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Satpal Ram brutalised by Prison Officers

11-10-2000 05:44

Another violent assault by prison officers, left Satpal Ram prostrate on the ground for 10 minutes.

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Celtic Musicians Unite to Protect International Rivers!

11-10-2000 03:59

Music of the Rivers and Audubon of Florida are pleased to announce that a music festival of Celtic musicians from around the world will take place in Jacksonville, Florida, from November 16-19, 2000, on the St. Johns River, at Metropolitan Park Pavilion.

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NATO in Birmingham

10-10-2000 23:58

News: NATO summit in Birmingham

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'Affinity Groups' Re-post

10-10-2000 23:05

Comments on Affinity Groups by Murray Bookchin. Apologies due, posted this previously but text didn't appear in posting.

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Comment in response to 'Censorship' debate

10-10-2000 22:42

This piece is a response to a post entitled 'On Censorship,the IMC Mission and Free Speech'. It accepts the right of IMC UK to assert an editorial policy but rejects the notion that free speech is only a concept rooted in Classical Liberalism and no longer relevant.

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'Affinity Groups'

10-10-2000 22:40

After the success of the 'affinity group' organisational structure in Prague and Seattle, I thought these comments by Murray Bookchin from the 1970's might be relevant.

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direct solidarity action in stuttgart, south germoney - 6th, october 2000

10-10-2000 22:33

direct solidarity action in stuttgart, south germoney - 6th, october 2000
In Stuttgart (southern Germany) anarchist and anti-fascist activists unfurled a banner from the tower of the main railway station. The banner reads: -Release of all IMF/WB Protesters! - Smash IMF/WB! - Abolish capitalism!-. The activists distributed flyers to pedestrians informing about IMF/WB, and the torture in the prisons and police stations while and after the protest. Three days earlier slogans, that demanded the immediat release of all imprisoned IMF/WB-protesters, were sprayed at the walls of the czech consulate.

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Prague Legal Support Update #2, 5/10/00

10-10-2000 22:21

An update on the situation from the legal team in Prague

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Leicester Civil Rights Movement - Asylum Seekers Welcome

10-10-2000 22:06

Asylum seekers welcome

A warm welcome and sound advice will be on offer to local asylum seekers at Highfields Youth and Community Centre from 7pm this Wednesday 11 October.

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Greenpeace Occupy Power Generator

10-10-2000 15:50

Greenpeace are at this moment protesting in north London at the site of an incinerator power plant.

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Mani en Madrid en apoyo a Pres@s Praga'00(spanish & english)

09-10-2000 23:34

El domingo por la mañana se ha llevado a cabo, a pesar de las artimañas policiales, una manifestación en Madrid para exigir la inmediata liberación de l@s detenid@s en Praga, a la que han asistido unas 1000 personas.

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Manifestación de apoyo a pres@s de Praga en Barcelona(spanish & english)

09-10-2000 20:32

Manifestación de apoyo a pres@s de Praga en Barcelona(spanish & english)
Ayer domingo se realizó una manifestación de unas 1000 personasen apoyo a l@s que aun siguen pres@s en Praga, después de los actos anticapitalistas realizados allí a finales de septiembre.

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09-10-2000 18:42

The first anniversary of the Ladbroke Grove rail disaster, in which 30 people were needlessly killed due to faulty signalling near Paddington station in west London has passed.

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Alertnet Bulletin - inc imc prague bits and web monitoring of activists

09-10-2000 10:38


This issue:

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General Strike in Serbia day 3! (4th October)

07-10-2000 17:59

Dear friends,
News from Serbia. Every day more and more people are
organizing in General Strike. Milosevic regime is enforcing new represion messures, again, for us that is sign that he is weekening with every day of our protest.

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Protest in London outside Czech Embassy

07-10-2000 11:04

Protest in London outside Czech Embassy
Some images from of the demonstration

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07-10-2000 05:19

The Homeless People's Network was the big news when the North American Street Newspaper Association (NASNA) met in Edmonton this past summer. By unanimous vote, HPN - a discussion list exclusively for homeless and formerly homeless people - became the first online member to join the ranks of the scrappy, ink-stained papers that make up the association.

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Total persons reported to OPH either 'missing', 'detained' or 'freed': 495

06-10-2000 13:28

The following summary is drawn from our database made from reports of people missing, detained or freed.

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Belgrade - Protesters attacking the Parliament

05-10-2000 15:54

Hello I am supporter of IMC in Cleveland I have been watching live reoprts from Belgrade of the Protesters attacking the Parlement building there Some of the Demostraters are Anti-West I have seen one Burning an American Flag and Just now a report has come in saying tha have Controled the Parlament please check up on this and update the IMC site As much as possible Steven Trager

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Who is Funding the IMF?

04-10-2000 20:35

The protests in Prague, Seattle, Washington DC etc. are about the convergence of Politics/Business/Money. The centralization of the world's currencies by fewer and fewer banks, and the easy access to it by self proclaimed world rulers in politics and corporations has fueled such unelected and unaccountable organizations as the IMF, WTO and World Bank. You should have learned how this works in 8th grade. . . but nobody taught it.