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Support the Troops; Jail a Veteran

28-09-2004 10:26

The "trial" of Rosemarie Jackowski, a 67-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran and antiwar activist in Vermont (USA)

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Labour Conference 2004 in Brighton: Sun International's fake gambling debate

28-09-2004 00:41

Everyone's a winner... except for the British public. Casino operator Sun International knows how to play the system, and unlike in the case of their customers, nothing is left to chance!

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War Resisters Come to Canada (video)

28-09-2004 00:23

War resister Brandon Hughey left the United States Army and came to Canada. He speaks publicly about his decision to leave the United States. Also comments from Phyllis Bennis, noted public intellectual about the deteriorating situation in Iraq.

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Coca-Cola Accountability Tour

28-09-2004 00:06

An international campaign, led by communities, has emerged to hold Coca-Cola accountable for its crimes in Colombia and India.
UK TOUR October 6-17, 2004


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xtra invest 4 recycling in scotland:-)

27-09-2004 22:49

below is a random news stream and comment, mostly drawn from the bbc, covering the last six months progress etc... big up

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Photos from Glasgow anti-war stall Wednesday September 22nd 2004

27-09-2004 22:03

Here are two photos from the anti-war stall in central Glasgow on September 22nd with some contact details of anti-war activities in Scotland and also news of the ESF.

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Anti-GM campaigners in court today!

27-09-2004 21:54

Eight anti-GM protestors are in court today (Tues 28th Sept). We will be appearing before Harlow magaistrates court in Essex. The charges we face result from our non-violent blockade of Sainsbury's giant Waltham Point distribution centre on the M25 Essex / London borders.

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SW Civil Rights Forum - Murder, Racist Violence, Collusion and Public Inquiries

27-09-2004 21:08

A special public event marking the 4th Anniversary of The Human Rights Act
South West Civil Rights Forum
Unfinished Business - Murder, Racist Violence, Collusion, Public Inquiries and family struggles for truth and justice

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt. 5

27-09-2004 19:56

Photos of graffiti from around Oxford city, part 5 of a series

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Seagulls march on Labour conference

27-09-2004 19:36

Footie fans demand Prescotts attention over plight of homeless club.

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fylingdales stop star wars

27-09-2004 15:59

stop star wars

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TETRA mast in central Oxford

27-09-2004 14:59

Their is compelling evidence that the new police radio communications system, TETRA, poses a considerable threat to health. See

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Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War

27-09-2004 12:49

Indymedia Cinema @ The Other Cinema London

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Anti-Repression Squat - Leeds

27-09-2004 12:12

A new squatted infoshop coming to Leeds soon...

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Incitement 2... October - People and Struggle of the Fourth World War

27-09-2004 12:00

Incitement 2.. is a monthly film nite in Leeds, in october we're showing...
Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War

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Neo-Labour's anti-"crime" crackdown is a threat to us all! Smash Nazi ASBOs!

27-09-2004 11:10

Forwarded from Workers Power, this article once more provides examples of the pervasive attack on civil liberties being waged by the fascistic Neo-Labour government in its drive to suppress social nonconformism and create a police state.

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27-09-2004 10:00

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money are being passed over to private companies by your council. Article today Monday 27 September 2004 in THE DAILY TELEGRAPH page 32
How much do YOU pay to have your council rubbish bin being cleaned?
Is it done properly? How many times a month is it actually done?
Are YOU happy enough with their services?

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Trade Justice demo, Brighton.

27-09-2004 09:55

Thousands march to Labour Party Conference

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BRENT Council appalling ways

27-09-2004 09:39

Do you know at which dates please?

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The humanitarian crisis in Darfur, seen in the light of international politics

27-09-2004 05:15

Seen in the light of the in february 2003 restarted conflict in Darfur, which by the military conduction of both governmental troops and Janjaweed-militias caused the death of more than 50.000 civilians and the expulsion of 1 million people, the sending of UN-Peace-troops is of the greatest importance