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What more do you need to do to control people?

08-03-2007 11:02

BBC article on casual police violence

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The set up

08-03-2007 09:27

First man down

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08-03-2007 07:49

Justice or kangaroo court?

Time will tell what the courthouses have instore for juctice, democracy and the right to speak out against the government when it is doing wrong and murdering children.

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Rospudas' Currents

08-03-2007 07:23

'International forces of reaction' are being formed...:
- if you want to join them e-mail me on this address
and you will be informed about any alert
(with which I will be going there and dragging others...)
As I said above all we will need even few, but experienced

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Rospuda Demo this Friday!

08-03-2007 07:18

A 'Save the Rospuda Valley' demonstration will take place on Friday, 9th March 2007 at 16.30, outside the Polish Embassy, 47 Portland Place, London.

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El-Baradei Strongly Challenged for Not Speaking the Whole Truth on Iran

08-03-2007 03:35

Dr Mohamed El-Baradei, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA) has been challenged for not speaking the whole truth about
Iran’s nuclear programme. The challenge comes in the wake of Dr El-Baradei’s
statement that Iran’s concealment of its nuclear programme for some 18 years
sets it apart from all other nations.

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Contact for BRIGHTON Autonomous Students Society

08-03-2007 01:02

I can't seem to find it on the internet...

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Hewitt To Get Taste Of Hospital Life

07-03-2007 22:48

Bogong Moth
Petsie the graveDigger is to spend a day with Mandy Marsden, who deals with 30 patients a day at her clinic at Glenfield Hospital. Leicester.

Nothing involving faeces or body fluids!

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Australian government declares it owes no legal duty to Guantánamo detainee Davi

07-03-2007 22:44

Howard Gov't accomplice in war crimes
Whatever the outcome of the Federal Court application, the Howard government stands indicted as an accomplice in war crimes, committed in pursuit of oil and gas resources, and US global hegemony.

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Student Venezuela Meeting at SOAS

07-03-2007 22:13

Student HOV will hold its next event this
Thursday, March 8th, at SOAS from 6pm, details bellow! It will feature
members of the HOV delegation who visited Caracas for the elections at the
end of last year, and should prove a very interesting and enjoyable even

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GM Potatoes to be grown in Cambridge

07-03-2007 21:52

The German multinational chemical company, BASF, has been granted permission to plant genetically modified potatoes at NIAB in Cambridge from the end of this month.

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07-03-2007 20:47

I just watched this great new video about the clash between Islam and the West and how to stop it

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Israel's Weapons Sales to Iran

07-03-2007 20:29

Israel's sale of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction into Iran during the last 27 years.

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About 100 people demonstrated outside the Immigration Tribunal in Eagle Building

07-03-2007 19:44

Various meetings are being arranged for next week to discuss new legal developments for asylum seekers from the Congo. Plus the Scottish African and Carribean Network have organised meetings of some women activists from Zimbabwe in Glasgow on Tuesday and in Edinburgh on Wednesday. More details to follow.

Don't forget the 'No Borders Network' Gathering in Glasgow this weekend - Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March at the Kinning Park complex - more details from

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Sheffield Rossport Soldarity Action

07-03-2007 19:16

Today at 16:00 a peaceful demonstration was held at the Shell Garage on Hoyle Street, Netherthorpe in Sheffield.
This demonstration was an act of solidarity with the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland and the campaign ShelltoSea, who are opposing Shells plans to build a potentially lethal high pressure gas pipe line and refinery in a marine special area of conservation.

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Nuclear Power is Green - NOT

07-03-2007 19:04

Here is an article that talks of a new study
that shows nuclear to be not green, and the
study did not even take into account the huge
cost of decommissioning the plants after thier
40 years of production which must be done with
robots because of the extreme radiation. The
author apparently also has not been informed of
the new Solar Voltaic panels that bring the cost
of solar equal to coal plants.

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West Midlands Climate Camp meeting

07-03-2007 19:03

Come and get involved in organising the West Midlands Neighbourhood for
Climate Camp 2007!

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Raoul Vaneigem: major work now in English translation

07-03-2007 18:38

Now on-line for free, the first English translation of a major work by the ex-Situationist, Raoul Vaneigem, called THE RESISTANCE TO CHRISTIANITY. Required reading for all atheists!

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Dump the Democrats and unite!

07-03-2007 18:32

U.S. foreign policy has not and will not change direction as long as the Democratic Party continues to be dominated by corporate interests and tacit compliance with the neoconservative agenda. The antiwar movement needs to understand this reality or it is doomed to collapse like it did under the pressure of the 2004 elections.

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Global Marijuana March. World Cannabis Day

07-03-2007 18:32

May 5th 2007
in 180 cities, 38 countries