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BBC offices occupied in Manchester - v.brief early report

27-01-2009 18:13

A friend just rang to tell me that the BBC offices in Manchester have just been occupied..

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27-01-2009 16:43

Support The EDO Decommisioners
Resisting War Crimes Is Not a Crime

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Support The EDO Decommisioners

27-01-2009 16:32

Support The EDO DecommisionersResisting War Crimes Is Not a Crime

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Palestine Today 012709

27-01-2009 16:27

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday, January 27th, 2009.

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Israeli goods seized in Tesco’s and covered in blood

27-01-2009 16:04

Tesco produce from West Bank
3 arrested in blood soaked protest in Tescos

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Help Sarwar Gareb get out of Campsfield IRC and stay in the UK

27-01-2009 15:21

Sarwar Gareb
Human rights campaigner Sarwar Gareb a National of Kurdistan/Iraq and resident of Leicester, has been detained in Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre, after being arrested on Friday 23rd January whilst 'Signing' at Loughborough Reporting Centre.

Sarwar came to the UK from Kurdistan/Iraq on 10th September 2000 to escape persecution by the nationalist Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party (PUK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).  Working as a journalist and activist he consistently fought for the rights of children, women and workers which led to his imprisonment and torture by the two parties.

His application was refused on the 18th January 2001, subsequent appeals, reconsideration were also refused, though no attempt was made to remove Sarwar from the UK, until now.

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Bradford Students occupy University Boardroom in solidarity with Gaza.

27-01-2009 13:33

Following a midday rally in the centre of campus, over 80 students took occupation of the university's boardroom. The previous week, students had voted to submit various demands to the university relating to the Gaza conflict but the Vice-Chancellor has yet to respond fully.

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Sussex University Occupation Interview

27-01-2009 13:21

In solidarity with the people of Gaza, students at Sussex University have now occupied a leacture theater for over a week. Yesterday Last Hours interviewed a student that has been involved with the occupation.

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BICOM in Cambridge - STOP israeli propaganda

27-01-2009 13:15

the ceo of BICOM, Israel's lobby in the UK, is giving a 'lecture on Gaza', once again shamelessly covering up Israel's latest war crimes, tomorrow (Wed) in Cambridge.

this must not go unchallenged!

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boycott tv license

27-01-2009 12:33

boycott the war profit

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Demonstrate outside Communications House Tuesday 3 Feb 1-2pm

27-01-2009 12:08


TUESDAY 3 February 1-2pm
Outside the UK Immigration Service Communications House
210 Old Street, London , EC1V 9BR
(nearest tube – Old Street )

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Bristol - Greece solidarity info & events

27-01-2009 11:53

DIY pamphlet available in Bristol
After boiling over in December, the social war in Greece continues to simmer along with daily protests, strikes, occupations and other actions. Having been beaten off the streets in December, the Greek police returned in January with new stocks of more unpleasant tear gas (from either Germany or Israel), and a policy of teargassing and beating even the most non-violent protesters. But still protests continue…

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Keep Up The Pressure On The BBC

27-01-2009 10:46

The BBC is refusing to show a charitable appeal for humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of civilians in Gaza -- their suffering is too "politically contentious" apparently.
Keep making complains, you can do it here

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South Wales Anarchists stand in solidarity with the SHAC 7

27-01-2009 10:30

Let's be clear about this judgement: the SHAC 7 have been handed absurdly long jail sentences because they mounted a successful campaign to dent the profits of an industry they believe to be unjust. What NETCU, judge Butterfield et al have sought to do is vilify a legal and peaceful campaign and to ’round up’ its assumed leaders in order to break the back of a successful movement. They have failed!

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Global insurrection update - Madagascar and Bahrain

27-01-2009 10:10

A REVOLT against the state in Madagascar has seen people set fire to the state radio building and a TV station owned by the president, Marc Ravalomanana.
One protester at the TV station has been shot dead by "mercenaries" employed to guard it from the anrgy crowds, it has been reported.

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NCADC News Service Tuesday 27th January 2009

27-01-2009 09:24

Somali's with removal directions, Charter flight to Mogadishu!
Rumours of a charter flight within the next fortnight, removing UK Somali's to Mogadishu are circulating. At least one Somali in detention has been told that the UKBA 'Removals Faciliation Team' have sent a letter to his solicitor, saying he will be removed within the next two weeks by charter flight to Mogadishu via Nairobi.

If you know of any Somali's with set removal directions, they should make a Rule 39 application to ECHR, as all Somali case with the ECHR are on hold and interim relief is being given to those Somali's, with removal directions, who apply to the court.
Making an application to the European Court of Human Rights

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Manchester - Open meeting with an activist from London Coalition Against Poverty

27-01-2009 08:39

We are pleased to announce an open meeting with an activist from London Coalition Against Poverty, to discuss LCAP's tactics and campaigns with workers, claimants, homeless people and tenants, and their relevance to resisting the recession.

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Milano-Let’s take back Cox 18, the Calusca Library and the Primo Moroni archive!

27-01-2009 01:57

[Milano - Italy]
The 22nd of January 2009 at 7.00 am, about a hundred policeman has entered and cleared out the Cox 18 - Conchetta Squat, occupied more than 33 years ago, where has place the Calusca library, created in 1971, and the precious and historical archive Primo Moroni.

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The Video that the BBC (and Israel) Does Not Want You To See

27-01-2009 00:59

The Video that the BBC (Israel) Does Not Want You To See