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26 March: Cut the war not our education! Rome/London

25-03-2011 16:58

The Faculty of Arts University of La Sapienza -Rome is now occupied in
solidarity to London struggle!
Moreover on the 26th of March italian students will be in London, to
block the city together with English students.

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Make Your Media Independent On March 26!#

25-03-2011 16:22

On what will be the biggest public protest since February 2003, don't just re-tweet the BBC. There are a wide range of radical media projects covering the protest, all working together to amplify the message from the streets. Let's take over the media space with thousands of independent voices!


6 things you can do before the day

(1) Embed a live-updating timeline on your blog or website, Join in with making the timeline as it happens -

(2) Get all the best action videos flowing into your blog or site

(3) Learn how to make rapid turn-around video reports with just your mobile phone, or no camera at all!

(4) Join the London Video Activist Network and buddy up with other reporters.

(5) Tea-time is over! Avoid being kettled by installing the app at

(6) Book in for a slot in visionOntv's revolutionary pop-up TV studio. 07894350478

And 4 things you can do on the day

(7) Send your reports to London indymedia, and click "link to other media".

(8) Drop in to the London Video Activist Media Centre at University of London Union, WC1E 7HY any time on Saturday. Ask for the media centre. Bring a laptop for media work / editing, and your lovely selves to be on a studio show.

(9) Text your updates on Sat to London indymedia on 07943 103736, or call in breaking news reports to 07929 469640 (to speak to a human!) -

(10) Listen to x26 radio streaming from 10am. News reports on the hour. Call 02032394569 to record message, and all relevant messages will be broadcast.


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The Big Society Headquarters Press Release

25-03-2011 16:13

This is for journalists interested in The Big Society Headquarters convergence space. Please do not ring us.

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The Meaningless Concept Of Ethical War: The Case Against Intervention

25-03-2011 14:53


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The Climate Renegades are GO GO GO!

25-03-2011 14:32

At a time when cuts and austerity are grabbing the headlines, the need for action on climate change has never been greater. Floods, heatwaves, energy shortages, rising food prices – these are just the start if we don’t take action now.

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Singing & Soundsystem meet up on demo

25-03-2011 14:26

On Saturday, anyone who wants to join in with singing & soundsystem, meet from 10am onwards outside the Royal Festival Hall - with the AIR art bloc - we will be moving over the river later, so if you arrive after 11,

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Eenee Stannit - Cuts March Edition!

25-03-2011 14:12

Back after an absence of nearly 10 years, the latest edition of the Eenee Stannit can be found here

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Brutal Human Rights Violations Bahrain

25-03-2011 14:03

In London this past Saturday hundreds of protesters demonstrated at the Embassy of Bahrain.

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Increasing the uncertainty: beyond activism as usual

25-03-2011 12:36

As we edge closer to the TUC demonstration this Saturday the internet, airwaves and blogosphere are becoming increasingly excited about what might happen. However, as is to be expected, much of this is already focusing on the usual themes of police fairness/repression, the likelihood of violence etc. This article seeks to reaffirm the real successes of the previous few months – an openness to change, a new found humility and greater social resonance – by calling for an intervention which focuses on moving towards uncertainty rather than falling back on tired, clichéd direct action strategies.

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Now on Resonance FM - March26th Info All Day!

25-03-2011 12:22


Nearly five hours of  Anarchists on Resonancefm today. Firstly:

Fresh from the success of their International Womens Day show, Whitechapel Anarchist Group members Che and Yodet return to take over the airways onResonance 104.4 FM for a very special two part show on the Demonstration this Saturday 26th. Guest interviews include Glyn Harries (Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services), Val Swain (FIT Watch), Steve Hedley (RMT), Legal Defence Monitoring Group (LDMG) & Green and Black Street Medics, Sean Dey (Reel News), Dean Talent (Freedom Press), Greg Hall (WAG), Kiren (FE Student), Mark Bergfeld (National Union of Students), Global Women’s Strike, Mark Barrett (People’s Assembly), Queer Resistance (Pink & Black Bloc), UK Uncut, Tony Woods (Haringey Alliance for Public Serices) and Sebastien from the Wivenhoe branch of the CND.

Tune in on 104.4 FM or stream live from the Resonance FM Website today FRIDAY 25TH MARCH Part one 11am-12pm Part two 1pm-2pm.

Then…..’LIVE FROM THE INSURRECTION’  from 2.30 – 5pm when Ian Bone and Martin Wright introduce a shambolic programme of live interviews with people swarming into London from Bristol, Durham, Merthyr and all points inbetween. Plus an in depth look at what the Met will be up to………….TODAY THE AIRWAVES……….TOMORROW THE REVOLUTION!

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About public debt,budget deficit and the General Strike on Saturday

25-03-2011 12:04

About public debt,budget deficit and the General Strike on Saturday

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Guantánamo / Abu Ghraib interrogation firms and the UK Census

25-03-2011 11:30

Campaigners decry involvement of Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib interrogation firms in UK Census

Friday, 25 March 2011

The London Guantánamo Campaign [1] is concerned about the involvement in the upcoming UK-wide Census of two private companies that were contracted to carry out coercive prisoner interrogations at the notorious US military detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, Iraq. [2]

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This Sunday! Post 26th political folk night

25-03-2011 11:24

Ok, so on Saturday we overthrow the government and march cheering into the sunset as David Cameron and George Osbourne jump on a plane to Saudi with a suitcases of stolen cash and the silverware from downing street.

On Sunday we then celebrate in Stockwell with an evening of political song from two musicians who need no introduction:

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26th March Dissident Feeder March Still On!

25-03-2011 01:46

Game Over..
Facebook has decided it doesnt like us anymore...

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Defend the UCL 13

25-03-2011 01:37

Stop UCL victimizing its students!
Defend freedom of expression on campus!

On 21st March UCL students occupied the Registry wing in support of striking lecturers. UCL Management, refusing to negotiate with the occupiers to resolve the matter, have now chosen to victimize 10 UCL students, 1 member of staff, a journalist recent alumnus, and a sympathetic student from Birkbeck by taking them to court. They may face huge legal fees and hefty punishments.

Two of the 13 were barely connected with the occupation. One is a staff member fulfilling their official trade union duty to liaise with student campaigns. The student union, UCLU, has voted in a mass general meeting that occupation is a legitimate form of protest against management's fees and cuts.

What is clear is that UCL management are cynically attempting to remove those who question their authority on campus and intimidate others into silence.

UCL Management were given ample opportunity to negotiate with the occupation. It was repeatedly made clear to them that if they promised not to victimize occupiers, the Registry would promptly be vacated. Instead they chose to escalate their threats to protesters instead of quickly reopening the registry, and to take 13 people to court.

This must stop! Defend the UCL 13

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Letters from Fukushima ..The Heros of Japan ..

25-03-2011 01:19

The new Heros of Japan are not soldiers .. are the workers and technicians kamikaze in their battle with nuclear wastes and emissions

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Brussels demo kicks off against EU summit

25-03-2011 01:07

BRUSSELS - Trade union protests outside an EU summit in Brussels against the austerity being imposed across the continent by the bloc turned violent on Thursday (24 March), as riot police battled rock-wielding demonstrators with water cannon and pepper spray.

Because of a fear of violence, helicopters circled over the summit site, hundreds of police patrolled throughout the capital, and heavy equipment, including water cannons, was stationed close to EU headquarters. Demonstrators armed with sticks and other protesters throwing stones confronted police cordons but could not break through.