground; minutes later Citizen B is dead.
Q: What happens to Citizen A?
A1: If it were you or I, no doubt we'd be banged up in jail.
A2: But if Citizen A is a body-armoured, weapon-carrying, riot cop... he gets away with murder, for over a year.
One year after their loved one was slain by unprovoked police assault, the family of Ian Tomlinson, their friends and supporters mourn his death with a vigil at the location where he died.

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Dissident Island Radio - another radio riot on April 2nd

02-04-2010 14:58

Even mt gran listens...
Election Meltdown // Serbian social movements and the Women in Black // Hackers vs. Scientology // Zapatista solidarity gatherings // Mr. Binge on the wheels of steel

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02-04-2010 14:55

Are there any actions planned this Easter weekend to protest against the bombings on Gaza?

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A Moment of Shame, You Scum (Greece)

02-04-2010 13:41

Translated from the Greek original circulating on the streets of Athens, by anarchist comrades.

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Rising Tide disrupt Shell in Bristol

02-04-2010 12:13

Activists from Bristol and Bath Rising Tide visited the Shell garage in Muller Road, Eastville at 8.30am yesterday to highlight the repression experienced by communities in County Mayo, Ireland who are trying to stop Shell building an onshore high pressure pipeline and gas refinery.

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Presidential Violence!

02-04-2010 11:30

Few imagined how dangerous a “Black” U.S. presidency could be for Black interests and the prospects for world peace. Barack Obama’s “success” – as it will be judged by those powers with which he has aligned – requires that “we valorize capitalist imperialism, male supremacy, militarism, and white supremacy.”

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Black Wood protest camp disappears over night to fight another mine, another day

02-04-2010 09:24

The Black Wood Solidarity Camp packed up the night before last and left the site of UK Coal’s new mine at Blair Farm, in Fife. The camp occupied the site for a week and a half to show UK Coal and other mine operators that no new mine or coal infrastructure is safe and out of reach of protesters.

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The Camden "superlab" architects plans are criticised by Camden Council.

01-04-2010 22:29

The plans for the Camden Biocontainment facility and animal testing lab have been set back today as plans to redesign the exterior of the lab were announced. HOK the architects behind the "superlab" [and Arsenal stadium] have been told by Camden Council "Your plans are not good enough". PLP have been asked to redraft the lab design plans. Gordon Brown has pledged a further £250 million.

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Calais solidarity Demo UKBA Brighton

01-04-2010 21:01

Brighton CMS held demo outside the UKBA offices yesterday in Brighton, in solidarity with migrants in Calais and beyond.

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Ethiopians Protest Bloodthirsty Tyrant at Downing St

01-04-2010 18:27

Birtukan Mideksa on banner
Ethiopians came from across the UK to demonstrate at Downing St where Meles Zenawi was co-chairing the UN climate finance group, demanding the UK stop appeasing the Ethiopian dictator, and calling for the release of opposition leader Birtukan Mideksa and other political prisoners in Ethiopia. London, UK. 31/03/2010 Photographs copyright (C) 2010 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Lydd Primary Headmistress reinstated

01-04-2010 18:04

A Kent headmistress who resigned after raising and slaughtering a sheep has been reinstated

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Ford/Visteon Workers March For Pension Justice

01-04-2010 17:29

Around 500 Ford/Visteon former workers and their supporters marched through London to demand the return of their pension funds stolen when Visteon closed its UK plants a year ago. London, UK. 31/03/2010. Photographs copyright (C) 2010. Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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20th Anniversary of the Poll Tax Riot

01-04-2010 17:22

Chris Knight and a nice banner for the occasion
'Rioters Re-United!' held a short rally with around 30 people in Trafalgar Square to mark the 20th anniversary of the Poll Tax Riots and to announce an Anti-Election Campaign. Photographs (C) 2010, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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Centre MK: Cruel Petting Zoo

01-04-2010 16:53

The Grand Arcade Easter Farm cancelled. Now its Centre MK!

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Guantánamo/extraordinary rendition:questions for candidates before the election

01-04-2010 16:40

Local candidates in national elections: they want your vote, they want your adoration, they want your X in the box on the ballot paper… but what are they going to do about Britain’s involvement in Guantánamo Bay and extraordinary rendition?