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Dissident Island Radio - another radio riot on April 2nd

Dissident Werewolf | 02.04.2010 14:58 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Zapatista | World

Election Meltdown // Serbian social movements and the Women in Black // Hackers vs. Scientology // Zapatista solidarity gatherings // Mr. Binge on the wheels of steel

Even mt gran listens...
Even mt gran listens...

We're back at it on April 2nd chatting with the fine people from Election Meltdown about their plans on May 1st and beyond. Rastko will also be joining us live to discuss the emergence of radical social movements in Serbia in the last decade as well as his work on the Women in Black.

We'll be hearing about the 'war' pitting hackers against the church of scientology, learning all about Steal Somthing From Work Day, as well as getting coverage of the upcoming Zapatista solidarity gatherings from our Northern correspondant.

Mr Binge (tut tut) is going to finish off the show with some jungle / breakcore goodness and we'll have a competition to name the D*I sound system.

Click on this direct link to the stream (remember it starts after 9pm):

And make sure to check back soon for a downloadable version.

Keep the riot goin'...


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