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Video from RTS Mayday Dublin

07-05-2002 01:08

Video from RTS Dublin with thanks to Irishvidheads

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Audio from Reclaim the Streets Dublin

07-05-2002 00:41

Audio from Reclaim the Streets - a few short clips in Mp3 and Windows Audio format. 2'38. (article 1)

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Please read what I have to say re: "another small victory against sharon"

06-05-2002 23:32

I haven't even read said article yet, but that's not the point.

The title of the article inspired me to right the following.

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Tally ho, its the Cuntryside Alliance again!

06-05-2002 22:18

Yeah baby, you can strip for me anyday!

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Dutch right-wing leader assasinated

06-05-2002 21:30

Today 6pm CET Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch right-wing populist leader, was shot dead.

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Uk Government insane farmer subsidising energy plan

06-05-2002 20:56

The uk government plans to pay farmers to grow crops to burn as "renewable" energy

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Pollice Violence at RTS Dublin

06-05-2002 20:33

Dublin has witnessed some of the worst Police Brutality in years at todays RTS

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Zionists hold pro-Israel rally in London

06-05-2002 20:13

The Zionists held a rally in Trafalgar Square today, Monday 6th May, in support of the terrorist state Israel, with a counter demonstration by Muslims, Jews and other decent-minded people.

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Another small victory against Sharon

06-05-2002 20:12

This article i wrote when i just left the beseiged compound in Ramallah, Palestine where myelf, 30 other activists and 4 Palestinians had been held under seige

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Internationals illegally detained after trying to deliver food, Bethlehem

06-05-2002 19:55

I write as one of the internationals who were under seige with the
Palestinians in Moqataa, Ramallah Palestine. I am now free, but members of my
organization, The International Solidarity Movement, are being detained
illegally by The Israeli Defence Force.

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30,000 at rally for Israel

06-05-2002 18:47

30,000 at rally for Israel

Thousands of protesters filled London's Trafalgar Square earlier to pledge their support for Israel.

The Israeli solidarity rally was the largest of its kind ever staged by the Jewish community in Britain and saw more than 30,000 people call for an end to terror.

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800 people are reclaiming the streets Dublin

06-05-2002 15:59

Approx 800-1000 people are occupying George's Quay, Dublin

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Counter Hegemony Project

06-05-2002 15:05

Counter Hegemony Project : News for the everyday struggle

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Israel and Palestine: Demo and Counter-Demo

06-05-2002 14:26

Trafalgar Square is this afternoon the scene of a demostration for Israel, while a counter-demo is nearby at the gate to the Mall.

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stop arms trade

06-05-2002 14:11

stop arms trade

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Jewish Lobby:(AUS) Bias and Misinformation

06-05-2002 14:09

Bias and Misinformation :: 6/5/2002 I don’t know what Dr Colin Rubenstein would think of Leunig’s work but I do know what he thought of last Monday’s Four Corners – a prize-winning BBC investigation into the role of Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the 1982 massacre of refugees in Beirut. More extreme dodgyness from zionazi supporters !!!

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Police Start Soho Siege

06-05-2002 14:09

The beginning of the police cordon of the soho area during may day rally. Also tactics in case of riot such as no distinguishing lapel badges on officers along with an officers reasons for the heavy handedness.

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06-05-2002 13:37 is back online! check it out!

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News from Unite!

06-05-2002 13:31

This message is from Unite! the Hackney community and workers coalition. It contains news of future events, invites you to join the group if you are not already a member and urges you to forward the contents on to potential sympathisers.

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Please, Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit?

06-05-2002 13:29

Dear Dad,
It was an enormously heavy responsibility you raised me with. You taught me that the Jews have been oppressed for centuries. You taught me that the holocaust could only happen because the Germans were silent. You taught me that Jews must never, never, never be silent when injustice occurs, because our silence makes us complicit.