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30-04-2003 16:45

publish in here
(We ask for yor forgive of uk indymedia)

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Reclaim the Hill for Beltane in Edinburgh!

30-04-2003 16:41

The Beltane Fire Society celebrated every year the start of summer on the 30th of april on top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh with Theatre show and Fire Shows.
This year, due to the spiralling costs mainly due to the Council, the celebrations have been cancelled.
However, although the official celebrations have been cancelled, the police and the council try to prevent anybody to have a private pagan celebration by police force...
Here is a call of Resistance!

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Mayday Media - Mainstream Press Articles

30-04-2003 16:39

Just some of the recent mayday mainstream media articles - lots more out there from last few days and weeks

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Don’t Rip the Roadmap

30-04-2003 16:15

The roadmap is the best and the only way to revive the peace process and stop the current war. It is vital to implement it and to not complaints of both sides.

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News about Stuart Durkin

30-04-2003 15:25

antinazi prisoner transferred in London jail

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anti-war murals and graffiti!

30-04-2003 15:02

loadsa ace anti-war art

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US troops open fire again on Fallujah crowd

30-04-2003 14:44

A Second massacre by US paaratroops

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Democracy Now

30-04-2003 14:42

this transcript of a recent interview with Robert Fisk
The original interview can be heard on
He talks about his experiences in Iraq and describes the looting of the museums - he speaks about the deliberate destruction of Iraq's cultural identity.

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Concerning the European Union summit taking place in Thessaloniki in June 2003

30-04-2003 14:33

Concerning the European Union summit taking place in Thessaloniki in June 2003
Concerning the European Union summit taking place in Thessaloniki in June 2003 (article 1)

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BVEJ Newsletter #0036 May 2003

30-04-2003 13:46

Latest BVEJ newsletter now on-line.

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Evening Standard Message Board

30-04-2003 13:38

The reactionaries on the Evening Standard website are wising up! Check out their message boards.

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When you turn old towns to wicker men

30-04-2003 13:16

An open letter of sorts.

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Rebel Bull 5 - from Hereford

30-04-2003 12:58

A free news sheet from Herefordshire

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oxford imc front page banner

30-04-2003 12:40

oxford imc front page banner
saw this down the river underneeth the ring road flyover

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ministers doctored ssecret service briefings

30-04-2003 12:01

Blair and his ministers made much of the discovery of Iraq importing aluminium tubes - evidence, they claimed, of Saddam's nuclear weapons programme. Further evidence, they insisted, was Iraq's attempt to procure uranium from Niger. Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency exposed the documents on which the claims were made as forgeries.
Britain's intelligence services now admit they were forged. Have ministers come clean? No - and by failing to do so they have further undermined their credibility.

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New Labour's war lies

30-04-2003 11:11

New Labour's war lies.

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FREE ULLA, Prisoner of Peace

30-04-2003 10:23

Ulla Roder is on remand after doing over £25 million damage to a Tornado jet at RAF Leuchars. See

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Arabs obtain & publish secret Jewish lobby strategy paper

30-04-2003 10:11

Arabs obtain & publish secret Jewish lobby strategy paper
Arabs obtain & publish secret Jewish lobby strategy paper
"Is it a concern that he [Abbas, the new Palestinian Prime Minister] is a Holocaust denier? ... Hardly. Americans don't want to hear about the Holocaust anymore, and they particularly don't want to hear it from the Jewish community."ADC has obtained, and is publishing in full, a vital new Israeli propaganda strategy document for the period following the war in Iraq.

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Paul Krugman: Bush's weapons of mass deceit

30-04-2003 09:28

"Aren't the leaders of a democratic nation supposed to tell their citizens the truth?" - New York Times

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30-04-2003 08:55

According to the Book.-“DIEZ HORAS CON LA GLOBALIZACIÓN” (Spanish)(AMAZON)
-Of the Sociedad of the Information to theSociedad of the Useful Knowledge
-Of the Sociedad of the Useful Knowledge to the Sociedad of the Human beings. A new type of alienation: the one of the conocimiento.