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Job Seekers Only Part 2

27-08-2010 01:38

Self employment is an antidote to exploitation [Michael Njoroge Photos]
Michael Njoroge responds to the Tory-Lib Dem budget

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Interview with Hicham Yezza & Rizwaan Sabir

27-08-2010 00:26

Hicham Yezza and Rizwaan Sabir were arrested under the Terrorism Act in May 2008 at the University of Nottingham. In the pair's first joint interview since those events, Riseup Radio spoke to them about the persecution they've faced since the arrests, the plight of other Muslims accused of terrorist offences, the government's anti-terror strategies, the growth of Islamophobia in the media and in the form of groups like the EDL, and what their plans are for the future.

Hicham is the editor of Ceasefire magazine, an independent publication aiming "to provide intelligent and thought-provoking discussion and analysis on politics, art and activism."

Rizwaan is working on his PhD at the University of Strathclyde, researching British and Scottish counter terrorism. His recent work includes an article about his experiences of being questioned under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act written for Ceasefire.

Riseup Radio is an independent community radio project based in Nottingham. We will be relaunching with a new show soon so watch out for more updates on our website and Nottingham Indymedia. If you've got ideas for recordings or want to get involved get in touch.

A complete transcript of the interview will be posted as a comment below this article.

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Al Quds Day - Is it for you?

27-08-2010 00:19

FIGURE 1: Placards from 2009 Al-Quds Day
There has been a lot of disinformation about Al-Quds Day in recent years with Zionists trying their best to discourage people from attending. Here we try and cut through the hasbra so that you can be better informed in deciding if its an event you wish to support.

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Oona King gets hold of private details of Labour Party members

27-08-2010 00:02

London newspaper Evening Standard reports [Thursday 26 August 2010] that Oona King, Neil Kinnock's challenge to Ken Livingstone, has got hold of private details of Labour Party members. This should worry even those who despise Ken Livingstone. The availability of Labour Party members' details to Oona King shows that she is being backed by secretive forces. Very worrying.

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Climate 9 Sentenced: no jail terms, all Fine(s)

26-08-2010 23:23

Yesterday the Climate 9 were sentenced for their blockade of Aberdeen airport.

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Edinburgh Climate Camp - The best yet by far...

26-08-2010 23:23

Ok, I'll admit it, I was wrong yet again with pretty much all my predictions about this years climate camp. This camp rocked! The best yet by far....


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Illegal Eviction in Cotham: What Happened

26-08-2010 23:22

Members of the public were treated to the full force of the Avon & Somerset Police Force as they moved in to illegally evict a group of squatters from 54 Fremantle Road in Cotham on 26th of August. 20 police officers, mobile CCTV, 2 dog units, armed response units, helicopter, undercover officers and CID were present at the eviction which took place in the early afternoon.
Police arrived at the premises around midday and began throwing around false accusations of criminal damage, despite any evidence and two earlier visits where occupiers were told by the police that it was to be treated as a civil matter.

Soon a 30 strong group of supporters gathered around to witness the blatant abuse of state power. They offered the police well-needed legal advice which was blindly ignored by the pigs. It didn't take them long to bring out the battering ram and jaws of life and start attacking the door – causing MORE criminal damage than they'd accused the occupiers of committing!

Even though there was only an impromptu barricade, the felt the need to almost bring down the porch, and endanger people who loud and clearly stated that they were behind the door.

Occupiers resisted the illegal eviction with members of the household trying to cool the situation by dousing the officers with fire extinguishers and at one point launching a frozen food package at the hungry pigs! Unluckily there was a window between the pig and it's food, which shattered in the face of the hopeful and starving.

After busting down the door (and half of the wall) officers flooded into the building to find the building empty – seems that we are still faster and slyer than them! Which is not difficult when you consider the average IQ of most police officers.

It seems pigs still can't fly properly! A police helicopter turned up on the scene to track the movements of the escapees but instead wasted it's £5,000 take off cost on pointless hovering. The timely arrival of the FIT team served to do nothing but annoy the people protesting outside, as all the action had already happened at this point. Better late than never!

Police Dogs were moved in to disperse the large crowd that was now gathering around the building but it seemed one of the dogs had a serious pork deficiency in it's diet and decided to snack down on it's handler!

Unfortunately two of the occupiers were arrested at tazer-point after the police smashed their way into the basement (after admitting on camera that they had no legal right to enter). We wouldn't be surprised if this evidence was lost during the court case that is sure to follow. Luckily the two arrestees were released from Trinity Road police station later that night after being charged with burglary and criminal damage (this is despite having their window smashed in and all their possessions seized by the filth!).

I don't know about you, but we've never heard of burglars breaking into a building then living there for several months and filling it with all their precious items!

Overall it was a useless and rather unsuccessful display of power on behalf of the police – no matter how many times you evict us we'll just squat ten more!

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Prisoner solidarity letter-writing night

26-08-2010 22:22

support our prisoners
Bristol ABC's monthly letter-writing night this month is on the 3rd Wednesday, but its just a one-off.
We meet from 7 to 9pm at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton BS5 6JY.
Bring snacks to share, hot drinks available.
We have lists of UK and international anarchist, class struggle and other radical political prisoners that welcome written correspondence and support.

Come along and send anything from a short postcard to a long letter, be it a one-off postcard or the start of long-term correspondence. All such support is welcomed by prisoners. We also have info on other prison related campaigns, and are happy to chat about all matters related to prisons and repression.

We have pens, paper, envelopes & cards; you provide the letter-writing muscles, and ideally a contribution to postage costs.

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Bookfair feedback meeting

26-08-2010 21:22

Come tell us what you thought of this years bookfair!
This meeting is open to stallholders, meeting organisers and members of the public who went to this years Bristol anarchist bookfair - we want your feedback. (Plus anyone who couldn't make it but fancies helping out for next year!).
We want to know from you what worked and what didn't, what was missing, or if there was too much of something. We'd appreciate constructive criticism, as in 'this didn't work, but maybe if you tried it this way...', along with ideas to make the bookfair a better event that appeals to as many interested people as possible, and gives them a better understanding of anarchist ideas. So what have you got to say?

We also hope that (some) of you will be interested in helping out with future bookfairs/related events, and at this meet we'll be happy to tell you more about what we do and what goes into organising the bookfair.

The current bookfair collective is small, and all those involved also have other activities ongoing. After 3 years we could do with a few new faces and fresh impetus. So have a think about it.

This meeting will be from 2pm at Kebele social centre. We'll be at the centre from about 1pm for a vegan fry up and informal chat if you can make it earlier. We hope to hear from you, or in the alternative email us your thoughts and comments.

Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY

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Bath Vegan Fayre benefit gig

26-08-2010 21:22

Better late than never!
A quick, last-minute plug for tomorrow night's vegan fayre benefit gig!
If you're in Bath on Friday night, of the 27th August, you could do worse that come to the downstairs of the Hobgoblin pub on St James Parade - opposite Bath College - from 8pm, and enjoy the entertainment on offer:

Madame Hatter

Faux folk miss-fit mistress whose skirt knows no borders: get ready for dirty French lessons 1, 2 and 3!

The Black Rat

60's/70's/80's psychedelic synth alterna-rock fusion from Bath's friendly neighbourhood rodents


Continuing with the vermin theme, Bristol's finest bedsit MC joins the dots between DIY punk and alternative hip hop

It's £3 entry, and all subtly interwoven with our local DJ's efforts, and funds are being raised for the Bath Vegan Fayre, the following Saturday the 4th September, at Manvers Street Baptist Church.

Hopefully see you there!

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Bath Vegan Fayre benefit gig

26-08-2010 21:12

Better late than never plug for tomorrow night's benefit gig in Bath:

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JB Spray: eviction imminent

26-08-2010 18:24

The JB Spray squat in Radford were expecting eviction on the morning of Wednesday August 25th. Two County Court employees and two police turned up at around 10am along with around 20 supporters of the squatters. They were also accompanied by 2 employees of Portable Buildings Limited, the company which is employed to manage the building. After some initial inspection and drawing a map of entrances they gave up. A call to the bailiffs revealed that another eviction attempt is imminent in the next few days.

On the newswire JB Spray squat, resistance is still strong | No eviction at the Spray Squat .... yet! The pics | Resistance at the gate. JB Spray Squat | No eviction at the Spray this morning | URGENT: JB Spray eviction Wed 10am

Previous features: JB Spray: Ready to resist eviction | Squatters Retake Nottingham's JB Spray Factory | Spring Into Action Now! | J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied

The Spray has been occupied since May 2009. The former lace factory, which was empty and unused for many years, has been occupied and used for social and community purposes a number of times in the past. On previous occasions squatters were evicted quickly. This is the first time that people have been able to settle and make a proper home in the building.

The government admits to a total number of 62,528 vacant dwellings in the East Midlands, with almost half of these being vacant for more than 6 months. The JB Spray Factory has, in between periods of squatting, been vacant for years. The owners have left the listed building to rot.

The squatters are calling for people to come and support people who are making good use of an empty building rather than greedy landlords who just want to make a profit!

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Bristol anarchist bookfair latest: stalls and meeting timetable

26-08-2010 18:22

it's gonna be rammed to the rafters!
Its all systems go down at the bookfair bunker. After a late flurry of stall applications left us having to cut some stallholders table requests (and then there were more that missed the deadline!); and having dealt with the tricky task of reducing 29 workshop proposals down to 15 (originally 12, but we found 3 more spaces), and letting the unsuccesful proposers know the result; the bookfair programme is now complete!
Attached is a timetable listing all the meetings/workshops/films/talks by the hour across all four rooms. Bookfair doors open at 10.30am to the public, meetings run from 11am to 6pm. In case you forgot, its at Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY.

Here we have a full A to Z list of the groups, campaigns, distros, publishers and authors running stalls at the bookfair, spread across 2 halls on 2 separate floors:
Active Distro; AK Press; Bath Activist Network; Bicycology; Bloom & Curll Bookshop; Breviary Stuff Publications; Bristol Anarchist Black Cross prisoner support; Bristol Anarchist Federation; Bristol Animal Rights Collective; Bristol Antifa; Bristol Anti-Militarists; Bristol Housing Action Movement; Bristol Indymedia; Bristol Industrial Workers of the World; Bristol No Borders; Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Bristol Radical History Group; Bristol & Bath Rising Tide; Bristol & South West Hunt Sabs; Calais Migrant Solidarity; Class War Federation (London); Cowley Club bookshop (Brighton); East Bristol Debtors Alliance; Free Info; Hereford Solidarity League; Jari Moate (author); Just Press; Just Seeds (New York); Justice for Jock; Kebele InfoShop; Labour Behind the Label; Last Hours mag; Living Easton; Long John Silver Trust & Fiducia; Mute mag; Northern Voices (Northern anarchist network); Past Tense Press (London); Project for a Participatory Society-UK; Reel News; Richard Hart (author); Schnews (Brighton); Solidarity Federation (South West); Stair Books; Tangent Books; The Factory; The Smiling Chair Anarchist Bookshop (Bristol).

You can see the full programme and meeting descriptions here

We'll be seeing you on the day then...

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26-08-2010 18:22

First hand experience talk about the fight against the high speed train in the basque country.
Basque activist speaks about the campaign to stop the High Speed Train and what that means: Destruction, energy waste, money waste, CO2 emisions, Impact on samall agriculture and economies etc.

Wednesday 01/09/10, at 7 pm for food and talk.
Kebele, 14 robertson rd.

(ignore the date on the poster)

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Bristol anarchist bookfair organising meet [1]

26-08-2010 17:22

the last before the bookfair...
From 7pm at kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY

Why not drop by and pick up an early bird copy of the full bookfair programme? We also have plenty of posters/flyers left for distro, as the crap weather has hampered our efforts - so come get a bundle to distro in your area. Thanks.
With the bookfair programme sorted, and most venue issues in hand, we are now down to the finer points of the nitty gritty organising on the day of the bookfair: getting stuff down there, set up, take down, volunteers to bucket shake for collections/hand out programmes, stall a couple of infopoints, and so on.

If you can help on the day for an hour or two please get in touch - email us, or drop in at this meeting.

bookfair collective

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Greece, Thessaloniki, Fest2010 of Direct Democracy

26-08-2010 16:28

8 - 9 -10 of Septemeber 2010
The schedule of speeches and public discussions.

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Climate Camp Criticism: Onwards!

26-08-2010 16:23

This is one person's reactions to and reflections on Climate Camp 2010, intended to provide analysis, provoke discussion, and express love for the movement.

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Palestine Today 08 26 2010

26-08-2010 16:18

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday August 26th, 2010.

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Campaign for Greener Healthcare blog -Climate Camp

26-08-2010 15:24

We know that smoking tar isn't very good for us, but what about extracting oil from it?

This is from the The Campaign for Greener Healthcare which is a dynamic, independent team working on the interface between health and sustainability to bring health messages into the centre of the climate change
agenda and to transform healthcare for a sustainable future.

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Illegal eviction in Cotham

26-08-2010 15:22

Residents of 54 Freemantle road evicted from their home at 1pm
Around 30 people turned out to protest and try to prevent an illegal eviction from a house in Cotham this afternoon. 12 Police cars carrying dogs, mobile CCTV and around 20 police officers attended the eviction. The eviction was forcefully resisted - police officers sprayed with fire hydrants and the door barricaded.

Police cited 'criminal damage' to the property as their excuse to take battering rams to the front door and took over an hour to break into the building. There were two arrests, though other residents seem to have escaped from the police. The residents' possessions remain in the building, with police assurances that they will be returned to anyone who collects them form Bridewell police station.