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Raped during the incommunicado arrest

28-12-2004 17:37

The basque group against torture – TAT - together with the family of Amaia Urizar, denounced today in a press conference, that the girl was raped during incommunicado arrest in the headquarters of the Guardia Civil. Here is her terrible testimony.

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BBC Radio Audience Says Bollux to The Ballot Box

28-12-2004 15:01

Today, the subject of BBC Radio 5's phone in - voting in the general election would be a waste of time - won overwhelming approval from the audience. There is a need for a campaign against participating in it, to hightlight the lack of real democrasy.

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Protestors arrested at MOD

28-12-2004 14:28

6 anti war protestors were arrested today for digging graves and spraying anti war messages at the Ministry of Defence London UK

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rebel alliance in leeds

28-12-2004 13:48

calling for a coming together of radical, NON political party, anti-hierarchical groups at Maelstrom squatted social centre, hyde park corner, leeds

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Anarchists attack police station in Greece

27-12-2004 22:11

The police station sustained heavy damages after the attack, which was an answer to the racist and brutal behaviour, the cops of this police station, displayed on Afghan refugees during the past weeks .

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The Season of Goodwill in Palestine

27-12-2004 19:10

Palestinians and Internationals light a candle for peace on christmas day
Christmas in the Holy Land was always going to be a unique experience, but when the "little town of Bethlehem" continues to be occupied, it makes it all the more unusual. Particularly interesting were attempts by Israel to be seen as acting in the Christmas spirit.

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It's tough in Kabul

27-12-2004 16:13

You do not know how tough it is here.

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shroder's visit to Algeria

27-12-2004 13:04

A new chapter in ties opened.

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The "Only Democracy in the Middle East" conducts a political trial

27-12-2004 06:44

Tali Fahima: The political persecution continues

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Election stitch up in Iraq - dont bother asking for a re-count!

26-12-2004 23:45

As you will see from this article by Al-Jazeera, the USA are already telling their friends in Baghdad who they should and should not have in the parliament after the election on Jan 30th.

Democracy in Iraq is being modelled on Democracy in the US - and that includes the rule of the tank and bullet!

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new year, party and thanks

26-12-2004 20:09

Two things: rampART is having a new years eve party so if you are looking for a place to get together with friends and not spend and arm and a leg on entry and over priced piss like beer, rampART may be the place to be. If you'd like to get involved, perhaps by DJing or performing, let us know ASAP. Details on

Secondly, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in the fund raising party on the 17th/18th - everyone that performed, everyone that provided workshops, everyone that
came, everyone that donated some cash and everyone that helped put it together or
promote the event...


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The US are losing the war in Iraq, the occupation you dont get to hear!

26-12-2004 19:41

Here is an article that has been sent around and is quite clear what the US are doing in Iraq. This goes inline with what is happening in relation to the elections, with poling stations being based in schools - and have been blown up by the resistance.

Allot of people would like to tell you that the resistance is just the Bathist Party but it is infact allot bigger than just the Bathists.


All of this, along with the massacre in Fallujah and a decade long era of sanctions, that killed over one million children, for the "Democratic Parties" is a price worth paying - for a seat in the new Iraqi parliament.

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Boxing Day Quakes

26-12-2004 16:43

Coincidentally, in a repeat of last years Boxing Day disaster, a mega-seismic-wave (8.9) has struck southeast Asia, killing thousands and leaving millions homeless. It will takes decades for impoverished coastal regions to recover.

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A Rough Guide to Berlin

26-12-2004 16:41

The Rough Guide to Berlin.
Are the Germans as cosmopolitan as they would like to believe?

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Yes, Kerry Won.

26-12-2004 15:57

If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential president-in-waiting has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George Bush's reelection is no longer a given.

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MALDIVES Emergency Latest Updates

26-12-2004 15:46

MALDIVES Latest Updates >>>
Dhivehi Observer

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ASF Africa social forum

26-12-2004 11:36

"The story of the poor goes round and round. But what about the story of the rich? The story not being told is that of
the beneficiaries of slavery and colonialism. The story of exploitation that put us into this dispensation, commodified our own life for profit. They divided and ruled. Can we unite and live? Can we unite for the world that will be our world? Let us rise up and begin to tell this story* of why they continue to be rich, continue to plunder." --

Wahu Kaara, Kenyan feminist activist speaking at the ASF opening plenary

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2005: End of the Apartheid

26-12-2004 10:43

Message to the Members of the Swiss and Israeli Parliament and Government from Dr. Sami Aldeeb, Chairman of the Association for One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel

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Elections – A Shaggy Dog Story

26-12-2004 05:03

No wonder how the dictators like Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe and Hosni Mubarak are successful to gain their popularity among their countrymen and let their countries starve for decades.

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Gunning down rainforest protesters

25-12-2004 21:50

Corporate greed knows no bounds. Not content with destroying pristine rainforests in Tasmania, Gunns are threatening legal action against their critics in a crude attempt to silence them.