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Alternative media in Genoa

26-07-2001 13:02

A report of alternative media in Genoa

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Mass NOISE demo/party - Italian Embassy SAT 28th

26-07-2001 11:45

Celebration Demo 2pm on Saturday 28th July

There is a call to all anarchists, socialists, anti-capitalists, trade unionists and any one who wants change in our society to gather at 2pm outside the Italian embassy on Saturday 28th July.

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G8 - Police headquarter: infiltrated neonazi against police (in italiano)

26-07-2001 11:26

G8 - Police headquarter: infiltrated neonazi against police

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G8 repression - open letter from Stefano Agnoletto

26-07-2001 11:18

The following open letter records the reactions of many among the masses who assembled to protest against G8 in Genova. It challenges mainstream media reports, and outlines what people saw, causing them to believe that violent (seemingly 'Black Bloc') actions were undertaken with police cooperation. Please consider passing the letter to others.

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support chinese restaurant workers

26-07-2001 11:17

The Justice for Restaurant Workers campaign, in support of union rights in Chinatown, is organising a mass protest next Friday. Please bring union banners. Assemble at 7pm Friday 27 July, Opposite New Diamond Restaurant, 23 Lisle Street (Prince Charles Cinema), W1

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genoa report back meetings

26-07-2001 10:23

After the historic protests in Genoa time to get the news out to people.....Genoa Reportback Meetings

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26-07-2001 09:32

[en] finally, a breakthrough - from

[it] finalmente, un varco - da

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Interview with Marcus Covell. BBC Radio4 (26July2001 08:10 BST approx. 10mins)

26-07-2001 07:49

BBC Interview with Marcus Covell from his hospital bed (Wednes day night), Critisim of the policing. Interview with major of Geneoa. Interview with UK legel bod (who I can't remember the name of).

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The Blairian, Unexpected calm mars Protester'?s Funeral

26-07-2001 07:07

Rory Carroll reports from the peaceful funeral of Carlo Giuliani, shot by a policeman during the G8 summit last week
Peaceful Rory, what were you expecting

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The Blairian Italian Public say Police too lenient...!

26-07-2001 07:01

The unacceptable face of protest The scenes witnessed at the G8 summit in Genoa raise some serious questions about the future of the anti-globalisation movement, writes Philip Willan. You judge whether he is serious, or not
and the audio report, similar line from Rory

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NZ Protest: The Battery and Detention of Sam Buchanan

26-07-2001 03:51

New Zealanders of every walk of life protest the unlawful battery and detention of journalist Sam Buchanan outside Italian Embassy in Auckland today. Buchanan is being held
on trumped up charges in a prison outside Genoa.

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Possible test case for European Court of Human Rights

26-07-2001 00:39

Possible violations of the Right to be Free of Inhuman and Degrading Treatment, Right to a Fair Trial, Freedom of Expression, Right to Privacy (IMC attack), Freedom of Assembly and perhaps the Right to Life. Is anyone handling an ECHR challenge?

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Genoa - Behind the Wall: the tanks!

26-07-2001 00:25

Genoa - Behind the Wall: the tanks!
Picture of the police armoured cars behind the wall of Genoa.

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Genoa - Peaceful siege pictures.

26-07-2001 00:16

Genoa - Peaceful siege pictures.
More pictures of peaceful actions.

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Genoa - Pictures of the peaceful siege (pic)

26-07-2001 00:12

Genoa - Pictures of the peaceful siege (pic)
After the violence overdose that some Media have offered us on Genoa, here are pictures typical of the great majority of the siege actions around the red zone.

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expose their lies

25-07-2001 22:41

the need to expose the lie over genoa

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Richard Moth and Nicola Docherty-still missing after brutal arrests-Genoa

25-07-2001 20:07

Richard Moth and Nicola Docherty-still missing after brutal arrests-Genoa
Caption: Richard Moth and Nicola Docherty on the peaceful demonstration on Saturday 21st July 2001, clearly not dressed for violent rioting, on the day of the night of their brutal arrests at the school building opposite the IMC centre in Genoa

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The detained Spaniards in Génova denounce ' physical and psychological torture '

25-07-2001 19:59

I discovered the article below through Indymedai Italia. I could not find an English translation so I have made this attempt, thanks to Power Translator and schoolboy Spanish. There are of course some grammatical mistakes but I think the meaning of the article is all too clear and may also be applicable to the British detainees still being held. The original version in Spanish can be found at:

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Italian Consulate in Sao Paulo is blockaded by activists

25-07-2001 19:46

150 activists in Sao Paulo, Brasil, blockaded the italian consulate for 3 and a half hours. The consul and 35 other employees were trapped inside.