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Leaflet for N21 demo - A bigger slice of the pie?

20-11-2012 04:53

Leaflet made by some students giving an anarchist perspective on students/anti-cuts resistance. Created to be handed out on the NUS demo this Wednesday. Print and distribute!

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Facing the challenges of Climate Change.

20-11-2012 00:55


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Gaza Solidarity Demo in Cambridge.

19-11-2012 23:30

Indeed we are!
On midday of Saturday November 17th 2012 around a hundred people assembled in Cambridge Market Square to publically express their objections to events two thousand miles away in Gaza, namely the disproportionate airstrike and missile response by the Israeli military to a handfull of rockets being fired by Hamas at Tel Aviv, which in itself was a response to one of Hamas' leaders being assassinated by the Israeli military earlier that week.

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SOLIDARITY marking 5 months since Julian Assange entered the Ecuadorian embassy!

19-11-2012 22:07

Today marks 5 months since Julian Assange entered the Ecuadorian embassy!
*Daily solidarity vigil Ecuadoran embassy, Knightsbridge London (now 3-5pm)
*Hi tech placard

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Gaza Demo - Birmingham, Fri 16th Nov

19-11-2012 21:35

Short video of the demo held in Birmingham on Friday against (what was then) the beginning of the Israeli assault on Gaza.

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Farewell to Indymedia London and Shift Magazine

19-11-2012 20:10

This special edition of Dissident Island features two radical media collectives: London Indymedia and Shift Magazine.

Featured Speakers/Commentators: tony, maqui, yossarian, rikki, lauren, ben, dissident island, jahpawa, dissident island crew

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UKIP dominate Boston protest

19-11-2012 16:55

Yesterday’s demonstration against immigration in Boston seemed to have been a moderate success for the right. In the end, the protest drew 150-300 people according to the Boston Standard. The event seems to have been dominated by local UKIP politician, Chris Pain, whose party’s flag was prominently positioned behind the speakers. Indeed, most of the placards displayed an anti-EU sentiment rather than outright xenophobia. Even so, it is worrying that an implicitly anti-foreigner event has drawn such a big turnout.

EDL members from Lincolnshire, Nottingham and East Anglia traveled to take part in the event which was also trumpeted by BNP activist Craig Farnsworth. Their relatively small and muted presence (they didn’t feel confident enough to openly display their far right affiliations) was eclipsed by the better funded and more politically acceptable (to some!) politics of UKIP. However, that hasn’t stopped them from crowing about their success and how this small acorn will grow into a mighty oak and other such nonsense.

It is clear that, given the collapse of their own movements, the far right are now looking to other issues to piggyback on in the hope of finding new recruits and new forums for them to infect with their politics.  Anti-fascists need to be alert to these tactics and be countering their arguments with our own perspective on global capitalist politics. It is only where the only voices are those blaming foreigners rather than the forces of international capital that the falsehoods pedaled by the extreme right can take hold.

The apparent success of the protest has led to the inevitable unimaginative response. They are going to hold another protest in the neighbouring town of Spalding some time in the future, presumably to keep flogging this horse until it’s well and truly dead.

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Operation Pillar of Cloud -- Self-Defence or Genocide?

19-11-2012 16:40

A brief Indigenist news report on ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud’, the recent military offensive against The Gaza, with analysis and observations from international human rights activist Ali H.D. (@hocinedim) speaking from the UK.

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Canada Resurrects Vampire—bill C-30 That Will Suck Internet Freedom Dry

19-11-2012 14:59

Can Canadians Hold Out Against Their Government's Forceful Efforts to Wiretap Their Lives? The Obama Government also wants the power (without a warrant) to introduce as evidence in U.S. Civil; Criminal and Administrative prosecutions any phone call record, email or Internet activity.

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Fracking lecture at Leeds Uni disrupted and mooned

19-11-2012 14:55

Protestors with "FRACK-OFF" written on their arses mooned a pro-fracking lecture at Leeds Uni today.


The talk, The Science of Fracking - Societal Issues and Perceptions, by Dale Leckie of Canadian Oil and Gas company Nexen Inc was organised by the Leeds University Centre for Integrated Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience.

Leckie accused critics of being unscientific in their critiques of fracking. He claimed that ground water methane contamination - as shown in the film Gasland where people had been able to set alight to their drinking water - had not occurred because of fracking, he claimed that the contamination is more likely to have occurred because of faults in the pipes bringing the gas to the surface - so not a problem connected to fracking at all then!

He failed to mention in his list of concerns people have around fracking the critical issue of climate change or the problem of the quantities of water that fracking process uses, or that the process can cause fractured rocks to leach out toxic chemicals such as arsenic or radioactive isotopes.

A group of protestors, after raising their concerns at the end of the talk, left and mooned the speaker through the window with FRACK-OFF written on their bums.


For more about the impacts of fracking and a map of fracking sites in the UK visit


Nexen Inc is active in fracking and tar sands in North America.



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Vacancy in Birmingham Housing Co-op

19-11-2012 13:24

Gung Ho housing co-op is seeking a new member

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Israel killing children in Gaza

19-11-2012 12:42

Israel Bombing Residential Areas, Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza ....... Via Electronic Intifada, Israeli attacks on Gaza “have caused serious damage to civilian infrastructure including homes, schools, sports facilities and a hospital in many parts of Gaza City,” according to the the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights : Israeli forces have launched dozens of airstrikes on Gaza City, targeting governmental and civilian facilities and other objects mostly located in densely-populated areas. ........

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Letter of Support for Ecostream campaign from Israeli group Boycott from Within

19-11-2012 11:09

Support for the campaign to close doe the Ecostream store in Brighton.

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END UNPAID WORK: Anti-workfare picket (Saturday 24 November, Deptford)

19-11-2012 10:58

South London Solfed is continuing with its campaign against workfare with a picket of Poundland in Deptford, South London. The picket takes place at 12 noon on Saturday 24 November, address: Poundland, 144 Deptford High Street, London SE8 4AA

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Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2012

19-11-2012 08:55


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anti BP sponsorship flashmob at british museum - report & pics

18-11-2012 20:12

additional security
this afternoon, the 'reclaim shakespeare company' ran through some of their best performances in the great court hall of the british museum, cheered on by a flashmob of up to a hundred climate activists.

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Reciprocal Contamination and Reciprocal Assassination

18-11-2012 16:54

War is flaring up in Gaza, and the biggest surprise in it is that it is yet another conventional shooting match in the squeezed territory, while the previous expectation had been a radioactive war with Iran. This seems to be the conflagration of the rudiments of a much bigger storm that, for some reason or another, did not break out. What has so far prevented this radioactive war is the doctrine of reciprocal contamination which in the face of previously unknown cyber attacks tacitly installed itself on the core of the classical theocracies. The capacity to reciprocate contamination released by an attack on enemy territory can deter such attack no matter how the contamination is being achieved.